Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Mob Rules

S1 E1
Oct 16, 2016
In Sundown National Park, researchers document the lives and social behaviors of eastern grey kangaroos. Kangaroos live in groups of varying sizes known as mobs--informal social arrangements where as many as 100 kangaroos cluster together to feed and maintain a shared vigilance against predators. Hop along as we shadow this iconic marsupial and uncover the secret workings of kangaroo society.

From Pouch to Foot

S1 E2
Feb 26, 2017
In the wilds of Eastern Australia, researchers are studying the breeding patterns of native eastern grey kangaroos. Take a trip Down Under and learn about the up-and-down world of kangaroo family life, from their astonishing multiple pregnancies to a joey's first hops into a dangerous, predator-filled world.

A Buck's Life

S1 E3
Apr 02, 2017
For male kangaroos, known as bucks, life is full of daily challenges: from traveling great distances in search of good grazing ground, to engaging in vicious battles with other males for the right to mate. Follow these hardy hoppers as they work to establish dominance and earn the right to survive.