Season 2

Episode Guide

Blast to the Past Part 1

S2 E1
Jan 10, 1994
After a disastrous failed mission, Sonic laments that they can't go back and prevent Robotnik's take-over. Dulcy tells them they can and takes Sonic and Sally to the Floating Island where they find the "Time Stones", but in order to time travel to a desired destination/time, they have to synchronize their thoughts and Sonic allows his to drift (to thoughts of chili dogs). They arrive on the eve of the take-over, just in time to see a pristine Mobius and meet Uncle Chuck and their younger selves, but not in time to stop Robotnik (then called Julian) from overthrowing the King.


S2 E2
Mar 12, 1994
After Antoine saves Sally's life during a raid, Sonic can't stand his bragging and zips in to see Uncle Chuck, who finds out his "bug" in Robotnik's HQ is malfunctioning. While Chuck goes to fix it, Sally and Bunnie, flying a "Rotor-created" Hover-Unit, find the Doomsday Machine and download its schematics, along with a Top Secret file detailing a plan to catch a spy by damaging the "bug" at HQ. They send back a Rocket Dove with a warning and Antoine goes to warn Chuck. When Sonic returns to Knothole and finds out what happened, he takes off but it's too late. Antoine has been captured by Snively, who decides to torture him with bad food preparation. Sonic rescues Antoine, but then Chuck is captured, after they uncover his hide-out. Sonic rescues Chuck and demands that he return to Knothole, now that his cover is blown, but Chuck shows him his new hide-out and new m. o. working in disguise.

The Odd Couple // Ro-Becca

S2 E3
May 11, 1994
When a blizzard hits Knothole causing Dulcy to demolish a few huts during a landing, Sonic is forced to bunk with Antoine. It is truly a marriage of opposites, with Antoine constantly picking up after Sonic. Finally, after making a complete mess of the kitchen fixing chili dogs, Sonic retires for the night. A few hours later, an exhausted Antoine follows, but almost immediately, he awakens to see Sonic "sleep-racing", leaving behind a trail of destruction. Antoine snaps and, giggling maniacally, goes on a rampage. //During a rainstorm, Rotor is putting the finishing touches on his new female robot assistant, named Ro-Becca, when he has to leave. While he's gone, Antoine accidentally activates her and it is love at first sight, for her. She chases Antoine and, after a series of mishaps, during which he catches a cold, she corners him and attempts to cure his cold with "tough love".

Blast to the Past Part 2

S2 E4
Aug 10, 1994
In Part II, Sonic and Sally steal the Roboti-sizer plans, stop the Destroyer from polluting the Great Forest and save Little Sonic, Little Sally and Dulcy's mother, Sabina, but are unable to prevent Robotnik from roboti-sizing Uncle Chuck or from relegating the King to the Void. After they return to the present, Sonic laments that the trip was a waste, but Sally reminds him that they came close and they will keep trying until they do triumph over Robotnik.

Sonic Conversation

S2 E5
Sep 17, 1994
The Freedom Fighters, with new addition, Dulcy, develop a De-Roboti-sizer and try it out on Bunnie. It's a success and, against Sally's wishes, Sonic battles Robotnik's newest weapon - a Virtual Reality Shriek-Bot - and impulsively brings Uncle Chuck back to Knothole to de-roboti-size him. All goes well until Bunnie suddenly reverts and the De-Roboti-sizer explodes. Then, they discover Uncle Chuck has reverted, too, and that he has Tails and Antoine with him. Sonic races to the rescue, in the process destroying the new Shriek-Bot, and "reaches" Uncle Chuck, who decides to remain in Robotropolis, pretending to be roboti-sized in order to spy for the Freedom Fighters.

No Brainer

S2 E6
Sep 24, 1994
Sonic attempts a solo rescue to prevent prisoners from being roboti-sized and is hit by a Memory Scrambler that erases short-term memory. Snively finds Sonic and brainwashes him into believing they are friends and that the Freedom Fighters are a subversive group which he infiltrated on Snively's behalf. He sends Sonic back to the Great Forest to get Knothole's coordinates and it works, but Sally and Uncle Chuck give Sonic a Power Ring which returns him to normal. Sonic gives Snively a dose of his own medicine and Snively attacks Robotnik, but quickly recovers after he's threatened. He then offers to lead Robotnik to "Knothole", but what he doesn't know is that Uncle Chuck has already changed his coordinates, so he and Robotnik end up in the Great Swamp.

Game Guy

S2 E7
Oct 09, 1994
The Freedom Fighters run into a Swashbuckler, named Ari, battling Swat-Bots. Sonic diverts them, allowing Ari to escape. After hearing that Robotnik is holding his band of Freedom Fighters hostage, Ari decides to help Sonic free them. But there's something about him Sally doesn't trust. Her instincts prove to be right. After luring Sonic inside an ancient Fortress, Ari flees, leaving Sonic to battle Robotnik in a virtual reality "game of life and death". If Sonic loses he will be relegated to "The Void", a strange "Netherworld" in which Robotnik has imprisoned the King. Sonic uses a Power Ring and outmaneuvers the villain, but Ari, who returns to help Sonic after Robotnik double-crosses him, is sucked inside. Before he disappears, he tells Sonic about the King's List of Freedom Fighters and Sonic and Sally pledge to find the List and form a Freedom Fighters network to combat Robotnik.

The Doomsday Project

S2 E8
Oct 12, 1994
When a Pod lands in Knothole, Sonic and Sally realize the Doomsday Machine is already in operation. The Freedom Fighter groups break into the Doomsday Machine, only to find Robotnik let them in. Sonic tries to destroy the control room but is thwarted and almost roboti-sized, then escapes using multiple Power Rings. Uncle Chuck suggests they use the Power Stones to overcome Robotnik and, with Nicole's help, Sonic finds Robotnik's Power Stone and he and Sally sneak back inside the Doomsday Machine, where they decide to combine them as an immeasurable power source. As they streak through the Machine, Robotnik realizes. it's all over and jumps into an escape pod, while Snively escapes via a hidden elevator. But as the incredible energy source vaporizes the Machine, it overtakes Robotnik's pod. That night, as the Freedom Fighters celebrate their supreme victory over Robotnik, Snively, now on his own, decides it's his turn to rule.

Fed up with Antonie // Ghost-Busted

S2 E9
Oct 15, 1994
Antoine decides to study martial arts but after he wrecks most of Knothole Sonic sends him off to practice in the woods, where he runs into a scurvy band of Road Warrior-types, called the Nasty Hyenas. After he uses his unique style against them, they hail him as their King, granting his every wish or whim. This greatly appeals to Antoine's ego, so when Sonic and the others track him down, he's not eager to leave his adoring followers. He insults his friends and resigns from the Freedom Fighters, who gladly leave him behind...until they find out the Hyenas are cannibals who eat their Kings. // Tails begins his training to become a real Freedom Fighter by learning tracking skills while on a camping trip with Sonic and Antoine. But after a scary ghost story about a "Headless Gopher with a Gold Medallion" he believes a ghost kidnapped Antoine.


S2 E10
Oct 22, 1994
After Dulcy exhibits strange behavior, Sally discovers she's going through a "rites of passage" stage of her adolescence. In Dragon tradition, she is drawn to Dragon Lair, a migratory nesting ground, through trance-like visits from her mother. Unfortunately, Robotnik, who is determined to capture all the remaining Dragons, taps into the same information. He captures a Dragon, but it isn't Dulcy. His Dragon has just laid an egg that may hatch at anytime, so the Freedom Fighters are under the gun to rescue the Mother Dragon before Robotnik can roboti-size her, then get her back to Knothole before her egg hatches.

The Void

S2 E11
Oct 29, 1994
After Sonic is almost sucked inside the Void, he finds a huge Ring which Sally believes is an ancient relic but it turns out to be trick of the Sorcerer, Nagus. Sally and Bunnie are drawn inside the Void and when Sonic comes to rescue them, Nagus pretends to be the King so Sonic will use his speed to transport him outside. There, he discovers he has become a victim of his own magic and begins to turn to crystal, so after having some fun at Robotnik's expense, Nagus returns to the Void to figure out a way he and the real King can someday leave. Sally has a brief reunion with her father during which she receives the Freedom Fighters List, then she, Sonic and the others, including Ari, blast out of the Void and head for home.

Drood Henge

S2 E12
Nov 19, 1994
When Uncle Chuck's "bug" reveals Robotnik's search for the legendary Deep Power Stones, he informs Sally, who tries to retrieve data regarding the Royal Family Secret. But she's denied access via a time-encoded lock-out. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails happen upon Snively's Drood Henge dig and Tails is captured. After rescuing him, Sonic zooms back to camp and tricks Nicole into revealing the Drood Henge facts: joined in a "seamless stone", the Power Stones are a source of inestimable energy; when joined by jagged edges, they create incredible destruction. When the Freedom Fighters find out Robotnik has the first Stone, they realize he must never obtain the Second. They formulate a plan to trick Robotnik into believing they have found the Second Stone and when he tries to take it, Sonic destroys it in the Lava Springs. After finding the real Second Stone, Sally congratulates Sonic, then discovers the plan was devised by their newest Freedom Fighter ... Tails.

Cry of the Wolf

S2 E13
Dec 11, 1994
On a mission to contact the first Freedom Fighters on the King's List, Sonic and the others are forced to travel through a tunnel which carries a "curse" against all intruders. They encounter the WOLF PACK (which turns out to be the Freedom Fighters on the List) and their female leader, LUPE, who are trying to prevent the destruction of their land by a prototype POD from Robotnik's "DOOMSDAY PROJECT". The two groups join forces and finally destroy the Pod but discover it is miniscule compared to those being prepared for use in the "Doomsday Project". However, by the end of the episode, all the Freedom Fighter Leaders on the List have united in an effort to destroy the "Doomsday Project" and Robotnik.