Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Second Time Around

S1 E1
May 26, 2021
Tommy leads the babies on a daring adventure to help Chuckie after Chuckie's big attempt to be brave goes horribly wrong.

Lady De-Clutter/New Puppy

S1 E2
May 26, 2021
When a "professional organizer" comes over, it's up toTommy and his friends to stop her from taking all the toys. When Tommy's parents bring home a foster puppy, Tommy must find a way to keep Spike from being replaced.

Tail of the Dogbot/Jonathan for a Day

S1 E3
May 26, 2021
Tommy's dad invents a robot dog that's allergy-free for Chuckie and Chas, but not necessarily problem-free. Angelica uses an argument between the twins to trick Phil into becoming her personal assistant.

One Big Happy Family/The Last Balloon

S1 E4
May 26, 2021
Angelica takes advantage of a family problem to make Tommy and Chuckie play a game of house. Tommy and the babies help Chuckie take care of what he thinks is the last balloon in the whole wide world.

March for Peas/The Two Angelicas

S1 E5
May 26, 2021
When Grandpa's hurt back keeps him from his favorite event,Tommy enlists his friends to create the event at home. Angelica's new talking doll is a shock to her and a surprise to the babies.

No License to Drive/I Dream of Duffy

S1 E6
Oct 06, 2021
Angelica needs the babies' help adjusting to life without her Cynthia car when her car privileges are taken away. Tommy and his friends must keep Angelica under control when she discovers a way to get any toy she asks for.

The Fish Stick/The Pickle Barrel

S1 E7
Aug 25, 2021
When the babies' favorite song gets 'stuck' in Chas's head, Tommy and the babies go on a quest to get it unstuck. Tommy and Chuckie discover that playing music might threaten their friendship.

The Future Maker/Goodbye Reptar

S1 E8
Oct 06, 2021
Angelica uses the face filters on her phone to trick Susie into thinking she's going to turn into a taco. Tommy takes charge to help Chuckie send a message to his Reptar doll who they think travelled back to outer space.

The Bubbe and Zayde Show/The Perfect Myth

S1 E9
Oct 06, 2021
Tommy's favorite characters from a funny TV show turn out to be his visiting grandparents. Angelica gives the babies impossible orders in a world where she is the Goddess of Perfect.

The Big Diff/Final Eclipse

S1 E10
Oct 06, 2021
Tommy and Chuckie fear their friendship is over when Angelica says they're too different to be best friends. Susie, Tommy, and Chuckie must defeat an "outer space villain" while at a sci-fi movie convention with their dads.

Great Minds Think Alike/Betty and the Beast

S1 E11
Oct 06, 2021
Susie and Angelica disagree on how to use their newfound "super" ability to move things with their minds. Tommy and his friends fear Tommy's daddy has turned into a fantastical beast and it's up to them to turn him back.

Escape from Preschool/Mr. Chuckie

S1 E12
Oct 06, 2021
Tommy leads his friends on a daring mission to break Angelica free from her preschool. When Chuckie turns into a grown-up overnight, Tommy gets him to take the babies out on the town.

The Werewoof Hunter

S1 E13
Oct 06, 2021
Tommy needs his friends' help to save Angelica after she turns into a werewolf at a scary Halloween party where their parents seem to be disappearing one by one.


S1 E14
Dec 01, 2021
When Tommy's first Hanukkah falls on Christmas Eve, the Pickles family has to juggle their family traditions to make sure each feels important, while also celebrating Las Posadas with Betty and her family.

Chuckie vs. the Vacuum/Gone Teddy Gone

S1 E15
Apr 14, 2022
After Chuckie defeats a vacuum monster, he wonders if he's conquered ALL his fears. When Tommy's teddy bear mysteriously disappears, Angelica steps in as detective to find the culprit.

I, Baby/Fan-Gelica

S1 E16
Apr 14, 2022
A mysterious beeping sound leads Susie and the babies to believe Chuckie might be a robot. After a video of Angelica sharing goes viral, she has to pretend to love sharing to keep her fame alive.

Captain Susie/Bringing Up Daisy

S1 E17
Apr 14, 2022
Susie must face her greatest fears as she leads the babies on a daring mission in outer space. Chuckie discovers his green thumb when Angelica discards a gift.

Wedding Smashers/House Broken

S1 E18
Apr 14, 2022
While planning Cynthia's wedding, Phil realizes his friends treat him and Lil a little differently. When Stu accidentally tinkers with Duffy, it's up to Tommy and the babies to make the house safe again.

Lucky Smudge/Our Friend Twinkle

S1 E19
Apr 14, 2022
Angelica uses Tommy as a good luck charm at her school carnival. Spooky things start happening in the Pickles'house when Phil and Lil's friend Twinkle shows up.

Rescuing Cynthia

S1 E20
Apr 14, 2022
When Angelica accidentally leaves her Cynthia doll at home, she goes on a fantastical journey to find her, but learns that everyone has forgotten Cynthia for a new popstar named Tabitha.

Queen Bee/Phone Alone

S1 E21
Apr 14, 2022
While Randy and Lucy film a movie about bees, the babies and Angelica form a hive of their own. In order to win a contest, Angelica enlists the babies to find their parents' hidden phones.

Night Crawler/Goblets & Goblins

S1 E22
Apr 14, 2022
Tommy and Chuckie set out to find a dinosaur they think lives in Tommy's house at night. Angelica convinces Tommy and the babies to search for treasure in a world where goblins live.

House of Cardboard/Fluffy Moves In

S1 E23
Apr 14, 2022
Angelica and Chuckie are surprised to find they feel the same way about decorating a cardboard playhouse. A new pet cat proves to be the only creature in the world who can out-Angelica Angelica.

Susie the Artist/A Horse is a Horse

S1 E24
Apr 14, 2022
When Susie's artistic talent steals Angelica's spotlight, Angelica tries to end Susie's artistic career. Tommy and his friends get back on track after Grandpa brings home a trained miniature horse.