Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

How to Rock Braces and Glasses

S1 E1
Feb 03, 2012
After a fall from grace, the perfect and popular Kacey Simon forges an unlikely friendship with the band Gravity 5. As their new lead singer, she ignites a musical rivalry between her new band and her old band, The Perfs.

How to Rock a Lunch Table

S1 E2
Apr 06, 2012
Kacey misses sitting at The Perfs' lunch table in the middle of the social spotlight and will stop at nothing to take it back. Meanwhile, Kevin and Nelson stage a student mutiny against the lunch ladies.

How to Rock a Secret Agent

S1 E3
Mar 30, 2012
Kacey is determined to outshine Molly at the school dance. She sends Stevie undercover to find out what Molly will be wearing, but when Stevie realizes she's being used, she comes up with a plan of her own.

How to Rock a Music Video

S1 E4
Feb 24, 2012
After The Perfs' music video goes viral, skyrocketing them to school-wide fame, Kacey rallies Gravity 5 to make a video of their own to out-do The Perfs. But, Gravity 5 doesn't exactly share Kacey's vision for the video.

How to Rock a Messy Bet

S1 E5
Feb 03, 2012
Gravity 5's hangout is a total mess, so they make a bet to each give up their favorite habit - and the winner gets to watch the others clean. Kacey thinks giving up her phone will be easy- ... until a cute boy sends her a text.

How to Rock a Guest List

S1 E6
Feb 10, 2012
Kacey gets Gravity 5 invited to the biggest party of the year, then schools her bandmates on how to fit in with people like The Perfs. Will Kacey's efforts save the party or completely ruin it?

How to Rock a Statue

S1 E7
Feb 17, 2012
When Zander enters a school art contest to impress a girl, Kacey offers to "help" by being his muse. Instead of helping, she accidently breaks Zander's statue and must quickly find a way to recreate it.

How to Rock a Prank

S1 E8
Mar 23, 2012
The Perfs pull a prank, humiliating Kacey in front of a boy that she likes. Gravity 5 pulls a revenge prank, but it backfires, leaving Kacey and Zander's hands glued together!

How to Rock a Part-time Job

S1 E9
Apr 20, 2012
When Kacey needs to pay her mom back for a huge credit card bill, Stevie gets Kacey a job at Danny Mango's. But Kacey's free smoothie giveaway gets out of control!

How to Rock Christmas

S1 E10
Feb 25, 2012
It's the night before Christmas, and all through the mall, not a creature is stirring, except Gravity 5 - who are locked in! To make matters worse for Kacey, Molly is locked in, too.

How to Rock a Birthday Party

S1 E11
Apr 13, 2012
Kacey and Nelson have the same birthday, so Kacey decides to share her birthday party with him. But in planning the party, Kacey ignores Nelson's input, leaving him feeling hurt, and her feeling like a bad friend.

How to Rock a Newscast

S1 E12
Mar 16, 2012
Kacey and Molly want to be seen as serious reporters for the Brewster High Morning News. When Molly files a hard-hitting report, Kacey, desperate to compete, goes live with an unconfirmed story!

How to Rock A Basketball Team

S1 E13
May 04, 2012
When every kid in school is required to join a sports team, Kacey reluctantly joins Stevie's basketball team, only to discover she's pretty good. But Kacey's drive to win puts their friendship to the test!

How to Rock an Election

S1 E14
Mar 02, 2012
Kacey runs for class president and promises a performance by Big Time Rush if she wins. After a string of crazy events, Kevin is also in the race, and Kacey is left to make a tough decision between winning and friendship.

How to Rock a Love Song

S1 E15
Jun 29, 2012
Zander is writing a love song, but he won't let anyone see the lyrics until he's done. Kacey and Stevie are too curious to wait, so they sneak a peek. Each becomes convinced that they are Zander's secret crush!

How to Rock Halloween

S1 E16
Apr 27, 2012
Kacey dozes off and dreams that Gravity 5 are werewolves, The Perfs are vampires, and she must makes a choice that could doom her friends.

How to Rock a Uniform

S1 E17
Nov 09, 2012
Kacey and Molly get ultra-competitive about the fashion they wear to school, leading the principal to enact a strict uniform policy, which everyone hates. The two rivals must then work together to reverse the policy.

How to Rock A Yearbook

S1 E18
Sep 28, 2012
Kacey wants Gravity 5 to have their own photo in the yearbook, but only official clubs get their own page. When Kacey tries to bend the rules, it ruins their yearbook photo and threatens embarrassment for the band.

How to Rock High School Sensation

S1 E19
Oct 12, 2012
Gravity 5 and the Perfs team up to make an audition tape for the TV show "High School Sensation." The whole group is crushed when Kevin forgets to send their tape, so he tracks down the show's host to fix his mistake.

How to Rock a Good Deed

S1 E20
Oct 19, 2012
Kacey is not happy that the Perfs' volunteer project is getting more attention than Gravity 5's project, so she uses a foot injury to get special attention. When her friends find out, they plot revenge.

How to Rock Camping

S1 E21
Oct 26, 2012
On a school camping trip, Gravity 5 and the Perfs have to rough it like prisoners to get a passing grade. Out in the wild, it's not Kacey or Molly but Grace who has the skills to lead, and her leadership skills get tested.

How to Rock a Fashion Victim

S1 E22
Nov 02, 2012
Kacey must design a clothing line in order to win an internship with a famous designer. When her designs aren't as fabulous as she'd hoped, Kacey has to deal with not being great at something for the first time.

How to Rock a Singing Telegram

S1 E23
Sep 21, 2012
Stevie is too shy to ask her crush to the school dance so Kacey asks him for her through a singing telegram and gets an unexpected response. Zander, Kevin and Nelson are all assigned telegrams that wildly backfire.

How to Rock a Tennis Ball

S1 E24
Nov 30, 2012
Kacey tries to prove she's responsible when Mr. March asks her to watch his flea market booth. When Mr. March's prized tennis ball gets destroyed on her watch, Gravity 5 and the Perfs help replace it.

How to Rock Cee Lo

S1 E25
Aug 17, 2012
The Perfs have front row seats for an awesome concert; Gravity 5 can't even get tickets. Masquerading as arena employees, Gravity 5 sneaks into the concert the back way, but when security catches on, they have to run for their lives!