Season 5

Episode Guide

Cherry Bakewells

S5 E1
Jan 9, 2023
A visit to the Premier Foods factory in England reveals the secrets to baking 250,000 tarts a day, including their best-selling Cherry Bakewell.

Waxed Jackets

S5 E2
Jan 16, 2023
A day at the Barbour factory shows how their weatherproof coats are waxed, stitched, and riveted by a dedicated team at a rate of 650 jackets a day


S5 E3
Jan 23, 2023
Host Gregg Wallace travels to the enormous Brioche Pasquier factory in France to find out the secrets to producing 336,000 croissants every day.


S5 E4
Jan 30, 2023
An exclusive tour of the Harrison Spinks factory in England reveals, step-by-step, how their popular king-size, pocket-sprung Emerald mattress is made.

Cornish Pasties

S5 E5
Feb 6, 2023
An all-access tour of the Ginsters bakery in Cornwall reveals the many steps and strict rules to mass-producing a popular British treat, the Cornish pasty.

Pots and Pans

S5 E6
Feb 13, 2023
A visit to the Le Creuset foundry in northern France reveals the process of mass-producing their cast-iron, round casserole dishes.


S5 E7
Feb 20, 2023
A visit to a British pea farm and the massive Heinz factory reveals the secrets of mass-producing soup at a rate of two million cans a day.


S5 E8
Feb 27, 2023
A visit to the Baileys liqueur factory in Dublin reveals the lengthy process involved in mass-producing its globally poplar Irish cream.

Cereal Bars

S5 E9
Mar 9, 2023
A visit to the Eat Natural factory in England reveals the workers and machines that mass-produce 400,000 fruit and nut cereal bars every day.