Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Secret Exhibit - Part 1

S1 E1
Aug 17, 2019
Simon Masrani has tasked his newly hired assistant, Claire Dearing, to deliver a trio of dinosaurs to Jurassic World's new super-secret exhibit! Unfortunately, Owen Grady, the animal behaviorist Claire hired to deliver the dinosaurs, is late.

The Secret Exhibit - Part 2

S1 E2
Aug 24, 2019
From hang gliding with a Pteranodon to a high-speed game of chicken with a T-Rex, Owen and Claire are determined to deliver the dinosaurs to the new exhibit on time. But park worker Danny Nedermeyer has other plans for our duo...and Jurassic World!

Mission: Critical!

S1 E3
Sep 14, 2019
Owen and Claire must rescue a theme-park reviewer from a sabotaged aerialtram... and a salivating T-Rex!


S1 E4
Sep 21, 2019
While stranded in the jungle during a massive storm, Claire and Simon unknowingly stumble upon a clue to the whereabouts of the treasure sought by Sinjin.

Hybrid Horror!

S1 E5
Sep 28, 2019
A terrified hybrid dinosaur rampages through the park, causing chaos and creating cover for Danny and Sinjin as they try to steal the Nedry videotape!


S1 E6
Oct 5, 2019
A young park guest accidentally strands himself in the Pteranodon aviary, requiring Owen and a testy Stygimoloch to stage a daring rescue.

The Power and the Peril!

S1 E7
Oct 12, 2019
Rock star mathematician Ian Malcolm returns to Isla Nublar and helps Claire, Owen and Hudson deal with strange power surges all over Jurassic World.

Spit Take!

S1 E8
Jan 5, 2020
A Dilophosaurus runs loose in the park's hotel, and Owen and Claire must find it before the guests notice... and before Vic's dino-hunting security team can damage the hotel and the guests!

Fish Story!

S1 E9
Jan 12, 2020
Vic and Owen find themselves, along with Sinjin, in the middle of a massive dino-fight in the old Jurassic Park Visitor Center!

Blown Away!

S1 E10
Jan 19, 2020
It's déjà vu for Alan Grant as he returns to Isla Nublar and winds up stranded in the jungle during a dangerous storm with injured Simon and hero-worshipping Owen!

The Haunted and the Hunted!

S1 E11
Jan 26, 2020
Something mysterious lurking the jungle wrecks a construction site, and Hudson is convinced a ghost is responsible... but it might be something even more surprising.

To the Extreme!

S1 E12
Feb 2, 2020
Danny releases an energy drink into the dinosaurs' water supply, making them extra-energetic... and extra dangerous!


S1 E13
Feb 16, 2020
Owen falls prey to the toxin of a poisonous prehistoric jungle flower and believes he's a raptor!

Under the Volcano!

S1 E14
Feb 23, 2020
Danny dons powerful dino-mech armor to dig up Cap'n No-Beard's treasure beneath Mt. Sibo, making him more than a match for our heroes... and a mighty allosaurus that unexpectedly joins the party!

The Monsters and the Mech!

S1 E15
Mar 1, 2020
Hudson desperately recruits powerful help to defeat Danny once and for all... in the form of the T-Rex!

Double Trouble - Part 1

S1 E16
Aug 23, 2020
O.O.P.S.I., the new artificial intelligence running the Park, goes dangerously off the rails, while a thief posing as an intern steals two eggs that contain a new species of dinosaur inside!

Double Trouble - Part 2

S1 E17
Aug 30, 2020
Owen scrambles to shut down O.O.P.S.I. before it can do real damage, while Claire and the others hunt the escaped twin dinosaurs... only to become hunted themselves!