Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Overnight and Sexiled on the Main Quad

S1 E1
Feb 7, 2018
Teen gymnast Gelina Yachnovic is met with some new obstacles but her worries lessen thanks to the aid of Gabriel. Later, Romance and revenge ensue when Erica and Raj meet in their dorm's common area after being exiled by their terrible roommates.

Christmas Dumplings and Hit

S1 E2
Feb 7, 2018
When Christine's car won't start on Christmas Eve, she is forced to ask her crush/co-worker Sam for a lift. Later, a rivalry turned romance, two hockey players from opposing teams confide in each other.

The Truth about Dating and Soulmate Psychic

S1 E3
Feb 7, 2018
An honesty spell is cast on Duncan and Gwen during their first date, its magical power inspires a night like none other. Later, a spontaneous visit to a psychic causes Ben and Nicole to second guess if they're meant to be together.

The Ballerina and Paul's Broken Heart

S1 E4
Feb 7, 2018
After a heart-wrenching breakup, Cammie escapes to a party where she meets Ethan who attempts to cheer her up with a story. Later, Paul's girlfriend breaks up with him on the last day of high school, he finds himself heartbroken in more ways than one.

Love and Cheese and Gift From My Ex

S1 E5
Feb 7, 2018
When Zack discovers his crush, Dylan, works at his neighborhood cheese shop, he denounces his veganism and finds the courage to ask him out. Later, Aaron wishes to keep a gift from an ex, his girlfriend insists he do what it takes to receive closure.

Superstorm Sophie and Still Life

S1 E6
Feb 7, 2018
When a severe snowstorm keeps Sophie's parents from joining her on Thanksgiving, the day is made worse by the unwelcome company of her ex-fling, Jack. Later, Ana thinks her relationship might have hit a permanent rut, as she discovers Colby has a secret.

Group and The Last First Kiss

S1 E7
Feb 14, 2019
Two teenagers with opposing anxiety disorders start an unlikely romance in group therapy. Later, two high school sweethearts share one last kiss before breaking up, which unexpectedly sends them back in time to their very first kiss.