Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Sloth Bear's Dilemma

S1 E1
Aug 14, 2019
India is a land of powerful extremes, with searing summer heat and thunderous tropical storms. When there's water, life is good for everyone. But for three months every year, the plains turn into a blistering, arid wilderness, and every creature walks a fine line between life and death. Follow a mother sloth bear and her two young cubs as they forage for enough food to make it through the crushing dry season. For this young family, survival means holding out until the monsoon rains return.

Rana, Queen of the Jungle

S1 E2
Aug 21, 2019
In the jungles of India lives one of Earth's most iconic creatures: the Bengal tiger. Over the course of a single day, we follow the fortunes of one mother and her three young cubs. Hunting prey never comes easy in the jungle, making life a constant struggle for these endangered animals. To feed herself and her cubs, she must catch 50% more food than usual. Survival requires perseverance, but this mother will do everything she can to take care of her cubs.

Wild Horses of the Himalayas

S1 E3
Aug 28, 2019
It's January on the Himalayan plateau, and winter has an icy grip on the landscape. Here, an old stallion faces the toughest year of his life. At 15-years-old, Dorje, a kiang or Tibetan wild ass, is no longer the powerful stallion he once was. Finding enough food to survive the harsh weather can be a struggle. When the snow finally gives way to summer, he faces a new challenge: outwit younger, stronger males in the battle to breed. This may be Dorje's last chance to sire offspring, so he must fight like his life depends on it.

Growing Up Gibbon

S1 E4
Sep 04, 2019
A sound fills the air in the rainforests of northeast India: the morning songs of a hoolock gibbon family, the jungle equivalent of an alarm clock. These primates live the high life in the jungle canopy, spending their days soaring through the trees in search of food. Follow Samar, an eight-year-old gibbon, as he prepares to leave his close-knit clan and start a family of his own. Has he mastered the skills needed to make this huge leap?

Land of the Secret Rhino

S1 E5
Sep 11, 2019
The grasslands of Northeast India are one of the most fertile habitats on Earth. Hundreds of species of tall grass flourish here, creating the perfect sanctuary for the greater one-horned rhinoceros. At seven feet tall and over 4,000 pounds, the Indian rhino is one of the country's most iconic--and vulnerable--animals. Follow one of these extraordinary giants as she teaches her new calf everything he needs to know about being a rhino.

Youngsters of the Desert

S1 E6
Apr 08, 2020
In northwest India lies the great Thar Desert, where four youngsters are about to be tested by the full force of their harsh habitat. A pair of leopard cubs must fend for themselves when their mother suddenly abandons them. A young lion survives a purge of his pride, but without his mother's milk, he's staring at a death sentence. In the nearby grassy scrublands, a young blackbuck faces a different kind of trial: his first mating season. Can this callow cast of animals prove they have the resourcefulness and resilience to survive?

Rajan: A Monkey on a Mission

S1 E7
Apr 15, 2020
Lion-tailed macaques are among the rarest species of monkeys. In the montane forests of the Western Ghats in India, an alpha male named Rajan sits atop an unusually large, 80-strong troop. But with their food supplies dwindling, Rajan must lead his troop down their treetop homes and beyond the bounds of their territory, putting them at the mercy of any number of ground-based predators. To lead is to make difficult decisions, and Rajan is hoping his instincts are correct.

Temple Monkeys on the Run

S1 E8
Apr 22, 2020
On the edge of the ancient Indian city of Jodhpur, a troop of Hanuman langurs, led by alpha male Kumar, enjoys a life of plenty in their luxurious temple gardens home. But a bachelor troop of male langurs ambushes them, driving Kumar and his troop away from the only home they've ever known. Kumar's chance at redemption is a risky one: guide his inexperienced troop through unfamiliar urban terrain and deliver them to a reliable food source. Then they'll be able to pursue revenge.

Nagaina Queen of Kings

S1 E9
Apr 29, 2020
In the hot tropical forests of the Western Ghats in Southern India, a king cobra's reputation as a cold-blooded killer is well-earned. But Nagaina also has a maternal side. It's the end of March and she's about to lay her eggs in a waterproof nest. She'll then sit and guard them for three months until they hatch. By then, her hunger will be overwhelming, and she'll be faced with a gruesome choice: be patient and allow her offspring to grow, or succumb to her cannibalistic urges?

Path of the Matriarch

S1 E10
May 06, 2020
The relentless heat of the southern Indian summer is a challenge for most animals. Led by the oldest female, Anura, an Asian elephant troop must embark on a search for fresh water and food as soon as possible. Fortunately, Anura is experienced and has built up a mental map of where food and water can be found throughout the year. But the journey to the Kabini River is distant and perilous. Can this wily old matriarch lead her troop to salvation before it's too late?