Every Super Bowl, Ranked By Total Points Scored

Where will Super Bowl LVIII land?
Posted on Feb 5, 2024 | 12:00pm
Some Super Bowls are high-scoring games, and some Super Bowls are hard-fought defensive gems. Our favorite? All of them.

To better enjoy the variety that Super Bowls have to offer, we've ranked every Super Bowl game by the total number of points scored, from the lowest combined total to the highest. This countdown is a fascinating way to look back at Super Bowl history. And, yes, we do indeed mean every Super Bowl; our list spans the historic Super Bowl I to the Kansas City Chiefs' last-second win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVIII.

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Now, let the countdown begin! All stats and records are current as of publication.
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57. Super Bowl LIII
New England Patriots 13, Los Angeles Rams 3
Total Points Scored: 16
Date Played: Feb. 3, 2019

This Super Bowl win marked the Patriots’ sixth, tying them with the Steelers for the most of all time. This game also marked the Patriots’ 11th Super Bowl appearance, their third in a row – and their ninth with quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick.

56. Super Bowl VII
Miami Dolphins 14, Washington Redskins 7
Total Points Scored: 21
Date Played: Jan. 14, 1973

The warmest Super Bowl date on record, the Dolphins scored their first Super Bowl win, and, in doing so, became the only team in NFL history to complete a perfect, undefeated season.

55. Super Bowl IX
Pittsburgh Steelers 16, Minnesota Vikings 6
Total Points Scored: 22
Date Played: Jan. 12, 1975

This game was tough – there wasn't a touchdown or field goal scored until the third quarter. Fans of classic TV will remember this Super Bowl being used as a plotline in The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode, "The System." (In the Minneapolis-set sitcom, by the way, the Vikings won.)

54. Super Bowl III
New York Jets 16, Baltimore Colts 7
Total Points Scored: 23
Date Played: Jan. 12, 1969

Jets quarterback Joe Namath earned MVP honors for this game. He completed 17 out of 28 passes for 206 yards, all in the first three quarters.  

53. Super Bowl VI
Dallas Cowboys 24, Dolphins 3
Total Points Scored: 27
Date Played: Jan. 16, 1972

In the game where the Cowboys, in their second Super Bowl appearance, logged their first win, the kickoff air temperature in New Orleans, Louisiana, was 39 degrees, a record-low for a Super Bowl.

52. Super Bowl V
Baltimore Colts 16, Cowboys 13
Total Points Scored: 29
Date Played: Jan. 17, 1971

This Super Bowl marked the debut of the newly christened Vince Lombardi Trophy. The trophy, awarded to the winning team, is named for the legendary NFL head coach. Lombardi, who led the Green Bay Packers to victories in the first two Super Bowl games, passed away a few months before Super Bowl V.

51. Super Bowl IV
Kansas City Chiefs 23, Vikings 7
Total Points Scored: 30
Date Played: Jan. 11, 1970

This game marked the Chiefs' second Super Bowl appearance – and first Super Bowl win.
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(TIE) 48. Super Bowl VIII
Dolphins 24, Vikings 7
Total Points Scored: 31
Date Played: Jan. 13, 1974

This game was the final Super Bowl to feature goal posts at the goal line. Prior to the start of the 1974 NFL season, the posts were moved to the end line.

(TIE) 48. Super Bowl XL
Steelers 21, Seattle Seahawks 10
Total Points Scored: 31
Date Played: Feb. 5, 2006

This was the Seahawks' first Super Bowl. The Steelers, however, took home the victory – their first Super Bowl win since 1980.

(TIE) 48. Super Bowl XLII
New York Giants 17, Patriots 14
Total Points Scored: 31
Date Played: Feb. 3, 2008

Regarded as one of the most exciting Super Bowls, this game featured the famous "helmet catch" by the Giants' David Tyree, as well as a game-winning touchdown grab by Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress.

47. Super Bowl 50
Denver Broncos 24, Carolina Panthers 10
Total Points Scored: 34
Date Played: Feb. 7, 2016

In the golden anniversary Super Bowl game, the Broncos recorded seven sacks and forced four turnovers, helping vault them to victory.

46. Super Bowl XXIII
San Francisco 49ers 20, Cincinnati Bengals 16
Total Points Scored: 36
Date Played: Jan. 22, 1989

Down by 3 points with 34 seconds left in the game, the 49ers scored the winning touchdown on a pass from quarterback Joe Montana to wide receiver John Taylor.

(TIE) 43. Super Bowl XII
Cowboys 27, Broncos 10
Total Points Scored: 37
Date Played: Jan. 15, 1978

This game was a showdown between Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, and the Cowboys’ former quarterback, Craig Morton. This was also the first Super Bowl where two players earned MVP status: defensive tackle Randy White and defensive end Harvey Martin, both of the Cowboys.

(TIE) 43. Super Bowl XV
Oakland Raiders 27, Philadelphia Eagles 10
Total Points Scored: 37
Date Played: Jan. 25, 1981

Having played in Super Bowls II and XI, with this game, the Raiders became the first team to appear in a Super Bowl in three different decades.

(TIE) 43. Super Bowl XXXVI
Patriots 20, St. Louis Rams 17
Total Points Scored: 37
Date Played: Feb. 3, 2002

This was the Patriots’ first Super Bowl title, and the final Super Bowl to feature the St. Louis iteration of the Rams. (The Rams relocated to Los Angeles for the 2016 NFL season.)

(TIE) 41. Super Bowl X
Steelers 21, Cowboys 17
Total Points Scored: 38
Date Played: Jan. 18, 1976

The Steelers’ Lynn Swann caught four passes for a then-Super Bowl record 161 yards and one touchdown, becoming the first wide receiver to be named Super Bowl MVP.

(TIE) 41. Super Bowl XLVI
Giants 21, Patriots 17
Total Points Scored: 38
Date Played: Feb. 5, 2012

With this victory, the Giants won their fourth Super Bowl.

(TIE) 39. Super Bowl XXV
Giants 20, Buffalo Bills 19
Total Points Scored: 39
Date Played: Jan. 27, 1991

The Bills made their first Super Bowl appearance in the only Super Bowl thus far decided by 1 point – and the first in which neither team committed a turnover.

(TIE) 39. Super Bowl XXXIV
St. Louis Rams 23, Tennessee Titans 16
Total Points Scored: 39
Date Played: Jan. 30, 2000

This is the most recent Super Bowl in which both teams sought their first title. This was also the game where the Rams' Kurt Warner became the first undrafted quarterback, as well as the first first-year starter, to win a Super Bowl.
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38. Super Bowl LV
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 9
Total Points Scored: 40
Date Played: Feb. 7, 2021

With his record seventh Super Bowl win, and record 10th Super Bowl appearance, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady won his, yes, record fifth Super Bowl MVP honor. In doing so, he became the first person to receive the distinction with multiple franchises. At age 43, he also became the oldest player to receive the honor.

37. Super Bowl XXXV
Baltimore Ravens 34, Giants 7
Total Points Scored: 41
Date Played: Jan. 28, 2001

Thanks to a powerhouse Ravens defense, the Giants managed only 152 yards of offense – the third-lowest total ever in a Super Bowl.

(TIE) 35. Super Bowl XXVII
Cowboys 30, Bills 13
Total Points Scored: 43
Date Played: Jan. 30, 1994

This Super Bowl not only marked the first of three Super Bowl wins by the 1990s-era Cowboys, with Michael Jackson headlining the halftime show, it also marked the start of a new era in Super Bowl entertainment.

(TIE) 35. Super Bowl LVI
Los Angeles Rams 23, Bengals 20
Total Points Scored: 43
Date Played: Feb. 13, 2022

This Super Bowl featured the youngest pair of head coaches in Super Bowl history: Sean McVay of the Rams was 36; the Bengals’ Zac Taylor was 38.

(TIE) 33. Super Bowl XVII
Washington Redskins 27, Dolphins 17
Total Points Scored: 44
Date Played: Jan. 30, 1983

With this game, Washington won its first Super Bowl title.

(TIE) 33. Super Bowl XXX
Cowboys 27, Steelers 17
Total Points Scored: 44
Date Played: Jan. 28, 1996

By recording two interceptions in the second half of the game, the Cowboys' Larry Brown became the first cornerback named Super Bowl MVP.

(TIE) 31. Super Bowl I
Packers 35, Chiefs 10
Total Points Scored: 45
Date Played: Jan. 15, 1967

When this game was played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, it was known as the First AFL-NFL World Championship Game. Whatever it was called, it was always a hit: 65 million TV viewers tuned in to watch the historic showdown.

(TIE) 31. Super Bowl XXXIX
Patriots 24, Eagles 21
Total Points Scored: 45
Date Played: Feb. 6, 2005

With their win, the Patriots, who'd secured the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XXXVIII the prior year, became the last team to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

(TIE) 29. Super Bowl XI
Oakland Raiders 32, Vikings 14
Total Points Scored: 46
Date Played: Jan. 9, 1977

With this Super Bowl, the Raiders claimed their first franchise's Vince Lombardi Trophy.

(TIE) 29. Super Bowl XLI
Indianapolis Colts 29, Chicago Bears 17
Total Points Scored: 46
Date Played: Feb. 4, 2007

This was the only Super Bowl played in rainy conditions. Also noteworthy: The Bears' Lovie Smith and the Colts' Tony Dungy were the first Black head coaches to lead their teams to The Big Game, with Dungy becoming the first Black head coach to win a Super Bowl
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(TIE) 26. Super Bowl II
Packers 33, Oakland Raiders 14
Total Points Scored: 47
Date Played: Jan. 14, 1968

Packers quarterback Bart Starr was named Super Bowl MVP – for the second year in a row.

(TIE) 26. Super Bowl XVI
49ers 26, Bengals 21
Total Points Scored: 47
Date Played: Jan. 24, 1982

For the first time since Super Bowl III, The Big Game featured two teams that were making their Super Bowl debuts.

(TIE) 26. Super Bowl XVIII
Los Angeles Raiders 38, Washington 9
Total Points Scored: 47
Date Played: Jan. 22, 1984

This is the first time Tampa, Florida, hosted a Super Bowl game. The game marked the AFC's last Super Bowl win until 1998's Super Bowl XXXII.

25. Super Bowl XLIV
New Orleans Saints 31, Indianapolis Colts 17
Total Points Scored: 48
Date Played: Feb. 7, 2010

This was the year of Super Bowl records for kickers. At 42 years and 11 days old, Colts' kicker Matt Stover became the oldest player at the time to participate – as well as to score – in a Super Bowl. Meanwhile, the Saints’ Garrett Hartley became the first kicker in Super Bowl history to kick three field goals of 40 or more yards.

(TIE) 23. Super Bowl XIV
Steelers 31, Los Angeles Rams 19
Total Points Scored: 50
Date Played: Jan. 20, 1980

Despite playing in their backyard (at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California), the Rams were viewed as the underdogs of this matchup. Yet they held a 19-17 lead at the start of the fourth quarter – that is, until two touchdowns secured the Steelers their fourth title in six years.

(TIE) 23. Super Bowl XLIII
Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23
Total Points Scored: 50
Date Played: Feb. 1, 2009

This win made the Steelers the first team to win six Super Bowl championships. This was also the final game to feature commentary by John Madden, the Super Bowl-winning head coach turned iconic broadcaster. Madden retired from the booth a couple months after his Super Bowl XLIII call.

(TIE) 21. Super Bowl XLVIII
Seahawks 43, Broncos 8
Total Points Scored: 51
Date Played: Feb. 2, 2014

This was the first Super Bowl win for the Seahawks, who dominated on both sides of the ball.

(TIE) 21. Super Bowl LIV
Chiefs 31, 49ers 20
Total Points Scored: 51
Date Played: Feb. 2, 2020

At 24 years and 138 days, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes became the youngest player named Super Bowl MVP.

(TIE) 19. Super Bowl XXII
Redskins 42, Broncos 10
Total Points Scored: 52
Date Played: Jan. 31, 1988

With this Super Bowl, Washington's Doug Williams became the first Black quarterback to start a Super Bowl – and, thanks to 340 passing yards, and four touchdown strikes, the first Black quarterback named Super Bowl MVP.

(TIE) 19. Super Bowl XLIX
Patriots 28, Seahawks 24
Total Points Scored: 52
Date Played: Feb. 1, 2015

With this Super Bowl, the Patriots' Tom Brady became a three-time Super Bowl MVP, tying the then-record set by famed 49ers quarterback Joe Montana.
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18. Super Bowl XXXIII
Broncos 34, Atlanta Falcons 19
Total Points Scored: 53
Date Played: Jan. 31, 1999

In the final game of his career (he announced his retirement before the start of the 1999 NFL season), Broncos quarterback John Elway completed 18 of 29 passes for 336 yards with one touchdown (and one interception). He also notched a 3-yard rushing touchdown.

17. Super Bowl XIX
49ers 38, Dolphins 16
Total Points Scored: 54
Date Played: Jan. 20, 1985

This Super Bowl, featuring a showdown of the Dolphins’ Dan Marino and the 49ers’ Joe Montana, marked the first time that a sitting U.S. president participated in a coin-toss ceremony; Ronald Reagan, freshly inaugurated for his second term earlier in the day, appeared live via satellite from the White House.

16. Super Bowl XXXII
Broncos 31, Packers 24
Total Points Scored: 55
Date Played: Jan. 25, 1998

After enduring four Super Bowl losses, the Broncos finally claimed the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Running back (and ultimate Super Bowl MVP) Terrell Davis ran for 157 yards, and scored three rushing touchdowns.

(TIE) 13. Super Bowl XX
Bears 46, Patriots 10
Total Points Scored: 56
Date Played: Jan. 26, 1986

Though Patriots kicker Tony Franklin took his team to an early lead with a 36-yard field goal in the first quarter, the Bears’ ultimately won the title – thanks in no small part to the team's famed defense, devised by defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan.

(TIE) 13. Super Bowl XXXI
Packers 35, Patriots 21
Total Points Scored: 56
Date Played: Jan. 26, 1997

With this game, Packers star Desmond Howard became the first special teams player named Super Bowl MVP, a title he earned in part for a 99-yard kickoff-return touchdown.

(TIE) 13. Super Bowl XLV
Packers 31, Steelers 25
Total Points Scored: 56
Date Played: Feb. 6, 2011

This Super Bowl marked the Packers’ fifth appearance – and fourth win. They became the first NFC No. 6 seed team to compete in The Big Game.  

12. Super Bowl XXI
Giants 39, Broncos 20
Total Points Scored: 59
Date Played: Jan. 25, 1987

This was the Giants’ first Super Bowl win (and appearance) – and their first NFL title since 1956.

11. Super Bowl XXXVIII
Patriots 32, Panthers 29
Total Points Scored: 61
Date Played: Feb. 1, 2004

This game has the distinction of being called the "best Super Bowl of all time" by Sports Illustrated writer Peter King. A record 37 points were scored in the fourth quarter alone, with Patriots kicker Adam Vinatieri pulling off a game-winning, 41-yard field goal as the clock expired.
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(TIE) 9. Super Bowl XXVI
Redskins 37, Bills 24
Total Points Scored: 62
Date Played: Jan. 26, 1992

With this game, Washington earned its third Super Bowl title.

(TIE) 9. Super Bowl LI
Patriots 34, Falcons 28
Total Points Scored: 62
Date Played: Feb. 5, 2017

This Super Bowl was the first to go to overtime. It also saw Tom Brady and the Patriots fight their way back from a 28-3 third-quarter deficit to claim the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

(TIE) 7. Super Bowl XXIV
49ers 55, Broncos 10
Total Points Scored: 65
Date Played: Jan. 28, 1990

In this Super Bowl, quarterback Joe Montana led the 49ers to victory with a then-record five touchdown passes.

(TIE) 7. Super Bowl XLVII
Ravens 34, 49ers 31
Total Points Scored: 65
Date Played: Feb. 3, 2013

This Super Bowl featured a matchup of teams that had previously never lost a Super Bowl. This was also the first Super Bowl in history where two brothers coached against one another: Jim Harbaugh and John Harbaugh, head coaches of the 49ers and the Ravens, respectively.

6. Super Bowl XIII
Steelers 35, Cowboys 31
Total Points Scored: 66
Date Played: Jan. 21, 1979

In this rematch of Super Bowl X, both the Steelers and Cowboys were vying to be the first club to win three titles.

(TIE) 4. Super Bowl XXVII
Cowboys 52, Bills 17
Total Points Scored: 69
Date Played: Jan. 31, 1993

With this game, the Cowboys appeared in – and won – their first Super Bowl in 15 years.

(TIE) 4. Super Bowl XXXVII
Buccaneers 48, Oakland Raiders 21
Total Points Scored: 69
Date Played: Jan. 26, 2003

The Buccaneers became the first team play a Super Bowl, and win it, on their home field; they accepted the Vince Lombardi Trophy at Raymond James Stadium

3. Super Bowl LVII
Chiefs 38, Eagles 35
Total Points Scored: 73
Date Played: Feb. 12, 2023

This most recent of Super Bowls has the distinction of being the most-watched in U.S. television history. The game averaged 115.1 million viewers.

2. Super Bowl LII
Eagles 41, Patriots 33
Total Points Scored: 74
Date Played: Feb. 4, 2018

In this Super Bowl, the underdog Eagles upset the Patriots, and claimed their first Super Bowl title.  

1. Super Bowl XXIX
49ers 49, San Diego Chargers 26
Total Points Scored: 75
Date Played: Jan. 29, 1995

In defeating the Chargers, the 49ers became the first team to win five Super Bowl titles. The game's 75-point total score and 10 combined touchdowns both stand as Super Bowl records.
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