Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Kickoff Special

S1 E1
Apr 28, 2007
Kenderick from Arkansas has poor eating habits and a low level of activity and wants to transform his life. April from Pennsylvania wants to be on a sports team like her friends.

Bust a Move

S1 E2
May 26, 2007
Kenderick and April have fully embraced their challenge, following their tips and making healthier choices.

Evaluate and Moderate

S1 E3
Jun 23, 2007
At the halfway point Kenderick heads out to the gridiron while April is in her first volleyball tournament.

Be Wise & Organize

S1 E4
Jul 28, 2007
With only two months to go, April and Kenderick both receive lessons in time management. April learns the importance of sticking to a schedule by working at a nearby farm. Meanwhile, Kenderick learns to break a 15 lb. concrete block with his bare hands!

Take the Lead

S1 E5
Aug 25, 2007
April and Kenderick are both asked to Take the Lead by showing others how healthy food can be prepared in a delicious manner.

Celebrate Yourself

S1 E6
Sep 28, 2007
Six months have passed and April and Kendrick are both taking time to celebrate their new healthy lifestyles - but not before competing in their final challenges!