Season 2

Episode Guide

The Best Bowler/The Great Potato Plunder

S2 E1
Dec 07, 2014
When Peter and Nutkin's pine cone bowling rivalry gets out of hand, it leads to big trouble... When Peter hears about his father's greatest ever heist, he embarks on some high risk highway robbery - Mr. McGregor's entire wheelbarrow of potatoes on its way to market!

Cotton-tail's Treetop Tumble/Perilous Party

S2 E2
Dec 09, 2014
After Old Brown snatches her, Cotton-tail gets stuck up a tree. It's up to Peter, Lily, and Benjamin to rescue her before either a passing Mr Tod seizes her or the angry Owl returns. When Peter discovers Mr Tod is the host of a surprise party, he must save the guests from becoming party food.

High-Flying Badger/Benjamin's Blunder

S2 E3
Dec 11, 2014
When a very sleepy Tommy Brock is hoisted up into the Squirrel Camp, Peter and friends must work out how to get the snoozing brute back down to earth before he wakes up! When Peter realizes he has accidentally upset Benjamin by asking him to sit out the next garden raid, he goes to apologize only to find his cousin has gone.

The Puddleduck Disaster/The Squirrel Hotpot

S2 E4
Jan 04, 2015
When Jemima is short on fruity flapjack ingredients for her hungry ducklings, she misunderstands Peter's advice and heads to Mr. McGregor's garden. It's up to Peter to launch a daring rescue mission, before the dizzy duck gets caught by the Cat, or worse, Mr McGregor.

The Tunnel Rumbler/The Frightened Fox

S2 E5
Jan 11, 2015
When Peter and co. mistake the echoey 'rebbits' of a lost Jeremy Fisher for a scary monster, they set about to rid their tunnels of this mysterious invader. But with Tommy Brock on the warpath nearby, it won't be easy! When Peter raids Mr Tod's lair he is trapped inside and must escape before Mr Tod discovers he is there.

The Great Owl Adventure

S2 E6
Jan 23, 2015
When Peter uses a model to scare off Old Brown, he ends up scaring the squirrels away too! Peter must not only persuade the squirrels to return to their camp but also get Old Brown to leave his new roost - right over Benjamin's burrow!

The Tiny Terror/Treehouse Rescue

S2 E7
Mar 20, 2015
Peter Rabbit and his two best friends, Benjamin and Lily, have a knack for finding adventure, and often trouble, in the most unexpected place.

The Lost Journal/The Need for Seed

S2 E8
Mar 20, 2015
When Benjamin accidentally loses Peter's dad's journal, it falls into the clutches of Mr Tod... When Mr McGregor fills a bird table with sunflower seeds, Squirrel Nutkin becomes dangerously obsessed with raiding it...

Heroic Hedgehog/The Bird Trap

S2 E9
Mar 27, 2015
When Peter escapes a very chatty Mrs Tiggy-winkle to go strawberry-raiding, he is surprised to be helped out of trouble by none other than the feisty old hedgehog herself! When Mr Tod's efforts to creep up on the rabbits are thwarted by anoisy Song Thrush, he cages the bird so that he can ambush Peter and his friends without warning...

Dr. Bobtail's Adventure/Locked Cage

S2 E10
Mar 27, 2015
When Squirrel Nutkin feels too poorly to move, the rabbits must sneak Dr Bobtail onto Owl Island... When Mr McGregor locks him in a cage with Sammy Whiskers, Peter must join forces with the rat to escape.

Missing Ducklings/Hungry Thieves

S2 E11
May 01, 2015
A simple matter of duckling-sitting turns into a potential disaster when the ducklings escape into the wood. When Sammy Whiskers dupes three innocent mice into stealing the rabbits' plum pie, Peter must rescue both pie and mice from the clutches of Mr Tod.

Nutkin's Rabbity Day/Unexpected Hero

S2 E12
May 01, 2015
When the Squirrel Tribe forget his birthday, Nutkin quits the squirrel life and decides to become a rabbit...

Amazing Mom/Mom's Precious Things

S2 E13
May 08, 2015
When Mr Tod and Sammy Whiskers team up to strike the rabbits' big picnic, Peter must team up with the only rabbit who can match him for speed and cunning - his mom.

The Racing Rabbit/Fred Snail

S2 E14
May 08, 2015
When the rabbits volunteer to deliver Mrs Tiggy-winkle's laundry using their newly built, super fast go-kart, a routine delivery turns into a high speed adventure!

The Saving of the Shrew/Fish Out of Water

S2 E15
May 15, 2015
When Mr Tod tramples on the Shrew's precious dandelions, the angry Shrew vows revenge... but when Cotton-tail follows him into Mr Tod's lair, Peter, Lily, and Benjamin must go on a dangerous mission to rescue them both!

The Kitten and Pig Adventure

S2 E16
May 15, 2015
Peter meets some surprising new friends at Hill Top Farm, but when a big storm hits the woods, everyone is in grave danger...

Cotton-tail's Party/The Thing-A-Ma-Jig

S2 E17
May 22, 2015
When Peter promises the Shrew some worms to entice him to Cotton-tail's birthday party, he ends up accidentally putting everyone in danger.

The Big Badger Blunder/Squabbling Squirrels

S2 E18
May 22, 2015
When Tommy Brock decides to move in to the Farmyard, Mittens needs Peter Rabbit's help to evict him!

Peter's Great Escape/The Great Cake Chase

S2 E19
May 29, 2015
When the rabbits find themselves surrounded, Peter is forced to create a brand new ingenious escape route.

Go-Kart Getaway/The New Hideout

S2 E20
May 29, 2015
When Sammy Whiskers steals the rabbits' go-kart, with Cotton-tail on board, Peter needs to race faster than ever to rescue his sister!

The Christmas Star/Sleepy Hedgehog

S2 E21
Dec 16, 2015
When Tommy Brock takes Cotton-tail's dolly, Peter soon discovers the only way to retrieve it is to give everyone in the woods what they want for Christmas...

Spectacular Sled/Cotton-tail's Tooth

S2 E22
Feb 15, 2016
When the rabbits discover a hoard of much needed winter vegetables in Mr McGregor's garden, they must find a way to transport them - by building a spectacular new sled!

Tricky Tortoise/Mice on the Move

S2 E23
Feb 17, 2016
Peter learns not to judge a book by its cover when he takes an elderly Tortoise for a 'quiet' walk in the woods.

The Unexpected Discovery

S2 E24
Mar 20, 2016
When Benjamin is accidentally taken inside Mr McGregor's house, Peter and Lily bravely venture inside to rescue him.

Mittens' New Friend/Flooded Burrow

S2 E25
Mar 22, 2016
When Mittens befriends Cotton-tail, their playful antics lead to trouble. Now Peter must race to save his friend and sister from the clutches of Old Brown.

Spilled Milk/The First Bluebell

S2 E26
May 01, 2016
When Peter, Lily and Benjamin accidentally spill Mittens' milk, they launch a daring mission to replace it.

The Great Tortoise Rescue/King of the Woods

S2 E27
May 03, 2016
The Great Tortoise Rescue/King of the Woods: When Peter accidentally sends a slumbering Mr Tolly floating off to Owl Island, he immediately launches a rescue with his friends.

Musical Mayhem/Missing Journal

S2 E28
May 06, 2016
Musical Mayhem/Missing Journal: When the auditions for Mr Jeremy Fisher's annual recital attract the attention of Mr Tod, it's up to Peter to save the day with some musical mischief of his own... When Flopsy and Mopsy borrow Peter's journal, Peter has to save them from Old Brown - but will he lose his precious journal in the process?