Season 2

Episode Guide

Max's Work of Art/Max Meets Morris/Ruby's Scavenger Hunt

S2 E1
Aug 30, 2004
Ruby and Louise are painting pictures for the Bunny Scout Art Exhibit - and they use Max as a model. But Max doesn't want to model - he wants to paint!

Ruby's Hiccups/The Big Picture/Ruby's Stage Show

S2 E2
Aug 31, 2004
Max wants Ruby to help him find his monster mask, but Ruby has a bad case of the hiccups. She and Louise try all kinds of remedies, but in the end, it's Max who scares her hiccups away.

Max's Froggy Friend/Max's Music/Max Gets Wet

S2 E3
Sep 1, 2004
Max makes friends with a frog in the creek and wants to take it home with him. But Ruby is planning a tea party for Grandma and that's no place for a froggy.

Ruby's Tea Party/Max Is It/Ruby's Science Project

S2 E4
Sep 2, 2004
Ruby wants to have a tea party for her dollies, but Max wants to play pirate. When it looks like Ruby's lost the ruby necklace she was going to wear for the tea party, only Pirate Max can help her out.

Ruby's Panda Prize/Ruby's Rollerskates/Ghost Bunny

S2 E5
Sep 3, 2004
Ruby wants to win a plush giant panda at the annual fair. Max wants jellyballs. By the time their money's run out, Ruby gets her panda, but not the way she expected.

Max's Bug Salad/Ruby's Beach Party/Super Max To The Rescue

S2 E6
Sep 6, 2004
Grandma is having a tea party and Ruby wants to make something special for Grandma's friends. Max wants to play with bugs. Grandma helps Ruby make a gelatin salad, and Max helps Ruby find a "special ingredient".

Max's Dragon Shirt/Max's Rabbit Racer/Roger's Choice

S2 E7
Sep 7, 2004
At the Department Store, Max wants a Dragon Shirt but Ruby only has five dollars to buy him a brand new pair of overalls. While a pretty dress distracts Ruby, Max finds his Dragon Shirt.

Ruby's Pajama Party/Baby Max/Bunny Scout Brownies

S2 E8
Sep 8, 2004
Ruby invites Louise and Valerie for a pajama party. Max wants to crash the party. Especially when he sees the snacks. Ruby and Louise decide it would be fun to pretend they have a baby.

Max's Shadow/Max Remembers/Ruby's Candy Store

S2 E9
Sep 9, 2004
Max is enjoying playing with his shadow in the backyard ... until a cloud comes and it disappears.

Max's Check Up/Max's Prize/Space Max

S2 E10
Sep 10, 2004
Ruby and Louise decide to play Doctor's Office. All they need is a patient. But Max wants to play with his markers.

Ruby's Figure Eight/Ruby's Surprise Party/Ruby's Tent

S2 E11
Sep 13, 2004
Ruby is determined to skate a figure eight. Max, who barely knows how to skate, is equally determined to play hockey with Roger and the big bunnies.

Ruby Writes a Story/Max's Dominoes/Grandma's Attic

S2 E12
Sep 14, 2004
Ruby needs absolute quiet while she tries to write a story. But Max wants to play cowboy. Eventually he helps Ruby come up with the perfect idea for her story.

Max's Thanksgiving/Max's Pretend Friend/Fireman Max

S2 E13
Nov 25, 2004
Ruby and Max are at Grandma's to help with Thanksgiving dinner. Ruby is thrilled to help decorate, but Max just wants to sample Grandma's famous stuffing.