Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Minivan Mom Bank Robber

S1 E1
Jul 28, 2018
When a soccer mom finds herself in need of funds, she robs a bank...in her adorable red minivan.

Jackpot Jackie

S1 E2
Aug 4, 2018
Financial planner "Jackpot Jackie" lives a lavish lifestyle until it all comes crashing down when her friends and family learn she is using their hard-earned retirement funds to finance her life of luxury.

The Psychic Didn't See Him Coming

S1 E3
Aug 11, 2018
Bob Nygaard, a private investigator known as “the psychic crime fighter,” sets out to take down a notorious clairvoyant whom he believes is scamming her victims of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The She-Wolf of Wall Street

S1 E4
Aug 12, 2018
At the age of 25, Jamila Davis was not only a single mother of two but also a high-flying real estate investor with ties to the hip-hop community. Her business allowed her to rub elbows with Manhattan's movers and shakers, and to become one herself. She was the quintessential success story until her sketchy business deals caught up with her.

The Crappy Accountant

S1 E5
Aug 18, 2018
Over the course of seven years, Lizzie Mulder posed as an accountant for her phony tax consulting business and convinced her victims to put their IRS payments in her hands.

The Queen of Coupons

S1 E6
Sep 1, 2018
Phoenix-based housewife Robin Ramirez took extreme couponing to a whole new level when she orchestrated the largest and most lucrative fake coupon scam in U.S. history.

Clash of the Carriages

S1 E7
Sep 9, 2018
A friendly rivalry between two women vying for control of the lucrative horse-drawn carriage business on Kansas City's Country Club Plaza becomes increasingly nasty and ultimately descends into a murder-for-hire plot.

The Outcast of Brownstone Brooklyn

S1 E8
Sep 15, 2018
Providence Hogan was a pillar of her ritzy Brooklyn community. She served as the treasurer of her daughter's public school where she organized lavish fundraisers, and, after skimming nearly $100,000 from the PTA, she was caught red-handed.