Season 4

Episode Guide

Friended! with the Casagrandes

S4 E1
May 26, 2019
Ronnie Anne makes friends with Sid, a girl whose family wants to rent the apartment upstairs. When it looks like another couple might get it first, the girls resort to sabotage to try and dissuade them.

Roll Model with the Casagrandes/No Show with the Casagrandes

S4 E2
Jun 13, 2019
When Carl witnesses Ronnie Anne save a dog, he becomes obsessed with being just like his newfound hero. Ronnie Anne secretly starts watching her family's favorite telenovela after refusing to watch it with them.

Power Play with the Casagrandes/Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes

S4 E3
Jun 13, 2019
When a high utility bill threatens Hector and Rosa's annual trip, Ronnie Anne spearheads an effort to lower usage. Desperate for their own space, Ronnie Anne and Sid find a hidden room and try to keep it from the other tenants.

Face the Music with the Casagrandes/Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes

S4 E4
Jun 18, 2019
When Ronnie Anne discovers that each family member will perform at Hector's birthday, she turns to Sid for help. Ronnie Anne's attempts to bond with her cool older cousin Carlota lead to a prank war against the boy cousins.

Store Wars with the Casagrandes/Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes

S4 E5
Jun 20, 2019
When a fancy grocery store opens on the block, Bobby rallies the family to do everything they can to compete. Ronnie Anne fakes being sick to watch a Lucha Libre match, which proves to be more difficult than anticipated.

Washed Up/Recipe for Disaster

S4 E6
Jul 17, 2019
The Louds rent a boat for a relaxing day trip on the lake, but the family ends up marooned on a desert island. Lincoln and Clyde (as Ace and Jack) investigate when they discover a frozen food company using Dad's recipes

Present Tense/Any Given Sundae

S4 E7
Jul 18, 2019
Convinced that their scrapbook isn't good enough for Dad's birthday, the Loud kids seek out the perfect gift. Lily hears the parents mention ice cream if the kids are good, so she uses baby smarts to avert sibling disasters.

A Grave Mistake/Leader of the Rack

S4 E8
Sep 01, 2019
Lucy faces off against her friend Haiku to become the new president of the Young Morticians' Club at school. Leni is promoted to temporary manager at work, but she worries about remaining good friends with Miguel and Fiona.

Kings of the Con

S4 E9
Oct 13, 2019
Eager to be named Kings of the Con at the Ace Savvy convention, Lincoln and Clyde convince the sisters to go with them as the Full Deck. But the girls get morea ttention, leading the boys to do whatever it takes to gain focus.

Tails of Woe/Last Loud on Earth

S4 E10
Oct 18, 2019
When Stella's music box disappears at school, the gang immediately suspects the Rat Beast, a student urban legend. After a night of zombie movies, Clyde and Lincoln find an empty Loud house and assume it's a zombie apocalypse.

Can't Hardly Wait/A Mutt Above

S4 E11
Oct 25, 2019
Lori takes a waitressing job at Dad's restaurant, butit turns out that serving is harder than she anticipated. Spurred on by a classmate's mocking about Charles, Lana decides to train him to compete in a local dog show.

Love Birds/Rocket Men

S4 E12
Nov 01, 2019
After Walt's failed attempt at romance, Charles, Cliff and Geo try to find their pal a love connection. Lincoln and Clyde beg their parents to let them go to space cadets camp, but it's not as fun as they expected.

Stall Monitor/A Pimple Plan

S4 E13
Nov 08, 2019
Worried that his teacher has bad things to say about him, Lincoln tries to delay his parent-teacher conference. Luan wakes up with a pimple on the day of her first date with Benny, so she turns to the siblings for help.

Good Sports/Geriantics

S4 E14
Nov 15, 2019
Lynn finds an unexpected TV sports watching buddy in the family's next-door neighbor, Mr. Grouse. When Lisa realizes that Pop Pop won't be around forever, she turns to science to ensure his longevity. Guest Stars: Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge

Exchange of Heart/Community Disservice

S4 E15
Jan 24, 2020
To divert the attention of his helicopter dads, Clyde arranges for an exchange student to stay with them. Lola takes a new timid classmate under her wing and gives her a social butterfly transformation.

Deep Cuts/Game Off

S4 E16
Feb 01, 2020
When Luna discovers that the high school music club will be axed due do budget cuts, she leads a protest. Desperate to play Lincoln's trash-themed video game, Lana conspires to distract her brother away from the console.

Singled Out/Brave the Last Dance

S4 E17
Feb 15, 2020
Feeling like a third wheel when her teammates find significant others, Lynn seeks a boyfriend just to fit in. Clyde recruits Lincoln and the gang to find out if a girl he has a crush on at school feels the same about him.

Write and Wrong/Purrfect Gig

S4 E18
May 01, 2020
Mom tries to convince a newspaper editor that her kids are perfect in order to land a parenting advice column job. When the McBrides go out of town, they hire Luna to catsit-but the job becomes more demanding than she imagined.

Sister Act/House Flip

S4 E19
May 16, 2020
To get out of doing things they don't like, Lana and Lola secretly switch places and pretend to be the other. After causing Flip to get hurt, the kids sneak him into the attic to care for him without Mom and Dad knowing.

Don't You Fore-get About Me/Tough Cookies

S4 E20
May 16, 2020
Hit by the realization that her big sister will be going off to college soon, Leni tries to thwart Lori's plans. Lincoln and Clyde start their own cookie-making business, but realize it's a lot more work than they realized.

On Thin Ice/Room and Hoard

S4 E21
Jun 13, 2020
Lynn's extreme sports superstitions cause chaos at a professional hockey match. Unable to part with their childhood toys, the kids try to convince Mom and Dad that they still play with them.

A Star is Scorned/Senior Moment

S4 E22
Jun 13, 2020
When Lola realizes that double the cuteness could help her break into show business, she teams up with Lily. Lori regrets everything she hasn't done in high school, and vows to make up for lost time in her senior year.

Wheel and Deal/Feast or Family

S4 E23
Jun 20, 2020
Lana wants to win a race car ride-along with her hero, so she and Lincoln enter to compete in a soap box derby. When Luan must enroll in a culinary class, Dad uses it to share his passion for cooking with one of his kids.

A Dark and Story Night/Sand Hassles

S4 E24
Jun 20, 2020
When the lights go out in the Loud House, the kids entertain themselves by taking turns telling parts of a story. Lucy and the Morticians' Club try to thwart plans for a school field trip to the beach.

How Double Dare You!/Snoop's On

S4 E25
Jul 22, 2020
The siblings turn to Lisa's genius to help them land a spot on "Double Dare" Guest Star: Marc Summers. After secretly reading Luna's diary, Leni and Lincoln become worried about the exploits their sister writes about.

Friends in Dry Places/Coupe Dreams

S4 E26
Jul 26, 2020
While on a field trip, Lincoln worries that his friend group is splintering. In order to buy her dream car, Lori becomes a local rideshare driver.