Season 5

Episode Guide


S5 E1
Sep 10, 2020
Lincoln tries to swap middle school classes after being separated from the gang, but ends up being transferred to Canada. Lori doesn't fit in on any of the college dorm floors. Mom and Dad rush to potty train Lily for preschool.

The Boss Maybe/Family Bonding

S5 E2
Sep 17, 2020
Now the oldest in the house, Leni struggles to follow in Lori's footsteps as the family's babysitter. Secret agents Lincoln and Clyde investigate the Loud's suspicious new neighbors.

Strife of the Party/Kernel of Truth

S5 E3
Sep 24, 2020
When Lola learns that Lana is planning their joint birthday, she does everything to stop it. Lincoln and the Middle School Action News Team solve the mystery of the missing popcorn.


S5 E4
Oct 08, 2020
With the help of Lincoln and Clyde, Lori banishes a ghost she believes is haunting her. But, when Fairway's golf team starts to struggle, Lori realizes she has to bring it back to turn the team's luck around.

Blinded By Science/Band Together

S5 E5
Oct 15, 2020
After searching for her next big scientific breakthrough, Lisa discovers Flip is a marvel of modern science. Luna has to decide between playing in a band with her friends or with playing with professionals.

Season's Cheatings/A Flipmas Carol

S5 E6
Dec 04, 2020
Lincoln tries to game the family gift swap and ends up learning a valuable lesson. A Scrooge-like Flip is visited by three ghosts in this take on "A Christmas Carol."

Cow Pie Kid/Saved by the Spell

S5 E7
Jan 21, 2021
Lynn pushes Liam to his limits when he becomes the star pitcher for the middle school baseball team. Lincoln's friends try to stop him from performing a magic act at the middle school talent show.

No Bus No Fuss/Resident Upheaval

S5 E8
Jan 28, 2021
Lincoln and his friends try to find another way to school after a run in with the 8th grade bullies on the bus. Lincoln and Clyde are at odds when they discover there's only room for one of their grandmas at Sunset Canyon. Guest Star: Loretta Devi