Season 2

Episode Guide

The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever

S2 E1
Dec 09, 2002
Zim disguises himself as Santa in order to woo adoring Christmas humans to their doom at the North Pole.

Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars

S2 E2
Dec 09, 2002
Despite the fact that they are closer to Earth than ever, The Tallest won't stop by to check out ZIM's latest plan.

Zim Eats Waffles/Mortos Der Soulstealer

S2 E3
Dec 09, 2002
Having planted a camera in ZIM's house, Dib monitors ZIM, hoping to expose him/Dib conjures an immortal spirit to help bring an end to ZIM.

The Girl Who Cried Gnome/Dibship Rising

S2 E4
Dec 09, 2002
When a Girly Ranger selling cookies gets stuck in a hole in ZIM's lawn, the result is a media circus./Eager to use Tak's ship, Dib erases her personality and downloads his own.

Vindicated/Voting of the Doomed

S2 E5
Dec 09, 2002
When Dib is forced to see Mr. Dwicky, they decide to team up against ZIM./ZIM runs for class office so he can rule the world. Dib campaigns for ZIM's competitor, Willy.

Gaz: Taster of Pork

S2 E6
Dec 09, 2002
In an attempt to give his sister cool powers, Dib instead makes it that everything Gaz eats tastes like pig. Gaz is not pleased.

The Frycook/What Came From All That Space

S2 E7
Dec 09, 2002
Angered by ZIM's leaving his banishment to join OID II, ZIM's former boss on Foodcourtia kidnaps him and makes him work at his old job.