Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Monster's Great Escape/Game Boys

S1 E1
Aug 4, 2012
Monster's Great Escape/Game Boys; Monster is shocked to discover that Robot had played a practical joke on him during their youth. Monster decides to get even by pulling an elaborate prank on Robot.

Between Brothers/Safety First

S1 E2
Aug 11, 2012
Between Brothers/Safety First: When Robot's mean-spirited older brother, Gart, becomes the landlord of Robot & Monster's building, the boys must put their heads together to get their apartment back.

How To Train Your Marf/Blinking Light

S1 E3
Aug 11, 2012
How To Train Your Marf/Blinking Light: Marf's behavior takes a destructive turn for the worse, forcing Robot & Monster to institute emergency pet training.

The Blimp/Come On, Get Happy

S1 E4
Aug 12, 2012
The Blimp/Come On, Get Happy: Robot & Monster want to buy a blimp./When Robot & Monster discover a mechanical co-worker who always seems to be smiling, Monster is distressed that he may not be The Happiest Guy in the World

Nobody Panic!/Adventures In Babysitting

S1 E5
Aug 12, 2012
Adventures In Babysitting/Nobody Panic!: When Nessie takes her first vacation, Robot & Monster fill in for her./Bloberta (Monster's younger sister) comes to stay with the boys.

Speeding Ticket/Hornica

S1 E6
Aug 18, 2012
Speeding Ticket/Hornica: When Monster's loudmouthed police officer relative, Uncle Cuffley, loses his confidence, Robot & Monster hatch a plan to reignite his passion for the law./Monster's widely beloved father comes to town.

Cheer Up Mr. Wheelie/Ogo's Friends

S1 E7
Aug 18, 2012
Cheer Up Mr. Wheelie/Ogo's Friends: Hoping to lower their rent, Robot and Monster try to befriend their landlord, Mr. Wheelie, by showing him a good time and ultimately discovering the root of his cantankerousness.

Biker Girls/The Prince of Scamtown

S1 E8
Aug 19, 2012
Biker Girls/The Prince of Scamtown: When J.D. and Spitfire have a fight, J.D. comes to stay with Robot and Monster. Their delight turns to disgust when it turns out that J.D. is a tremendous slob.

Pinball Wizard/Speak, Marf, Speak

S1 E9
Aug 19, 2012
Monster takes up the exciting hobby of "Pinball", an activity that involves hurling spiked balls at an assistant, causing the tables to turn as Robot must now serve as Monster's guinea pig.

Security Risk/Ogo's Birthday

S1 E10
Aug 25, 2012
Security and Risk/Ogo's Birthday: When Robot & Monster's apartment is burglarized, Monster vows to appreciate the things he has more while Robot designs a security system that may prove more dangerous than any thief ever could be.

Doctor? No!/Monster Invention

S1 E11
Aug 25, 2012
Doctor? No!/Monster Invention: Monster urges Robot to seek medical attention after a bite from Marf, but Robot would rather endure the ever-worsening symptoms of Robies than reveal his secret fear of doctors.

Litterbug/Model Citizen

S1 E12
Sep 1, 2012
Litterbug/Model Citizen: Monster thinks Robot has been unfairly accused of littering and takes his case to court. But it turns out that their justice system is quite primitive.

Grandma's Day Out/Spare Robot

S1 E13
Sep 1, 2012
Grandma 10010 goes missing after she's passed off from one person to another, so it's up to Robot to locate her before his mom finds out.

Apartment 3 1/2/Don't! Walk!

S1 E14
Sep 8, 2012
When Monster won't give up believing in his imaginary friend, Fuzzy Slippers, Robot worries he has a case of arrested development, or worse, insanity - until he sees Fuzzy Slippers himself

Li'l Lugnuts/Letterology

S1 E15
Sep 15, 2012
When Robot finds out that Monster's childhood idol, Li'l Lugnuts, is really an embittered thief, he can't bear to break Monster's heart with the truth and winds up getting them both involved in Li'l Lugnuts' heists.

The Party/First Impressions

S1 E16
Sep 22, 2012
The Party/First Impressions: Robot has to keep his Crazy Cousin Gizmo from learning about his family's high class party that night or risk never being invited to a family function again.

Dirty Money/What J.D. Wants

S1 E17
Dec 26, 2013
Dirty Money/What J.D. Wants: Robot and Monster are at odds after finding a hundred dollar bill on the ground. Monster wants to find the money's rightful owner while Robot wants to use it to buy the latest fad: the Giggle Stick.

Game On/Bad News Baconeers

S1 E18
Sep 26, 2012
Game On/Bad News Baconeers: Things go from friendly competition to a no-holds-barred throwdown as Robot and Monster compete against J.D. and Spitfire on their favorite game show.

The Package/Ogo's Cool

S1 E19
Nov 3, 2012
The Package/Ogo's Cool: Robot and Monster decide to make a little extra money for a color Tube by delivering a secret package to a series of suspicious characters, but realize too late that they've entangled themselves into something much bigger.

Super Pole/Boomerang

S1 E20
Nov 10, 2012
Super Pole/Boomerang: Robot and Monster playfully root for opposing teams at the Super Pole Party until Monster takes it too far and a battle ensues.

J.D. Loves Gart/Misery Date

S1 E21
Feb 14, 2015
J.D. Loves Gart/Misery Date: When it seems that J.D. has fallen for Gart, Robot sets out to unmask Gart's true character, while Monster desperately clings to his ideals of true love.

Anger Management/Family Business

S1 E22
Oct 13, 2012
When the guys realize Monster is suffering from "night rage," they decide to address Monster's repressed anger by enrolling in an anger management class.

The Bacon Tree/The Dark Knight

S1 E23
Oct 27, 2012
The Bacon Tree/The Dark Knight: Robot & Monster decide to grow their own bacon trees in order to produce a never-ending supply of their favorite food - BACON!

A Better Marf Trap/Monster Lie

S1 E24
Jun 24, 2016
Robot & Monster discover a mysterious mechanical creature living in the wall of their apartment. To spare Perry's feelings, Monster lies about loving his homemade cologne.

Baconmas Parts I & II

S1 E25
Dec 8, 2012
Baconmas Parts I & II: Tensions run high when both Robot's and Monster's families are invited to celebrate Baconmas at their apartment.

Monster Hit

S1 E26
Jul 19, 2014
Monster Hit: Robot's latest invention creates the world's catchiest song for Monster to perform and the guys quickly become a musical success, but their relationship begins to crack when Robo Ono threatens to break up the band and friendship.