Which iCarly Character Are You?

It's your time to be Carly, Freddie, Harper or Spencer. Live life, breathe air and take this iCarly personality quiz now.
Posted on Jun 10, 2022 | 06:30am
 Wake up, members of iCarly nation! It’s time to discover the most important truth of all -- which iCarly character are you?

The Paramount+ Original iCarly revival series has been a smash hit with fans of the classic Nickelodeon show. You can watch both iCarly series right now on Paramount+.

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To celebrate the return of the Paramount+ Original Series, it’s time to find out which iconic iCarly character you are the most like IRL.

Are you easy-going like Carly Shay? A level-headed tech wiz like Freddie Benson? A stylish creative like Carly’s BFF Harper Bettencourt? Or… are you one-of-a-kind like Carly’s big brother Spencer? The results may surprise you!

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All you have to do is answer the personality questions below and we will match you with the iCarly character closest to your heart. Now, take the quiz in five… four… three… two...