Season 2

Episode Guide

Parker Gets Rich/Ultimate Fighting Cloud

S2 E1
Aug 2, 2022
After winning a raffle, Parker comes into a large sum of money, which Angus warns will come at a cost. The Middlemost Post discover a secret backyard wrestling league that challenges both their skills and egos.

Parker Gets the Bird/Anchor Shackleton

S2 E2
Aug 3, 2022
Parker tends to a small strawberry garden until its survival is threatened by a horde of ravenous birds. Parker discovers Angus can't swim, but with the little nimbus' help, the sailor's on his way to becoming a buoy.

Side Hustle/Burt Speaks

S2 E3
Aug 4, 2022
Parker picks up a bunch of side hustles in order to afford the perfect gift for Angus. Parker believes Burt can speak via popping bubble wrap, and pretty soon, the whole mountain seeks Burt's wisdom.

Unhappy Campers/Leprechauns 2

S2 E4
Aug 8, 2022
Never having made it to dark, the Middlemost Post decide their latest camping trip will finally be the one. Bud and Buddy return to the mountain, claiming they're reformed leprechauns no longer seeking Parker's gold.

Sporty Parker/Hammy Time

S2 E5
Aug 9, 2022
Parker makes the Yellow Springs soccer team, which thrills Angus since he never had the chance to play growing up. Parker brings home a hamster the Middlemost Post falls in love with, but this love quickly turns to jealousy.

Mayor Ariel

S2 E6
Aug 10, 2022
As Mayor Peeve announces his re-election campaign, Ariel returns to the mountain and runs against him for mayor.

Hawk Man/Jammy Good!

S2 E7
Aug 11, 2022
Parker meets Mt. Middlemost's resident daredevil, who hung up his "cape" after an extreme jump went wrong. Ms. Pam creates a sentient jar of jam who wins the hearts and minds of all who dine at the Middlemost Toast. Guest star: Tony Hawk as Hawk Man

The Box Smusher/Tie Dye Eye

S2 E8
Aug 15, 2022
When multiple packages are found smushed, the Middlemost Post must discover the truth and clear their name. Parker wakes up one morning with Tie-Dye Eye, and pretty soon, so does the entire mountain.

The Gift of the Mech Suit/Worst Curse Scenario

S2 E9
Aug 16, 2022
On Lily's birthday, Parker gifts her a homemade cardboard suit, but it can't measure up to her mech suit. The Middlemost Post receives a mysterious trinket in the mail, which they come to believe brings bad luck.

Summer Santa/Closed for Cocooning

S2 E10
Aug 18, 2022
When Santa shows up for summer vacation, Angus is conveniently injured and needs Santa to deliver the mail. Parker wants to help Lily's sisters plan her "Wing Ding," but it's clear the little nimbus doesn't quite fit in.

To Narwhal, With Love/Fear and Loathing in Yellow Springs

S2 E11
Aug 23, 2022
Russell's newly budding romance is threatened by an overprotective Blubergian. After getting stranded in the Yellow Springs desert, Parker and Lily's friendship is put to the test.

Pam & Jelly/Inside Angus

S2 E12
Aug 25, 2022
After Jelly goes missing, Parker and Lily volunteer to help Ms. Pam find her. After accidentally swallowing an irreplaceable Shackleton family stamp, Parker goes inside Angus to retrieve it.

More Scary Stories to Tell Your Cloud

S2 E13
Oct 21, 2022
It's Halloween night once again as the Middlemost Post share scary stories with the help of a few friends.