Season 2

Episode Guide

Crossing the Antarctic/Chuckie in Charge

S2 E1
Apr 14, 2023
Tommy and his friends cross the frozen tundra to find help for Angelica after she "hurts" her leg. Chuckie needs to learn to be more like Angelica when she leaves him in charge.

Tooth or Share/Moon Story

S2 E2
Apr 14, 2023
Lil learns what life would be like without Phil as her brother. The babies travel to the other side of the moon to stop Angelica from learning all the secrets of the universe.

Snake in the Grass/Ancient Treasure

S2 E3
Apr 14, 2023
When Angelica decides to only tell the truth, she accidentally makes the grownups think a snake is in the yard. The babies journey into Angelica's old diaper bag in search of treasure and discover that she was once a baby like them.

Tot Springs Showdown

S2 E4
Apr 14, 2023
Angelica tries to convince her new cousin Simon that she can be as bad as him while all the families visit a re-created Old West town to celebrate Charlotte's birthday.

Little Daddy/The Kid

S2 E5
Apr 14, 2023
Tommy and his friends help Chuckie get ready to be a daddy when Chuckie thinks there's a baby in his tummy. Tommy believes that a small goat is his new baby sibling.

Bottles Away/Extra Pickles

S2 E6
Apr 14, 2023
Tommy doesn't want to face the reality that, one day, he'll have to give up his bottle. Tommy learns to be a Finster so he can live with Chuckie after his baby sibling arrives.


S2 E7
Apr 14, 2023
With Tommy's new sibling soon to be born, Tommy leads his friends on one last great adventure to find Bigfeet while the grownups go searching for Grandpa Lou who has met up with Bob Brine in the woods.

The Blob from Outer Space/The Chop

S2 E8
Apr 14, 2023
Tommy and his friends think baby Dil is an alien blob and try to return him home to outer space. Angelica has an identity crisis when she gets bubble gum stuck in her hair.

Tommy the Giant/Nanny Pip

S2 E9
Apr 14, 2023
Chuckie enlists a giant Tommy to help Reptar escape from the evil Princess Angelica. Angelica's new robotic nanny manages to keep her behaving almost too perfectly, which terrifies the babies.

Sir Spike/Rattled

S2 E10
Apr 14, 2023
When Spike returns from dog school, the babies need to remind him who he really is. After many attempts to make Dil laugh, Tommy succeeds with a rattle... but will Dil ever let him take a break?

Reptar Day!/Mission to the Little

S2 E11
Apr 14, 2023
Tommy and his friends think an Earth Day event at the park is actually a celebration of Reptar Day. Tommy leads his friends on a mission to retrieve baby Dil who they think the grownups forgot inside the house.

Miss Match/Flamingo Dance

S2 E12
Apr 14, 2023
Angelica and Susie try to escalate the building romance between Chas and Kira so Kimi will be over more often. Susie learns the true meaning of what it means to be a flamingo.

Baby Talk/Tossed and Found

S2 E13
Apr 14, 2023
Susie's favorite cousin, Edwin, comes to visit, but he's gotten too old to understand how to talk "baby." The babies create a scavenger hunt in the park to attempt to tire out Lou and his friends.