Season 7

Episode Guide

Max's Sleepover/Slugger Max

S7 E1
Sep 12, 2018
Max hosts a sleepover for Winston and a reluctant Morris, while Ruby and Louise have a popcorn makeover party.

Max's Fort/Ruby's Party Dress

S7 E2
Nov 11, 2018
Max and Winston pretend to be knights and play in the fort that Dad has built for them.

The Frog and the Fly/Bye Bye Max's Lobster

S7 E3
Nov 15, 2018
Ruby and Louise are preparing for their school presentation, while Max and Morris make music with their shoebox guitar and kazoo.

Ruby's Rocking Bunnies/Max's Jump Shot

S7 E4
Nov 13, 2018
Max plays follow the leader, and the girls form Ruby's Rocking Bunnies!

Max's Parachute/The Class Pet

S7 E5
Jan 30, 2019
Max plays with his sky chicken toy, while Ruby is the playground helper.

Ruby's Knot/Soccer Star Max

S7 E6
Jan 28, 2019
While sailing with Grandma, Ruby learns to tie knots and Max practices fishing.

Ruby's Book Reading/Max and the Space Alien

S7 E7
Nov 12, 2018
While Ruby attends a book reading, Max pretends he's Super Bunny.

Max and Ruby's Bunnyhop Parade

S7 E8
Nov 14, 2018
Ruby prepares for the Bunnyhop Parade, while Max searches for treasure.

The Bunny Gnome/Max's Movie Magic

S7 E9
Apr 20, 2019
Max and Morris camp out with Ruby, hoping to see the fabled Bunny Gnome.

Robo-Max/Let it Snow

S7 E10
Apr 20, 2019
Max plays robot while Ruby and Grandma put on a fancy ice cream party.

Max's Hug/Super Spy Max

S7 E11
Apr 20, 2019
Max refuses to give Ruby a hug, while Ruby prepares for school picture day.

Max's Big Race/Max's S'mores

S7 E12
Apr 20, 2019
Max and Morris distract Ruby while she's baking cookies.

Max and Ruby's Father's Day/Ruby's Hockey Practice

S7 E13
Jun 15, 2019
Max and Ruby want to do something special for Dad for Father's Day! Ruby and Louise want to practice their hockey skills, while Max and Winston play ice pirates.

Ruby's Apples/Ruby's Story Time

S7 E14
Oct 04, 2019
Ruby picks apples, while Max is determined to make a big leaf pile. Ruby tries to decide on a talent for the talent show, while Max wants her to read him a story.

Ruby's Tea Party Surprise/Max's Bump in the Night

S7 E15
Oct 18, 2019
Ruby throws a tea party for Max and Lily, but Max would rather make mudpies. A sleepover at Grandma's house has Max and Ruby hearing a 'bump in the night.'

One of a Kind Ruby/Ruby's To Do List

S7 E16
Dec 06, 2019
Ruby and Louise enter a snow sculpture contest, while Max and Morris make a big snowball! While Ruby has a list of things to do, Max just wants to have a fun day.

Happy Baby Huffington/Ruby's Cupcakes

S7 E17
Dec 27, 2019
Ruby helps Mom babysit Baby Huffington, while Max forms a one-bunny band. Ruby decorates cupcakes, while Max has Lily over to play in puddles.

Ruby's Puzzle/Ruby's Egg Hunt

S7 E18
Mar 29, 2020
Ruby works on a puzzle, while Max plans a scavenger hunt for his friends. Ruby enlists Max's help to find the most eggs in a Bunny Scout Egg Hunt.

Mover Max/Ruby's Circus

S7 E19
Mar 30, 2020
Ruby and Louise work on their science project, while Max and Morris tidy up toys. Ruby and her friends put on a backyard circus, while Max tries to teeter-totter.

Ruby's Rock/Max's Backyard Safari

S7 E20
Mar 31, 2020
Ruby and her friends take Max to the Museum. Max puts on a backyard safari for his friends, while Ruby draws for a Bunny Scout badge.

Ruby's Yoga Twist/Ruby's Cafe

S7 E21
Apr 01, 2020
Ruby and Louise practice yoga, while Max plays 'tunnel tag' with his friends. Ruby creates her own café, while Max plays with his toy bug collection.

Ruby's Tidy Town/Max the Dragon Tamer

S7 E22
Apr 02, 2020
Ruby and Valerie tidy up the park, while Max and Morris pretend to be robots. Ruby, Louise, and Valerie host a bake sale at the beach, while Max flies his dragon kite.

Max and Ruby and the New Baby

S7 E23
Apr 05, 2020
Ruby is excited to name the new baby, while Max worries how the new baby will change things.

Max's Crew/Super Helpful Max

S7 E24
Apr 06, 2020
Ruby tries to surprise Mom on her birthday, while Max enlists his siblings in his imaginary play. Ruby and Grandma seek to enter the twins' photo in a contest, while Max plays Super Bunny!

The Twin's Puppet Show/Max and Ruby's Switch

S7 E25
Apr 07, 2020
Ruby and Valerie attempt to put on a puppet show for the twins, while Max plays with his train. Ruby and Max each babysit a twin, while Dad is busy cleaning out the shed.

Sea Monster Max/Max's Bunny Scout Badge

S7 E26
Apr 08, 2020
Ruby wants to create the perfect 'first swim' for the twins, while Max wants to play Sea Monster. Ruby and Louise try to earn their Junior Teacher's badge, while Max plays with his airplanes.