Season 4

Episode Guide

Corporate Kenan

S4 E1
Aug 06, 1999
Kenan mistakenly gets a job as an executive VP of a large company and now must prepare for a big presentation.

The Honeymoon's Over

S4 E2
Aug 06, 1999
Kenan decides he needs a place of his own, so he dresses Kel up as his wife in order to get on a game show and win a house. (Special Guest- BOB EUBANKS).


S4 E3
Aug 13, 1999
Eric leaves Kenan and Kel in charge of his girlfriend, who has come to visit when mayhem breaks loose as bad things keep happening to her.

Car Troubles

S4 E4
Aug 23, 1999
Kenan makes it a mussion to get his driver's license, a mission which requires the borrowing of Marc Cram's car for the test.


S4 E5
Aug 24, 1999
Set in the future, Kenan and Kel accidentally render Roger invisible and have to find a way to turn him back.

Three Girls, A Guy, and a Cineplex

S4 E6
Aug 27, 1999
Kenan winds up with three dates for the same night, and tries to keep them from discovering one another.

Natural Born Kenan

S4 E7
Sep 10, 1999
Kenan gets the mistaken impression that he's adopted, and sets out to uncover the truth.

The Graduates

S4 E8
Sep 12, 1999
Kenan is banned from the graduation ceremony after filling Principal Horn's office with chocolate pudding. With his entire family coming to the ceremony, can he get in without the principal knowing?

Aw, Here it goes to Hollywood, Part I

S4 E9
Sep 24, 1999
Kel wins a trip to the Orange Soda festival in a radio contest. However, after taking the wrong plane, he and Kenan end up in Hollywood. After finding out the flight time to the Orange Soda festival, the duo decide to explore Hollywood.

Aw, Here it Goes to Hollywood, Part II

S4 E10
Sep 25, 1999
Kenan and Kel have an adventure or two on a trip to Hollywood.

Oh Brother

S4 E11
Oct 26, 1999
Chris' rich brother comes to Chicago and takes over Chris' life, including Rigby's. Can Kenan's family make the brother leave town so that Chris will stop living with them?

The April Fools

S4 E12
Mar 31, 2000
It's April 1st and Kenan and Kel set up some pranks on various people. However, it all horribly backfires when the jokes get everyone arrested.

Tales from the Clip

S4 E13
Jan 13, 2001
While viewing clips from the show over the years (and in the process completely breaking the fourth wall) Kenan and Kel get into a fight. Could this really be the end of their friendship?