Season 1

Episode Guide

Sir Clod/Up All Knight

S1 E1
Feb 05, 2017
When Clod loses his invitation to the Royal Cafe Breakfast Buffet, Nella dubs him "Sir Clod The Finder."

Princess Nella's Orc-hestra/The Blaine Game

S1 E2
Feb 07, 2017
When an orc ruins Nella's rehearsals for the Royal Music Festival, things look bad - until Nella realizes Gork the Orc just wants to join in the singing.

New Kid in the Kingdom/Big Birthday Surprise

S1 E3
Feb 09, 2017
A new girl moves to the kingdom - with a big secret to hide.

That's What Best Friends Are For/In Hot Watermelon

S1 E4
Feb 13, 2017
On the day of the "Best Friends" parade, Trinket gets sick but refuses to pull out of the float making.

The Dragon Bully/Royaliscious Plumberry

S1 E5
Feb 15, 2017
A dragon bully causes problems in the kingdom.

The Sparkle Fest Showdown/The Sparkle Splash Friends Day

S1 E6
Mar 02, 2017
Trinket gets competitive when she and Clod face off in a special contest.

Sir Coach's Knightly Trading Card/A Knight's Tale

S1 E7
Mar 16, 2017
When Nella and Garrett accidentally ruin Sir Coach's favorite trading card, they go on a quest to make him a new one.

Three's a Crowd/More Than Meets the Eye

S1 E8
Mar 30, 2017
Trinket gets jealous when Nella spends time with Minatori at the mall.

The Flutter Blunder/A Striking Surprise

S1 E9
May 04, 2017
Nella's messenger falcon accidentally delivers some confusing invitations for Clod's birthday party.

No Gown, No Crown, No Party/Clod Monet

S1 E10
May 18, 2017
Olivia convinces Minatori that she must kiss a frog to attend a fancy tea party.

Royally Awesome Beach Day/Stop Dragon Me Around

S1 E11
Jun 08, 2017
Sea Dragons threaten to spoil Castlehaven's Beach Day.

The Share Faire/Hooves Got Talent?

S1 E12
Jun 15, 2017
Blaine becomes jealous of Nella at their school's craft fair. After entering a talent show, Clod is embarrassed to discover that he doesn't have the same talent as all the other horses.

Knighty Knight Dragons/Inside and Seek

S1 E13
Jun 22, 2017
Nella's wild friend Minatori wants to play hide and seek, but she is unwilling to follow Nella's House Rules.

Of Critters and Dragons/Carriages, Carts and Giantmobiles

S1 E14
Jun 29, 2017
Nella brings some wild critters for show-and-tell, but things get out of control.Two rock giant brothers have a disagreement, leaving Nella's family carriage stranded on top of their bridge.

Nella vs. The Wicked Wizard

S1 E15
Aug 10, 2017
Nella bravely journeys to track down a wicked wizard, who has taken all of the kingdom's fancy things. But she has to rely on her own inner courage after he takes her knightly heart pendant too!

Princess Nella's Perfect Family Picture/Giant Trouble

S1 E16
Sep 14, 2017
Trinket is desperate to keep things perfect for Royal Family Picture Day. Nella and Norma's "Best Sisters" playdate is interrupted by two arguing rock giant brothers.

Dueling Sleepovers/The Great Doodle Star

S1 E17
Oct 05, 2017
Nella and Trinket accidently agree to attend both Garrett and Minatori's sleepovers on the same night. Garrett and Blaine disobey the rules and sneak out at night to see a fantastical star.

The Halloween Hippogriff/King Gork the First

S1 E18
Oct 12, 2017
Blaine sets out to give everyone a fright at Nella's big Halloween party.Gork has a little too much fun when he's declared King for the Day.

Trink On The Rink/The Brave Dragon

S1 E19
Oct 19, 2017
Trinket is hesitant to enter the Castlehaven Rollerfest until she discovers a pair of "magical" roller skates.Blaine gets jealous when Garrett is cast as the part he wants in the big school play.

Sir Coach's Quest/The Dragon Knight

S1 E20
Oct 26, 2017
When Sir Coach embarks on a dangerous quest, Nella tags along and realizes she still has a lot to learn.Nella helps Smelgly the dragon fulfill her dream of joining the Knight Brigade.

Flutter 2.0/Triple Play

S1 E21
Nov 02, 2017
Flutter gets jealous when Nella asks Flapper to deliver her mail.

The Fanciest of Them All/Practice Makes Progress

S1 E22
Nov 16, 2017
Blaine's fancy cousin Olivia visits and questions Nella's ability to be both a princess and a knight.When Nella loses a knightly contest, she's determined to improve by practicing.

The Knight Before Christmas

S1 E23
Dec 21, 2017
It's Christmas Eve in Castlehaven, and Santa visits the kingdom. But when naughty snow dragons take his sack of presents, it's up to Nella and her friends to go on a quest to save the holidays!

Let It Snow/Go Dragondaisies! Go!

S1 E24
Feb 12, 2018
Nella searches for a magical crystal to make it snow for their annual "Snow Festival."Nella and her friends must play as a team to win the Castlehaven gobletball tournament.

Sir Blaine's Quest for Badges/Trinket's Big Break

S1 E25
Feb 14, 2018
While camping with the Knight Trekkers, Blaine goes to extreme lengths to earn his first badge.Nella finally brings two arguing groups of dragons together, but Trinket accidentally reignites their rivalry.

Surf's Down/One Giant Journey

S1 E26
Feb 19, 2018
A selfish giant takes all of the kingdom's water for himself. When Nella and the gang run out of lemons for their lemonade stand, they embark on a journey of epic proportions to find more.

Nella's Amazing Adventure/Castlehaven Wrap Battle

S1 E27
Feb 21, 2018
Nella and her friends get lost in Minatori's maze. Miscommunication between Nella and Garrett causes their invention at the Royal Science Expo to go wrong.

The Day The Music Stopped/The Clod Couple

S1 E28
Apr 09, 2018
When Badalf the wicked wizard takes Nella and Olivia's musical instruments, they have to work together to get them back! Clod moves in with Trinket while his stable undergoes roof repairs.

Tricks of The Trade/The Taste Race

S1 E29
Feb 22, 2018
When the wicked wizard steals Garrett's knightly trading cards before the big trading convention, Nella is determined to get them back. Nella and Trinket compete to make the best ice cream flavor in Castlehaven.

A Very Clothes Call/Dragon Taggin'

S1 E30
Apr 13, 2018
Nella and the gang must avoid getting their clothes dirty before a fancy party, but it proves harder than it sounds. Nella accompanies Snowpuff the dragon on a quest to find a legendary wishing well.

Queen Mom's Day/Dragon Playdate Disaster

S1 E31
May 12, 2018
Nella goes on a quest for Bling Berries in the Murkberry Mines, so she can make her mom's favorite pancakes for breakfast!Nella and Blaine must find three baby dragons when they go missing from a play-date.

The Duke of Sparkleburg/A Royal Cliffhanger

S1 E32
Jun 23, 2018
Nella and her friends are invited to a party in the mysterious kingdom of Sparkleburg, but no one knows where it is! When Blaine finds himself in peril on a class climbing trip, it's up to Nella to help him!

Quest in The Castle/Cute Critter Watching

S1 E33
Jun 30, 2018
When bad weather ruins their plans, Nella and her friends go on a quest inside the castle. During a cute critter watching trip, Olivia causes big problems by feeding a Chompling lunch.

The Unicorn of the Lake/Trinket's Toy Trouble

S1 E34
Jul 07, 2018
After Trinket's horn is bent in an accident, Nella helps her find a wise unicorn to fix it. Nella and Trinket go on a quest to retrieve Trinket's childhood toy when she accidentally gives it away.

Nella Ever After/One Two Switcheroo!

S1 E35
Jul 14, 2018
Nella and her friends discover a kingdom in the clouds. When Trinket and Olivia are turned into icky lizards, Nella and her friends must find the antidote.

The Bravie Awards/The Museum of Knightly Magic

S1 E36
Jul 21, 2018
Nella, Garrett, and Blaine compete for an annual bravery award, with chaotic consequences.

Frozen Trinket/Anything For A Friend

S1 E37
Oct 28, 2018
When Trinket is mysteriously "frozen" at the Castlehaven Carnival, everyone blames Badalf.

A Princess Knight Never Gives Up/Joust About Time

S1 E38
Oct 29, 2018
When Nella's sword gets an amazing upgrade, she finds it difficult to master its new power. It's the Castlehaven Jousting Tournament. and everyone wants to win!

Knight Riders/The Knight Who Cried Seamonster

S1 E39
Oct 30, 2018
Nella and her friends take part in an action-packed go-kart race!

The Courage Carriage/Castlehaven Rescue Club

S1 E40
Nov 01, 2018
After a display of true courage, Trinket receives a sparkling new carriage from the Unicorn of the Lake.