Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Flying Fortress

S1 E1
Jan 10, 1999
What is supposed to be a vacation for Sonic, Manic and Sonia turns into a battle to save Mobius when Robotnik attacks with his newest weapon - the Flying Fortress.

No Hedgehog is an Island

S1 E2
May 10, 1999
Sleet and Dingo escape the Flying Fortress with the Chaos Emerald.

Getting to Know You

S1 E3
Jun 10, 1999
The Hedgehogs begin to learn the important lessons of what it takes to be a freedom fighter.

New Echidna in Town

S1 E4
Jul 10, 1999
Knuckles reluctantly makes a deal with Robotnik to turn over Sonic and his family in exchange for finding the Chaos Emerald that will save Mobius.

Harmony of Something

S1 E5
Aug 10, 1999
Manic, Sonic and Sonia must end their training early when Robotnik threatens the Oracle and takes a member of the resistance hostage.


S1 E6
Aug 30, 1999
The history of the Underground is told in detail, from the fall of Mobotropolis to the rise of Robotnik.

To Catch a Queen

S1 E7
Aug 31, 1999
Argus, a captain of the Queen's guard, is captured by Sleet and Dingo before he can reach the secret rendezvous where he was to meet Queen Aleena.


S1 E8
Sep 1, 1999
Sonic, Sonia and Manic return to their birthplace, Mobodoon, a beautiful, festive town.

The Price of Freedom

S1 E9
Sep 2, 1999
Sonia travels to east Mobius to visit her friend Mindy at the LaTour estate.

Underground Masquerade

S1 E10
Sep 3, 1999
Sleet and Dingo plan to collect the taxes owed to Robotnik from the Duke of Velcronia but keep it for themselves.

Tangled Webs

S1 E11
Sep 6, 1999
The sinister Robotnik blackmails Cyrus, an old friend of Sonic's, by holding his father hostage.

The Deepest Fear

S1 E12
Sep 7, 1999
On a trip to Port Mobius, Sonic, Manic and Sonia are told that ships are sinking due to the Mobian sea-beast.

Who Do You Think You Are

S1 E13
Sep 8, 1999
Queen Aleena's royal journals are rumored to be buried under a palace in the city of Tashistan.

The Last Resort

S1 E14
Sep 9, 1999
While lost in the wastelands of Mobius, Sonic, Manic and Sonia stumble upon an oasis called Lake Valley Resort.

Come Out Wherever You Are

S1 E15
Sep 10, 1999
Sonia is invited to a debutante ball, but before she can be officially announced to society, she and her brothers, Manic and Sonic have an important mission.

Winner Fakes All

S1 E16
Sep 13, 1999
Robotnik organizes a track meet to lure Sonic into a trap.

A Hedgehog's Home Is Her Castle

S1 E17
Sep 14, 1999
The Hedgehogs receive a message they believe is from their cousin.


S1 E18
Sep 15, 1999
The Hedgehogs steal historical artifacts of Mobuis from Robotnik before he can pawn them off at an auction.


S1 E19
Sep 16, 1999
A faction of the Freedom Fighters is wiped out by a swarm of metallic fly-bots.

Sonic Tonic

S1 E20
Sep 17, 1999
A speed enhancing fluid deemed Sonic Tonic is created by Robotnik to make him as fast as Sonic so that he may finally catch him.

Friend or Foe

S1 E21
Sep 20, 1999
The Hedgehogs converge on the Floating Island, in their latest attempt to find their Mother.

Head Games

S1 E22
Sep 21, 1999
As Sonic begins to chow chili dogs for a snack, he finds a message in the sack from his mother urging him to head to Speedster Island.

When in Rome...

S1 E23
Sep 22, 1999
Sonic becomes frustrated that maybe all of their efforts of fighting for freedom seem futile.

The Jewel in the Crown

S1 E24
Sep 23, 1999
Robotnik has his sights set upon Queen Aleena's crown jewel, which glows as it is moved closer her.

Three Hedgehogs and a Baby

S1 E25
Sep 24, 1999
Sonic, Manic and Sonia find an abandoned baby in an alley and begin a search for the baby's parents.

Dunes Day

S1 E26
Sep 27, 1999
Sonic and his siblings travel to the outskirts of Mobius to recruit a tribe of nomads for the Resistance.

Mummy Dearest

S1 E27
Sep 28, 1999
Sonic, Manic and Sonia invade Robotnik's lair to retrieve the Hedgehog crest.

The Hedgehog in an Iron Mask

S1 E28
Sep 29, 1999
The Hedgehogs latest quest to find their mother takes them to the prison tower where they encounter a masked stranger who insists he is family.

Six Is a Crowd

S1 E29
Sep 30, 1999
The Oracle advises the Hedgehogs to undertake a mission which could reveal answers about their future.

Wedding Bell Blues

S1 E30
Oct 4, 1999
Robotnik announces that he will marry Queen Aleena in a plot to become the king of Mobius.


S1 E31
Oct 13, 1999
A self proclaimed scientist has come to Robotropolis with a device that will reverse the effects of Robotnik's robotisizer.

Sonia's Choice

S1 E32
Oct 14, 1999
Robotnik has arranged a museum exhibit of the Royal family goblets.

The Big Melt

S1 E33
Oct 15, 1999
The Hedgehogs vacation is interrupted by the news of Robotnik's latest weapon.


S1 E34
Oct 18, 1999
On a mission in a distant sector of Robotropolis, the Hedgehogs are informed that freedom fighters have disappeared and are going to be robotisized.

Bartleby the Prisoner

S1 E35
Oct 19, 1999
Robotnik captures Bartleby and uses him as bait to capture Sonia.

The ART of Destruction

S1 E36
Oct 20, 1999
Robotnik's new weapon, Art, is the enforcer of Robotropolis new eradication policy.

The Pendant

S1 E37
Oct 21, 1999
The newly discovered Emerald Peninsula is a perfect place for Robotnik to add slaves to his empire.

Virtual Danger

S1 E38
Oct 22, 1999
Sonic and Manic play a game of virtual reality to enhance their pilot skills.

Country Crisis

S1 E39
Nov 10, 1999
Queen Aleena advises the Hedgehogs to travel to a valley of Mobius so that they can bring about peace between two contingents of the resistance that have split.

Haircraft in Space

S1 E40
Dec 10, 1999
Robotnik is using the local hairdresser, Doo-bot, to get information on the citizens that are against him.