Season 2

Episode Guide

The Domino Effect

S2 E1
Jan 15, 2020
The adventures at Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue & Rehabilitation Center pick up where they left off. A young orangutan is placed on a diet for health reasons, while baby orangutans--donned in diapers--learn the skills they need to survive. Fortunately, there's always a snack around the corner, a fun-packed respite that everyone can get behind. For the caretakers preparing the young orangutans for a future back in the wild, the challenge is maintaining the balance between being a teacher and surrogate parent.

Dilla's Surprise

S2 E2
Jan 19, 2020
At Nyaru Menteng, the Year One orangutans are about to go from the nursery to jungle classrooms. But a scary accident lands two young ones in the sick bay. Over on Bangamat Island, a flood distresses the orangutan population, particularly a gentle female named Kesi. Back at the compound, a pair of sun bears prove there's room for all who need help. It's a stirring testament to the commitment of people who dedicate themselves to the well-being and rehabilitation of endangered orangutans.

Kesi Turns a Corner

S2 E3
Jan 26, 2020
Timid Kesi, who's on pre-release in Bangamat Island, faces a moment of truth. Can she hold her own against a bully? Back at the compound, two very different groups of students prepare for release: a pair of sun bears and two female orangutans. Despite the seriousness of the school's mission, a little levity arrives courtesy of the youngest residents. The handlers have a trusted weapon to get these fun-loving orangutan toddlers back in line: fruit kebabs!

The Return of the Snake

S2 E4
Jan 26, 2020
Infant orangutans confined to the sick bay have a serious case of cabin fever. Not only are they missing their friends, but they're also missing vital lessons, from nest-building to foraging for termites. Things are also busy at the sister facility Samboja Lestari, where a pair of sun bears are placed until they're ready for release. Meanwhile, Shelton and Kopral are two orangutans with one thing in common: disabilities so serious, it's unlikely they'll ever be released. Dive into the daily drama of the most heartwarming school in the world.

Wine's New Friend

S2 E5
Feb 02, 2020
At Nyaru Menteng, deep bonds emerge in unlikely places. Two youngsters struggle with serious infections, while a three-year-old orangutan strikes up a special friendship with a curious macaque. Meanwhile, infants learn about a secret treat inside rubber trees, while young mom Sampit and her son get a second chance at freedom. Add hat theft, an orangutan with a speech impediment, and a sun bear who has picked a fight with an electric fence to the mix, and one thing becomes clear: dull moments are in short supply at the jungle school.

Bald is Beautiful

S2 E6
Feb 02, 2020
With sick orangutans, if they're misbehaving then they're probably feeling better. Erik is no exception as his mysterious head infection finally begins to lift, allowing him to rejoin his fellow students. Meanwhile, in forest school, the nursery group takes to the trees for a tutorial on arboreal living, but 9-month-old Alejandra suffers a terrible fall. While she's being treated, the rescue team gets a tip about a baby orangutan held in a village. Can they reach her in time?

The Road to Recovery

S2 E7
Feb 09, 2020
Several months have passed at Nyaru Menteng and big changes are afoot. Beni and Lala's broken bones have healed, meaning they may reunite with classmates. Another injured youngster, Alejandra, has lost an eye, but she is determined to overcome this new challenge. And on Bangamat Island, one-handed Kesi overcomes her fears. She's a great example for other orangutans who, if they maintain their progress, can be released back into the wild.


S2 E8
Feb 09, 2020
A flu epidemic has broken out at Nyaru Menteng. The prescription? Quarantined rest, lots of fluids, and...onion juice? Meanwhile on Palas Island, two female orangutans have broken through an electric fence. Back in class, coconut husking and tree climbing are on the curriculum, the latter with the help of some enticing fruit kebabs. Later, Beni is dismayed to discover he's back on a health kick, but his ability to dodge his diet shows his resourcefulness--a trait that will serve him well in the wild.

Dilla and Delilah

S2 E9
Feb 16, 2020
A freak accident during birth causes young mother Dilla to reject her newborn baby, putting its life at risk. Meanwhile, the staff at Nyaru Menteng are hard at work identifying the orangutans with the most advanced forest and social skills to nominate as candidates for release. There's good news as two female orangutans who escaped from Palas Island are tracked down. Elsewhere, low water levels on Kaja have given the island's orangutans an unexpected treat: an artificial beach.

Born to Be Wild

S2 E10
Feb 16, 2020
Tense efforts to reunite traumatized Dilla with her newborn baby are met with mixed results, but the staff isn't giving up. Meanwhile, troubled Luthy is paired with a female orangutan to help with her behavioral issues. And on the Rungan River, a flash flood threatens the release schedule of female Clara and her baby Clarita. Not with them on this journey is Alba, a rare albino orangutan. Unlike Clara and Clarita, her condition means she may never be eligible for the stated mission of the jungle school: an eventual return to the wild.