Season 3

Episode Guide

Four Dreams

S3 E1
Nov 16, 2006
Allison's former lover takes up residence in the Dubois house after his death.

Four Dreams

S3 E2
Nov 16, 2006
Allison's former lover takes up residence in the Dubois house after his death.

Be Kind, Rewind

S3 E3
Nov 23, 2006
Allison relives the same horrific day over and over in her dreams.

Blood Relation

S3 E4
Nov 30, 2006
Allison fears the spirit of a nemesis may be inhabiting the living for evil.

Ghost in the Machine

S3 E5
Dec 7, 2006
Allison sees images linked to a murder that might or might not have happened.

Profiles in Terror

S3 E6
Dec 14, 2006
Allison's visions contradict the findings of an FBI profiler.

Mother's Little Helper

S3 E7
Jan 3, 2007
Allison and Ariel find the bodies of a dress-shop owner and her daughter.

The Whole Truth

S3 E8
Jan 18, 2007
Allison experiences puzzling visions of a boy trapped in a well.

Better Off Dead

S3 E9
Jan 25, 2007
Allison's latest visions reveal an odd relationship between two ghosts.

Very Merry Maggie

S3 E10
Feb 1, 2007
A young boy's doll, who seems to have urged him to kill, spooks Allison; Joe's health concerns him.

Apocalypse, Push

S3 E11
Feb 8, 2007
A skeptical Texas ranger experiences dreams of a shocking murder in Phoenix.

The One Behind the Wheel

S3 E12
Feb 15, 2007
Waking from a dream, Allison believes she is a different person.

Second Opinion

S3 E13
Feb 22, 2007
Allison faces the question of what to do if her daughter were going to die.

We Had a Dream

S3 E14
Mar 1, 2007
A psychic serial-killer, whom Allison helped to catch, escapes from prison with revenge on his mind.

The Boy Next Door

S3 E15
Mar 8, 2007
Allison wakes up as her teenage self, struggling with her ability.

Whatever Possessed You

S3 E16
Mar 29, 2007
Allison dreams about a young woman who appears to be possessed.

Joe Day Afternoon

S3 E17
Apr 5, 2007
A disgruntled co-worker forces Joe and his officemates into a dangerous hostage situation.


S3 E18
Apr 12, 2007
Michael's work as a telephone psychic leads him to visit a murder victim's widow.

No One to Watch Over Me

S3 E19
Apr 26, 2007
Allison's confusing dreams lead to the discovery of a young woman's body.

Head Games

S3 E20
May 3, 2007
Allison helps Devalos convince the jury of a suspect's guilt in his wife's murder.

Heads Will Roll

S3 E21
May 10, 2007
The investigation into the death of Walter Paxton's wife continues.

Everything Comes to a Head

S3 E22
May 17, 2007
Allison's life turns upside down when her powers are revealed.