Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Amazing Head Adaptations

S1 E1
Nov 16, 2015
It might look odd, but the vulture's bald head comes in handy when it's sticking its beak into rotting carcasses.

Human Influence

S1 E2
Nov 17, 2015
From the humble horse to man's best friend, people have played a critical role in the evolution of many other species.

Internal Adaptations

S1 E3
Nov 18, 2015
Find out why clownfish change genders, male seahorses have the babies, and female cheetahs cheat.

Incredible Eye Adaptations

S1 E4
Nov 19, 2015
Penguins, zebras, tree frogs, and creatures with eye spots have all evolved incredible ways to see and be seen.

Animal Social Lives

S1 E5
Nov 20, 2015
From networking ants and buzzing beehives to militaristic meerkats, these creatures find strength in numbers.

Ancient Species

S1 E6
Nov 22, 2015
Nature's evolutionary masters prove that the older a species, the better it is at adapting to change.