Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Oct 01, 2010
Sheen accidentally launches into outer space and crashes on the planet Zeenu. The Emperor of Zeenu mistakes him for a genius and appoints him his Super High Royal Supreme Advisor, the evil Dorkus vows to destroy him, and he befriends a space chimp.

Is This Cute?/The Boy Next Dorkus

S1 E2
Oct 08, 2010
The Emperor tries to prepare Sheen for a visit from Boh-Rok the Destroyer, the most powerful and horrible creature in all of Zeenu. Dorkus vows revenge when his new next door neighbor Sheen upstages his elegant game night with a wild raging party.

What's Up Chock? /Joust Friends

S1 E3
Oct 15, 2010
Sheen and the guys infiltrate a vicious pack of Chocktows to help Aseefa find her missing pet, Chock-Chock. Princess Oom's gigantic, two-headed ex-boyfriend, Grish the Beautiful, challenges Sheen to a battle of honor.

Thanksgetting/There's Something About Scary

S1 E4
Nov 12, 2010
Sheen invents an "all get, no give" holiday that nearly destroys him. Aseefa is imprisoned for making a scary face, and it's up to Sheen to break her out.

Keeping Up with the Gronzes /Torzilla

S1 E5
Nov 13, 2010
Obsessed with setting world records, Sheen challenges competitive librarian acrobats to a book-stacking competition. Sheen grows a tortilla monster that threatens the city

Act I, Sheen I/Money Suits Sheen

S1 E6
Nov 27, 2010
Sheen and Aseefa star in Dorkus' play, unaware that it's been riddled with booby traps. Sheen sells a non-existent product to the masses so he can build a suit made of money, but his scheme backfires when his customers show up at his house for the goods.

Cutting the Ultra-Cord/Trial by Jerry

S1 E7
Nov 27, 2010
Nesmith and Doppy are worried about Sheen's erratic behavior. Dorkus suggests therapy by man-eating Fusterbeest. Sheen introduces the justice system to Zeenu when he has to defend Nesmith who has been accused of eating the Emperor's favorite pet.

Chock Around the Clock/The Oomlick Maneuver

S1 E8
Feb 11, 2011
While pet-sitting, Sheen accidentally gets Aseefa's pet Chocktow caught by Animal Control and has to rescue him before she returns. In an attempt to stop Princess Oom from liking and licking him, Sheen tries to get her back together with her ex-boyfriend.

To Chill A Mocking Blurg /Now You Sheen It

S1 E9
Feb 16, 2011
The Emperor's Royal Ball of Compliments quickly turns into a Hall of Insults as Sheen and his friends are plagued by a flock of bird-like, rowdy, mocking blurgs. Sheen puts on a magic show that actually makes people disappear.

Desperate Houseguests/Nesvidanya

S1 E10
Feb 17, 2011
Sheen helps Doppy's parents rid their house of an unwanted guest. Sheen has to rescue Nesmith from a mythical white-haired creature, the Boopenfoofer.

Sheen for a Day/Well Bread Man

S1 E11
Feb 18, 2011
Sheen accidentally gives Princess Oom the most important part of his rocket ship and has to find a way to get it back. Seeing an opportunity to destroy Sheen, Dorkus volunteers to train him for the "Manhood Trial by Fire."

Washing My Sheen/Stuck in the Riddle with You

S1 E12
Feb 19, 2011
Sheen vows to never bathe again and accidentally attracts a horde of destructive, filth-loving beasts.

Ooze on First/Monster-Fighting Combat Strike Force

S1 E13
Feb 25, 2011
Sheen teaches Zeenu his version of baseball. Doppy's parents fear their son is becoming too courageous when he and Sheen form the Monster-Fighting Combat Strike Force.

Sheen Says/Hippocratic Oaf

S1 E14
Feb 26, 2011
Chaos ensues when the Emperor leaves town and puts Sheen in charge of the kingdom. Sheen becomes a doctor and sets up a clinic in Zeenu.

ExpreSheenism/Gotta Go

S1 E15
May 03, 2012
Sheen's starts a new art movement only to have it take over his life. Sheen has to "go" but he doesn't want Aseefa to know.

Well Oiled Fighting Ma-Sheen/Dorkus In Chains

S1 E16
May 07, 2012
Sheen must train the Emperor's Guard to prepare for emergence of a legendary beast, the Londar.

He Went Hataway/Tongue-Tied

S1 E17
May 24, 2012
Sheen uses his master detective skills to find Nesmith's missing hat. Sheen gets stuck to Oom's tongue and must find a way to free himself.

Nesmith is Spoken For/Feeling Roovy

S1 E18
May 30, 2012
When Nesmith loses his ability to speak, Sheen must save the planet using the awesome power of ventriloquism. Sheen helps Aseefa get her Roove back.

Shave the Last Dance For Me/Berry Big Mess

S1 E19
Jun 04, 2012
In order to help Aseefa, Sheen purchases a black market mustache and must deal with the consequences when it gets out of control.

Scape Doat/Haute CuiSheen

S1 E20
Sep 13, 2012
Sheen passes the blame on breaking the Doppweiller's figurine collection to Doppy's new pet, Doaty, and must make things right before Doaty is sent to the pound.

The MetamorphoSheen/MisSheen Impossible

S1 E21
Oct 25, 2012
Sheen has to figure out a way to lead the Celebration of Legs Parade despite the fact that he's turning into an eel Sheen and Nesmith rescue Doppy from a group of gloop thieves, the Gashlubbs.

Nightmare Sheenario/Drak A Bye Baby

S1 E22
Nov 15, 2012
After accidentally waking the Empress up during her year-long beauty sleep, Sheen must help her fall back asleep before she makes everyone's lives miserable.

Sheen Racer/QuaranSheen

S1 E23
Feb 10, 2013
Sheen enters a flying bug saucer race. To avoid Oom's advances, Sheen fakes an illness called "dance fever" that actually starts spreading to other Zeenuians.

Banana Quest

S1 E24
Feb 14, 2013
Thinking Nesmith is ill, Sheen, Doppy and Aseefa go on a harrowing quest to find the only thing that can cure him: a banana.

Raging Belle/Breath Wish

S1 E25
Feb 20, 2013
Sheen helps Aseefa get through her one night of Tahlak Pow where she turns into a vicious, rampaging beast. Sheen tries to keep Zeenu safe from Baby Arms Banarog, a desperado with evil breath.

Blunderings/Dawn of the Wedge

S1 E26
Feb 27, 2013
To improve Zeenu's government, Sheen introduces the concept of Clown College. Zeenu is attacked a swarm of wedgie-giving barbarians and it's up to Sheen to stop them.