Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Pig Bang

S1 E1
Jul 24, 2013
In 2006, a series of explosive fires ravaged pig farms across the U.S. and Canada, leaving a wake of destruction and death. No one could figure out the cause, but there was a pattern: all of the barns were new and all of them were enormous. There was also a recurring clue: a peculiar and mysterious foam rising from the barns' manure pits prior to the fires. So, was the goo responsible for this outbreak of infernos? Fire investigators, scientists, and a waste management specialist join forces to get to the bottom of this perplexing puzzle.

Lions vs. Giraffes

S1 E2
Jul 31, 2013
An African lion's diet is generally less than 1% giraffe, and yet, in Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, the number has jumped to a staggering 50% almost overnight. Why? Join Wildlife Research Director Dennis Ikanda and a team of lion experts as they investigate why these East African prides are suddenly risking death to attack an animal six times their own size. They need to uncover the reasons, and fast. With African giraffe populations plummeting by a third in just a decade, the future of one of nature's gentle giants is in grave danger.

Shark Gangsters

S1 E3
Aug 07, 2013
A mysterious pack of blacktip sharks has arrived off the eastern coast of South Africa, taking charge of the reef and antagonizing local fisherman. Shark scientists are stunned. Normally sharks are loners, but it seems that this group may be organized. What's behind this unprecedented behavior and what brought the gang to these waters? Take the plunge with dive boat operator Mark Addison as he swims with sharks, tries to study their pack mentality, and makes discoveries that could inspire a new realm of shark research.

Elephant Murder Mystery

S1 E4
Aug 14, 2013
Game wardens at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in South India are horror-stricken when they discover dead female elephants littering the once peaceful 350-square-mile block of land. The cause of death isn't clear: one has a mutilated trunk, two have head injuries, and one has a shattered jaw. Local conservationists are forced to become investigators, but they are running out of possible explanations for these mystifying deaths. Can they track down who or what is killing these gentle giants?