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Season 6

Episode Guide

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S6 E1
Mar 2, 2008
Charity is looking for "thug love."

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S6 E2
Mar 3, 2008
Aundrus is looking for a "wild woman."

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S6 E3
Mar 4, 2008
Dustin is looking for a girl "who keeps her junk in the trunk."

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S6 E4
Mar 5, 2008
Candy wants nothing but the best for her, baby!

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S6 E5
Mar 6, 2008
Kate wants a guy who makes every night New Year's Eve!

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S6 E6
Mar 7, 2008
Stephanie is in search of a man to rock her world!

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S6 E7
Mar 8, 2008
Tritia is looking for a man to serve her.

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S6 E8
Mar 9, 2008
Liz seeks a well-balanced man.

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S6 E9
Mar 10, 2008
Zeke likes to freak out... "with his Zeke out."

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S6 E10
Mar 11, 2008
August is looking for her Halloween hottie.

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S6 E11
Mar 12, 2008
Matt hopes ladies are ready for his Argentinian flavor.

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S6 E12
Mar 13, 2008
Crystal hopes the fellas are ready for her jelly!

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S6 E13
Mar 14, 2008
Devon is looking for a man to set anchor in his heart.

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S6 E14
Mar 15, 2008
Megan is searching for her renaissance man.

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S6 E15
Mar 16, 2008
Tracy wants to be swept off her feet by Prince Charming.

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S6 E16
Mar 17, 2008
Jacob is lusting for a lumberjack.

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S6 E17
Mar 18, 2008
Desiree longs for a man with some spice!

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S6 E18
Mar 19, 2008
Jeff needs a woman to save his heart!

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S6 E19
Mar 20, 2008
Jai is sweating for a hot workout partner!

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S6 E20
Mar 21, 2008
Sarah is a fighter, ready to submit to love!