Season 2

Episode Guide

Heat Wave

S2 E1
Dec 03, 2016
Pig wants to have a pool party. Goat gets confused for a secret agent. Banana beats the heat by stealing an ice cream truck. Cricket gets trapped in a cave.

Charm School

S2 E2
Dec 03, 2016
Pig needs to learn some manners. Goat wants to protect her favorite city landmark. Banana becomes a world-famous stuntman. Cricket wants to get Pig back to his old ways.

Road Trippin'

S2 E3
Nov 19, 2016
On a road trip to go see the Pretty Panda at the zoo, Goat stops at a concert, Pig stops at a trampoline theme park, Banana has to do jail time, and Cricket has to get him back.

Love Boat

S2 E4
Jul 25, 2018
The gang takes a cruise vacation. Cricket shows off his discount ticket. Pig wants more room in his body to eat pickles. Banana plays matchmaker. Goat has to cover for her mistake.

Hotel It on the Mountain

S2 E5
May 16, 2017
The roommates open a hotel. Pig is the bellboy, Goat is the chef, Banana is the hotel manager, and Cricket is the maid.

It's One Like Con Con

S2 E6
Jul 25, 2018
At Convention Con, Pig's movie is debuting. Banana finds a way to make money on comics. Cricket wants an elusive toy. Goat seeks help to with the costume contest.

Jimmy Ron Cricket

S2 E7
Jul 25, 2018
Pig goes on a tour of the Picklemart. Banana finds his old ranger friend. Cricket's brother escapes from prison. Goat's idol pays her a visit.

Steak Bus

S2 E8
Apr 25, 2017
Pig directs a commercial for the Picklemart. Banana attempts to eat the perfect steak. Cricket needs to get his super suit dry cleaned. Goat is recruited to be a famous wrestler.

Flowers for Burgerstein

S2 E9
May 09, 2017
Banana reunites with his musical family. Pig takes Angry Old Raisin to a dog show. Goat falls in love with the repair man. Cricket makes Burgerstein smart.

The Goofy Turkey Zone

S2 E10
Apr 11, 2017
Cricket goes back in time to date Goat. Goat wishes to be a great musician. Banana needs to win a video game competition. Pig possesses Angry Old Raisin's scooter.

Witness Protection Program

S2 E11
May 02, 2017
The gang must go in disguise to hide from a dangerous criminal: Pig as a professor, Goat as sbusinesswoman, Banana as a plumber, and Cricket as a baby.

Where Do Pickles Come From

S2 E12
May 23, 2017
Goat wants to build a new entertainment center. Cricket wants to impress Goat by being a vigilante. Banana becomes an Internet celebrity. Pig finds out where pickles come from.

Ding A Ling Bros Circus

S2 E13
Apr 18, 2017
Our gang helps save a failing circus. Goat beautifies the oddities, Banana rigs the midway, Pig starts a flea circus, and Cricket trains the animals.

Hospital Time

S2 E14
May 30, 2017
The gang needs to get to the hospital to eat the world's best mashed potatoes. Banana plays a betting game, Pig does a surgery with Angry Old Raisin, Goat fixes Tony Towel, and Cricket makes himself sick.