Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Sep 19, 2021
We follow a crew and its massive air crane helicopter as they haul millions of pounds of timber while battling the elements and handling emergency repairs.

The Potash Express

S1 E2
Sep 26, 2021
A ride through Eastern Europe aboard heavy-hauling trains shows the logistical and mechanical challenges of making a multimillion-dollar cargo delivery.

Euro Train Heroes

S1 E3
Oct 03, 2021
We follow a million-dollar freight run across four European countries and meet the drivers, engineers, and maintenance teams who keep the train running.

Panama Canal Railway

S1 E4
Oct 10, 2021
A ride on the Panama Canal Railway reveals the track repairs, engine overhauls, and dangerous searches involved in keep vital freight runs rolling.

Deep Sea Fish Delivery

S1 E5
Oct 17, 2021
Host Mike Davidson helps make high-stakes repairs for one of the world's largest open-ocean fish farm operations in Panama.

Big City Tunnel Boring

S1 E6
Oct 24, 2021
Host Mike Davidson assists on a multi-million-dollar tunnel-boring project in Toronto, taking place 260 feet underground.