Season 7

Episode Guide

Cleopatra's Lost City

S7 E1
Aug 10, 2021
Cutting-edge technology and dedicated digging have unearthed new secrets about ancient Egypt's fabled sunken city.

Rome's Secret Weapon

S7 E2
Aug 17, 2021
See how a 1,900-year-old battlefield in Scotland is revealing new insights into ancient Rome's military tactics.

Underwater Stonehenge

S7 E3
Aug 24, 2021
Could a sunken, 9,000-year-old stone circle be the origins of the world's most famous prehistoric monument: Stonehenge?

Griffin Warrior

S7 E4
Aug 31, 2021
Follow archaeologists as they examine a tomb they hope will reveal the mysterious origins of the ancient Greeks.

Riddle of the Roman Skulls

S7 E5
Sep 14, 2021
See why the discovery of strangely elongated skulls in an ancient cemetery is giving new insights into the fall of Rome.

Murdered Pharaoh

S7 E6
Sep 21, 2021
See how the gruesome discovery of a mutilated pharaoh in 2014 has rewritten the history of ancient Egypt.