Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Chasing Freedom

S1 E1
May 19, 2021
Vwaza Wildlife Reserve in northern Malawi spans 400 square miles, but an international boundary in Zambia makes it an easy target for poachers. Wildlife vet Dr. Amanda Salb takes to the skies, on the hunt for elephants trapped in snares or in distress. Meanwhile, nearly 300 miles south at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, there's drama in orphan care as a rescued baby baboon meets his new foster mom. And 18 months after being rescued from being illegally sold as a pet, a rehabilitated antelope gets a first chance at freedom.

Monkey Madness

S1 E2
May 26, 2021
The goal of the Malawi Wildlife Rescue Centre is to save and rehabilitate creatures in need and then get them back into the wild where they belong. But what happens when one of them tries to leave too soon? See how Dr. Amanda Salb and her team react to a baboon that has escaped her enclosure. Then follow their other animal adventures, including an orphaned vervet monkey and his new foster mom, a female cheetah in need of a radio collar (if they can catch her), and a 12-foot African rock python in need of a medical check-up.

The Great Escape

S1 E3
Jun 02, 2021
There's plenty of excitement at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre as the team, led by American vet Dr. Amanda Salb, prepares to release two of their long-term residents: a pair of servals named Savannah and Bolt. Unfortunately, Bolt lives up to his name and escapes his enclosure, putting the whole mission in jeopardy. Things go much better for a giant eagle owl, who's ready to fly to freedom after several months of intensive rehabilitation. Meanwhile, in Orphan Care, the team races to save a baby vervet monkey and find a foster mom to take him in.

Big Buck Chase

S1 E4
Jun 09, 2021
In the heart of Malawi's capital city, the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre rescues up to a hundred animals every year. Some are victims of poachers and the illegal pet trade, while others need saving from other creatures of wild Africa. In this episode, Dr. Amanda Salb attempts to treat a waterbuck caught by a poacher's snare but struggles to find the animal once it has been darted. Back at the center, Head of Animal Care Alma Van Dorenmalen needs to get inventive to help her favorite resident, Usiku, a spotted hyena, ward off a swarm of biting flies.

Creatures Great and Small

S1 E5
Jun 16, 2021
For Malawi's only wildlife rescue team, the challenges--and the creatures--come great and small. Issues with bull elephants destroying local farms sends release manager Mandy Harwood to Vwaza Marsh but her efforts to reduce this human-wildlife conflict prove to be difficult...and dangerous. Back at Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, a fight breaks out when Head of Animal Care Alma Van Dorenmalen introduces a baboon to her new troop. And things are no easier for Dr. Widdowson, when a badly injured monkey puts her surgical skills to the test.

Catch Me If You Can

S1 E6
Jun 23, 2021
For the Malawi wildlife rescue team, catching animals safely, whether in an enclosure or in the wild, is a big part of the job, but for American vet Dr. Amanda Salb, her attempt to catch an injured hyena turns into an all-night game of cat and mouse. And while her search in the Vwaza Marsh plays out, Head of Animal Care Alma Van Dorenmalen prepares for the year's biggest release: a troop of 13 vervets. However, when departure day arrives, the fate of one injured monkey still hangs in the balance.