Season 2

Episode Guide

Return to Base

S2 E1
Oct 1, 2023
SkyMed expands its medevac service into new territory, throwing everyone into disarray as familiar faces return – and intriguing new flight crew arrive.

Spun Out

S2 E2
Oct 8, 2023
As the SkyMed crew wait for their fallen team member to wake up, Crystal starts to find her feet as a medical student, and a secret from the past threatens Nowak and Tristan’s relationship.

Things That Matter Most

S2 E3
Oct 15, 2023
The SkyMed team must rally despite personal differences and challenges to search for a missing medevac with four flight crew members aboard.


S2 E4
Oct 22, 2023
As Chopper returns to flying medevacs, the truth about what happened in Selection Camp finally comes out. Lexi’s dream promotion takes an unnerving turn.

Code Silver

S2 E5
Oct 29, 2023
Shortages force the SkyMed flight nurses to staff the Thompson ER overnight, but a volatile patient throws the hospital into chaos.

Little Lies

S2 E6
Nov 5, 2023
A fun night on the town creates unexpected consequences, and a dangerous call with a paralyzed patient pushes Stef to finally reveal the secret that brought her to Thompson.

Old Wounds

S2 E7
Nov 12, 2023
A sick patient hits close to home, leaving Crystal reeling. Hayley struggles to face the consequences of her actions when Wheezer discovers her secret.

Before Sunrise, After Sunset

S2 E8
Nov 19, 2023
As the SkyMed team members face an inquiry into a patient fatality, Hayley struggles to piece together blurry memories of what caused her relapse – and whether she caused the fatality.

Out With a Bang

S2 E9
Nov 26, 2023
As the pressure surrounding the SkyMed expansion comes to a head, a shocking emergency leaves one of the flight crew fighting for their life.