Season 2

Episode Guide

The Unicorn Rescue

S2 E1
Nov 20, 2018
When a young Princess Nella meets a lost unicorn, she finds the courage to make her dreams come true by becoming a Princess Knight.

Awesome Blossom/A Dragon Ate My Homework!

S2 E2
Jan 19, 2019
Nella and her grandparents work together when she accidently plants a Dandydragon; a flower that acts like a real dragon! When Munchie the dragon is hungry for knowledge, she eats Garrett's homework. Nella and friends must get it back before school.

Norma's Very Big Day/Minatori's Tea Party

S2 E3
Feb 09, 2019
When The Wicked Wizard's pet goat Terry becomes a goatzilla on Norma's first birthday, Nella and the gang must save the big day from the BIG goat. Nella and Trinket are invited to a Minotaur tea-party.

Clod's Big Bounce/The New Neighbors

S2 E4
Mar 02, 2019
When Bogner the Bog-Troll takes Nella's bounce-house as her new home, she accidently takes Clod too - who is still bouncing inside!

A Need For Steed/Trinket's Lost Voice

S2 E5
Mar 30, 2019
Blaine gets less than he bargained for when he scouts for his very own steed with Nella. When Trinket loses her voice before a special duet, she and Nella must journey to the Shimmering Steamspring for a cure.

See You Later Gladiator/Clod O'Matic

S2 E6
Jun 15, 2019
It's the showdown of the century as Nella and her Dad square off with a fearsome gladiator after he slips away with King Dad's crown!

Trinket's Bad Hair Day/Blaine Stirs Things Up!

S2 E7
Apr 27, 2019
Nella is sent on a hair-raising rescue when Trinket is pressured into copying her friends. Blaine serves Nella a culinary catastrophe when he tries to hide his passion for cooking.

Nella in Bowling Land/A Tricksy Wedding

S2 E8
May 25, 2019
When Olivia's sparkly ball is lost in the bowling lanes, Nella and friends venture into a bowling wonderland beyond the pins to get it back. While Nella and the gang prepare for Garrett's dad's wedding, Tricksy swaps the ring for something silly.

Just Another Manic Mud Day/Best Friends Forever

S2 E9
Jul 20, 2019
When Nella invites Gork's cousin to their Mud Day celebration, Gork does everything he can to impress him. When Nella and Trinket want to do different things, they begin to question their friendship.

Knights of the Sparkly Table/Knights to the Rescue

S2 E10
Aug 17, 2019
Nella and her friends are sent on a mysterious quest by Nella's Aunt Whinnie to unlock a knightly surprise. When Nella and her friends all get new knightly tools, Blaine is worried that his isn't as good as the others.

Winning Friends/Willow Gets to the Root of It

S2 E11
Sep 07, 2019
Nella meets her match at Castlehaven's Friendship Games, when a new friend becomes determined to win at any cost. When Nella's clubhouse tree loses its luster, Nella and her friends must get to the root of the problem.

Freezing Out the Fleagles/The Big Concert

S2 E12
Dec 07, 2019
Nella must save Castlehaven from a surprise blizzard before it freezes her entire kingdom. When Nella's music idol comes to town to give a concert, there aren't enough tickets for everyone.

The Tooth Fairy Tale/Tough Break for Garrett

S2 E13
Sep 21, 2019
When the Tooth Fairy doesn't arrive in Castlehaven, Nella investigates her mysterious disappearance. With his arm in a cast, Garrett must find a new way to be a hero on an urgent knightly quest.

Bouncy Babies and Springy Kings/Rock-A-Bye-Baby

S2 E14
Oct 05, 2019
Nella and Trinket's perfect tea party goes wrong when they accidentally use boingy-berries in their muffins. When Nella and Riley are asked to rock-sit, they don't realize the importance of their mission.

A Chompling Sleepover/Knights Making News

S2 E15
Nov 09, 2019
When Nella invites a group of lost Chomplings to a knightly sleepover, Blaine thinks they're cramping his style... until he realizes they've lost their home. Nella must rescue Blaine when his tall-tales get him in big trouble.

Cheeks the Showstopper/Dwayning Day

S2 E16
Nov 23, 2019
Riley secretly enlists the help of a music loving dragon to play a duet with Nella at a big recital. Dwayne is nervous about going on his first quest as Blaine's steed.

Cici Saves the Day/Big Little Rides

S2 E17
Dec 28, 2019
Nella helps Cici learn how to stand up and stand out when Tricksy tries to steal a sparkly trophy. Worried that he won't fit in, a giant ogre shrinks himself using a magical wishing wagon.

Piece of Cake/A Tale of Two Nellas

S2 E18
Oct 19, 2019
Nella journeys to Riley's kingdom in search of a special glowfruit for King Dad's surprise birthday cake. When Gork dresses as Nella for a costume party, a tricky villain mistakes him for the real princess knight.

The Queen's Court/Picture Perfect

S2 E19
Oct 31, 2019
Nella helps her family get to an important sports tournament and proves she's ready for big things along the way. Nella invites Riley on a tour of Castlehaven, but Riley becomes more interested in winning a photo contest instead.

The Great Sparkle Quest/Twinkle Twinkle Family Vacation

S2 E20
Oct 31, 2019
When Castlehaven loses its sparkle, Nella and the Knights of the Sparkly Table face their toughest challenge ever. Nella's family vacation to Lake Twinkle is jeopardized when a tricky villain makes off with the source of its twinkle.