Season 3

Episode Guide

Bride of Po

S3 E1
Feb 14, 2013
Po saves a girl from some bandits, only to learn that she's engaged to be married to the Dragon Warrior.

Five is Enough

S3 E2
Jun 17, 2013
Master Chao visits the valley to oversee a Tournament. Shifu is convinced that Po and Master Chao want to replace him. Shifu's old enemy, Pai Mei, arrives in the middle of the tournament and threatens to destroy Shifu.

War of the Noodles

S3 E3
Jun 25, 2013
Thanks to Po, Hundun opens up his own noodle shop in the village, threatening to put Mr. Ping out of business.

Mind Over Manners

S3 E4
Jun 27, 2013
During a fight with Tong Fo, Po is struck by lightning, giving him the power to read minds.

A Thousand and Twenty Questions

S3 E5
Jun 28, 2013
Master Yao returns to the Jade Palace and announces that he's offering the Valley of Peace a one-day "Wonder and Wisdom Exchange." Anyone who brings him a new wonder will be allowed to ask him a single question.

The Way of the Prawn

S3 E6
Jul 1, 2013
Over Po's objections, Shifu calls in a noble Samurai prawn to help take down a villain from Japan.

Mouth Off

S3 E7
Jul 2, 2013
Shifu suggests Po takes a vow of silence to help him focus, but his plan goes awry when the panda starts an armed conflict by keeping his mouth shut.

Serpent's Tooth

S3 E8
Jul 3, 2013
Once deemed a hero, cobra Fu-xi has turned renegade and is attacking the Valley of Peace. When the villagers adopt an anti-snake sentiment, will Viper help stop Fu-xi...or join him?

The Goosefather

S3 E9
Jan 11, 2014
The local thugs love Mr. Ping's soup so much, the noodle shop becomes a villain hangout...with Mr. Ping as their unknowing crime boss!

Po Picks a Pocket

S3 E10
Jan 26, 2014
Po befriends a group of young (and adorable) orphans-who also happen to be stealing money and goods from the villagers. Will Po be able to reform the kids or fall into the clutches of their evil leader?

Croc You Like a Hurricane

S3 E11
Feb 2, 2014
Fed up with his constant complaining, Shifu puts lazy Po in charge of training the Furious Five.

Crazy Little Ling Called Love

S3 E12
Feb 9, 2014
Shifu's evil ex-girlfriend Mei Ling is back...and back together with Shifu! Dubious Po must find out if she is on the level or just using Shifu for her own criminal gain.

Kung Fu Club

S3 E13
Feb 16, 2014
When Shifu sends Po to shut down an underground fight club, the panda disobeys his master and joins the club instead.

The Hunger Game

S3 E14
Feb 23, 2014
Po and the Five have to stop a famine by bringing a maniacal gang of food-thieving rats to justice. But, will Po's weakness for food alienate himself from his friends and the very villagers he is trying to help?

A Stitch in Time

S3 E15
Mar 2, 2014
Po discovers the seeds of Shuyong: magical items that can actually take the user back in time. After Po disobeys Shifu, evil Fenghuang steals one of the seeds, putting the entire world in danger.

The Eternal Chord

S3 E16
Jun 8, 2014
Po's qi is out of balance, and Shifu and wise Master Lun attempt to re-harmonize the panda using the ancient tradition of musical kung fu. They better work fast, as only Po can stop the evil Yaoguai!

Apocalypse Yao

S3 E17
Jun 15, 2014
Po has to help Master Yao after Taotie and Bian Zao steal the Mystic Secrets of Kung Fu right out of the master's head.

The Real Dragon Warrior

S3 E18
Jun 22, 2014
Po and Monkey discover a small village and meet an impostor claiming to be the Dragon Warrior. Po is determined to expose the fraud but could end up doing more harm than good.

Youth in Re-Volt

S3 E19
Feb 15, 2016
After Bian Zao steals magical lightning powers, he snubs his villain father Taotie and instead teams up with the vicious Tong Fo and the Croc Bandits.

Forsaken and Furious

S3 E20
Feb 16, 2016
Tired of Po getting all the credit and acclaim, the Furious Five quit the Jade Palace and strike out on their own.

Po the Croc

S3 E21
Feb 17, 2016
After a blow to the head leaves Po with amnesia, Fung and the Croc Bandits are more than happy to use it to their convincing the Dragon Warrior that he is their evil bandit leader.

Camp Ping

S3 E22
Feb 18, 2016
It's a battle between master and father when Shifu and Mr. Ping compete for Po's attention and affection during a camping trip. But will their competition get in the way of Po defeating the Valley's newest menace?

Goose Chase

S3 E23
Feb 19, 2016
After Zeng unhappily quits his job at the Jade Palace, Po cheers up the weepy goose by telling him he could be a kung fu master. Bad idea, Po. Bad idea.

The First Five

S3 E24
Jun 8, 2016
When Po throws a party and invites the First Furious Five to attend, everyone is shocked to learn that Shifu may not be the courageous hero that they thought he was.

See No Weevil

S3 E25
Jun 15, 2016
General Tsin is back with a crazy conspiracy theory about alien rice weevils trying to take over the world. When Po learns Tsin is telling the truth, it's up to the Kung Fu Panda to stop the invasion before it's too late.

Face Full of Fear

S3 E26
Jun 22, 2016
With his childhood bully back in town, Po must learn to face his fear or risk losing his Dragon Warrior mojo and those that are most important to him.

Emperors Rules Pt. 1

S3 E27
Jun 29, 2016
Po is named Head of Imperial Security when klutzy Lu Kang returns to the Valley of Peace as emperor. When an evil menace rises to take over all of China, Po has to turn to some surprising allies in order to save the day.

Emperors Rules Pt. 2

S3 E28
Jun 29, 2016
Po is named Head of Imperial Security when klutzy Lu Kang returns to the Valley of Peace as emperor. When an evil menace rises to take over all of China, Po has to turn to some surprising allies in order to save the day.