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Season 1

Episode Guide

Friends Forever - Part One

S1 E1
Jan 01, 2016
It's "Adopt-a-Puppy" day and Zoe and Harvey host Olive and her father who have come in search of a new family friend. But the puppy Olive falls for does not turn out to be as courageous and Lassie-like as her father would have liked. Zoe relives the first time she met her beloved dog, at the same time as her best friend Harvey, who had just arrived in the valley! .

Friends Forever - Part Two

S1 E2
Jan 02, 2016
Olive and her father listen as Zoe relates how she and Lassie were trapped by a forest fire after Harvey had left them to seek help. While young Lassie demonstrated her extraordinary devotion to help the young Zoe from her predicament, our heroine once more demonstrates her mettle when Olive's puppy gets lost in the park and Zoe is called upon to find it. .

The Great Scavenger Hunt

S1 E3
Jan 03, 2016
Now that Zoe and Harvey are old enough to take part in the Grand Mountain treasure hunt to celebrate the founding of the park, they are determined to win the race with Lassie's help. While Zoe shows her headstrong nature by turning down her mother's help, doubt soon sets in when her big rival, Samantha, somehow manages to stay one step ahead of our heroes on each challenge. Luckily, Zoe and Harvey can count on the vision and foresight of their cunning canine teammate: Lassie! .

Maiden Flight

S1 E4
Jan 04, 2016
It's Harvey's birthday and his mother offers him his maiden flight in a hot-air balloon. Of course, Harvey instantly thinks to invite Zoe along to share his dream-come-true! While Harvey is over the moon, Zoe is afraid and she shares her fear of flying with Lassie. She cannot however bring herself to confess her fear to Harvey and runs away just before take-off. Lassie sees a storm brewing so Zoe hurries back to prevent Harvey from taking the flight. .

A Wild Encounter

S1 E5
Jan 05, 2016
After Lassie helps a young horse-rider to control her unruly mustang, Zoe and Sarah take her in as the horse rests up. But when two brothers turn up in the valley in search of their stolen mustang -presumed culprit: a young girl- Zoe realizes it's her new-found friend, who has now suddenly disappeared. Lassie encourages Zoe to listen to her heart and our heroic trio sets off in search of the girl. .

Trick Or Treat

S1 E6
Jan 06, 2016
Today is Halloween! Zoe seizes on the opportunity to prove to her mother how grown-up and responsible she is by chaperoning Mrs. Lee's niece on her trick-or-treat trip to the neighboring town alongside Harvey and Lassie. Zoe and Harvey are soon overwhelmed by the little girl's unpredictable behavior and soon lose track of her! Fortunately, Lassie is on hand to save the day. .


S1 E7
Jan 07, 2016
While Harvey is on vacation in the Caribbean for the winter, Zoe has to help her father to secure the park before the arrival of a blizzard. When Zoe leaves the rangers' station to save a wolf-cub, she becomes trapped in the snow storm. Fortunately, Harvey is never far away and Lassie, as ever, is there to help. .


S1 E8
Jan 08, 2016
Zoe and Harvey set out to investigate theft from the park archaeological site. The pair soon finds themselves in big danger and Lassie is faced with a huge dilemma when she finds she cannot save both of them. Lassie has to use great cunning and aplomb to save the kids from their predicament while also putting a stop to the thefts. .

The Blueberry Pie Challenge

S1 E9
Jan 09, 2016
Zoe decides to pursue the family tradition by winning the Park's legendary blueberry pie competition. To achieve this she has to bring a special personal touch to the family's award-winning recipe. But when Samantha arrives with the recipe by a top-chef in hand, Zoe begins to doubt she has the ability to find her own special twist to make her pie the best. Zoe, however, can always count on Lassie to help her culinary intuition flourish. .

Old Doc Dudley

S1 E10
Jan 10, 2016
While helping establish a new nature preserve on the edge of the Park, Zoe, Harvey and Lassie meet the scientist, Doctor Dudley, an eccentric recluse who has recently moved to the valley. Convinced the whole scheme is a fraud, the doctor is reticent about the project and refuses to sell his land to the environmental organization behind the nature preserve. The kids and Lassie set out to meet the Doctor to make him change his mind. .

Inside The Dam

S1 E11
Jan 11, 2016
When Zoe and Harvey visit the new dam at the edge of the park, the noises emanating from the construction upset Lassie who refuses to go any closer. When she understands the valley can be flooded due to Nick's error, Lassie has to draw on her inner strength to overcome the stress the sounds of the dam are causing her and save the kids trapped inside the dam, while also saving the valley from flooding. .

The Precious Gift

S1 E12
Jan 12, 2016
Zoe, Harvey, Graham, Beth and Lassie are forced to interrupt their hike on the valley glacier when they notice that its peak is in danger of collapsing. Beth seems hugely upset at the idea. Later, when Lassie notices Beth's car parked at the foot of the glacier, Harvey realizes that his mother has been hiding something from him. Despite the danger, he sets out to look for her with Zoe and Lassie. .

Picture Perfect

S1 E13
Jan 13, 2016
To perpetuate his father's own passion, Harvey decides to enter the photo competition for the Park's Visitor's Guide. When he finds out about his rival - Samantha's- high-tech equipment, Harvey asks Doctor Dudley to tweak his camera to be able to take spectacular photos, even if it means putting himself in danger. Fortunately, Zoe and Lassie are on hand to protect Harvey and remind him of the important things in life! .

The Star Attraction

S1 E14
Jan 14, 2016
When Lassie spectacularly rescues a herd of escaped zebras, a circus director is so impressed by her performance that he insists that Lassie join his troupe. Naturally, he comes up against Zoe's refusal: Lassie is not a circus animal; she is a member of the family. When her beloved Lassie disappears, Zoe is convinced that the circus director is behind the disappearance. .

Mrs. Lee's Secret

S1 E15
Jan 15, 2016
When Mrs. Lee opens a letter that Zoe, Harvey and Lassie bring her, she learns that she is the last living heir to a former mining concession. When Mrs. Lee lets them read her journal from the period, the kids and Lassie set out in search of the abandoned mine to discover the "magnificent treasure" that the journal hints is hidden there. What they don't realize is that Mrs. Lee has shared an important secret with them, a secret she deliberately kept to preserve the beauty of the valley. .

The Reunion

S1 E16
Jan 16, 2016
Impatient to see her friend Judith again, who has left the valley several years hence, Zoe reminisces about their intrepid adventures in the Park. But their reunion takes an unexpected turn for Zoe when she discovers her friend is now confined to a wheelchair. When the two friends set out on a long hike across the valley, accompanied by Harvey and Lassie, events take another unexpected turn when Judith decides to venture off-road. .

The Epidemic

S1 E17
Jan 17, 2016
When a mysterious epidemic breaks out in the park, Zoe is determined to find out as fast as possible what has caused it so that Lassie and other animals don't fall ill. Zoe soon loses patience with Harvey's scientific approach and his insistence on seeking out proof. While their difference of opinion causes the kids to attack the mission solo, they can always count on Lassie's clairvoyance to support them. .

A Rare Sighting

S1 E18
Jan 18, 2016
Zoe and Harvey are amazed to discover a rare baby white buffalo in the park. The animal's presence has to be kept secret to protect it, but when they realize they have accidentally put two poachers on the buffalo's trail, Zoe and Harvey set out to make amends by preventing the scoundrels from capturing it. And to do this, they can always count on their closest ally: Lassie! .

Like Father, Like Daughter

S1 E19
Jan 19, 2016
Graham has to take the helicopter out to search for a reckless snowboarder in danger and, because Graham has promised to spend the afternoon with his daughter, Zoe and Lassie set out with him. While the rescue mission is not what she is expected of the afternoon, Zoe discovers her inner sense of duty, like a true ranger, when, alongside Lassie, they pull off the rescue together. .

Déjà vu

S1 E20
Jan 20, 2016
After Lassie wards off a dangerous wolf attack, Graham asks the kids to take care and avoid the park for the time being. But when Zoe, Harvey and Lassie discover an injured fox in her yard, she understands the fox has come seeking help. Zoe decides to follow the fox despite the danger. .

Face Your Fear

S1 E21
Jan 21, 2016
When Graham informs Sarah that the bat colony living in the gulch is behaving strangely, Zoe, Harvey and Lassie set out on a recon mission to find out why. Sarah also joins the kids and as they climb down into the depths of the gulch, Sarah has to face her biggest fear. .

Wild Camping

S1 E22
Jan 22, 2016
Zoe's beloved aunt Kim is passing through the valley and surprises Zoe by taking her camping with Harvey and Lassie. On the way, Zoe insists they set up camp higher in the mountains to be closer to the stars. Kim acquiesces on the condition that the children take great care because the trail to the new destination can be perilous. After a night under the stars, Kim is bitten by a snake. Zoe realizes that her aunt is too sick to make her own way down to the valley. .

The Visitor Center

S1 E23
Jan 23, 2016
Thanks to Lassie, the children avoid a landslide on the hill overlooking the visitor center. Looking down they realize the building has been damaged. With the center now closed for safety reasons, Beth has no choice but take new work away from the park. While Zoe and Harvey are crestfallen at the prospect of their separation, Lassie gives them hope. .

A Shaky Reputation

S1 E24
Jan 24, 2016
Zoe, Harvey and Lassie try to stop Samantha and Nick exploring an old gold mine whose access has been re-opened following an earthquake. Zoe and Lassie end up trapped with Samantha at the bottom of the mine. Here Samantha confesses that she had come in search of a stolen statue to save her father's honor. After further tremors, Zoe and Lassie put their lives on the line to help Samantha retrieve the statue and find some way out of the mine. .

False Accusations

S1 E25
Jan 25, 2016
Harvey enters a science competition and comes up against Samantha whose project has as its centerpiece a family diamond. When the diamond disappears, Lassie becomes the suspect. Fortunately her friends, and Harvey's ingenious invention, save the day! .

The Soapbox Grand Prix

S1 E26
Jan 26, 2016
Business at Mrs. Lee's store takes a hit when the hotel opens a new boutique. Zoe decides to enter the Park soapbox race emblazoned in the store's colors to help advertize Mrs. Lee's shop! But racing against her arch-rival Samantha, Zoe and Lassie have their work cut out for them to stay in the race. .