Season 6

Episode Guide

Comfort and Joy

S6 E1
Nov 05, 2014
When Joy chooses to marry Simon, Melanie breaks the news to Bob and has pity sex with him, as Victoria goes to New York for a role after being told it's opposite Brad Pitt.

Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles

S6 E2
Nov 12, 2014
A trip to L.A. reaffirms Melanie, Joy and Victoria's experience that it is a shallow, youth-obsessed city, and Elka pitches Mario Lopez on shooting "Extra" in Cleveland.

Bossy Cups

S6 E3
Nov 19, 2014
Elka goes after a silver fox, Melanie gets trapped in her closet with Frankie, and Victoria ditches Joy as her lifestyle website sidekick.

Naked and Afraid

S6 E4
Nov 26, 2014
Melanie thinks their neighbor Jack saw her naked, Joy joins a casual sex app, Victoria doesn't understand the plot of her own series, and Elka needs a council member's vote.

Tazed and Confused

S6 E5
Dec 03, 2014
To do research on detectives for her HBO show, Victoria tags along with Joy and Bob on a stakeout, and Elka reluctantly partners with Melanie for a secret word tournament.

Out of Our Minds

S6 E6
Dec 10, 2014
After taking turns talking behind each other's backs, Melanie, Joy and Victoria get into each other's heads, and Elka starts sleeping with the mayor.

Cold In Cleveland: The Christmas Episode

S6 E7
Dec 17, 2014
Victoria asks her ex Ernie Hudson not to allow their 70s Christmas movie to re-air, Melanie goes all out with holiday lights, and Joy spars with an older British woman.

The Young and the Restless

S6 E8
Jan 07, 2015
Joy tries to talk Melanie's daughter into going to Harvard Medical School, Victoria is blackmailed by her show's editor Barney, and Elka mentors a nerdy kid.

Bad Boys

S6 E9
Jan 14, 2015
To get a part on her HBO show, Victoria's father lies to her and says he's dying, and Melanie takes Frankie's advice in how to break up with clingy Jack.

We Could Be Royals

S6 E10
Jan 21, 2015
Joy's frumpy sister Jill becomes a knockout, Victoria and Melanie collaborate on a children's book with a tight deadline, and Elka welcomes an earl and his dignitaries.

About a Joy

S6 E11
Jan 28, 2015
Joy realizes she's in love with Bob, Victoria tries to keep up with the much younger Barney, and Melanie is visited by her childhood bully.

One Wedding and One Funeral

S6 E12
Feb 04, 2015
While Victoria hopes to get photographed by a paparazzi drone, the mayor dies in Elka's bed, and Joy and Bob's brother Claude rush to stop Bob from marrying Canadian Joy.


S6 E13
Mar 18, 2015
New couple Bob and Joy's investigation of the dead mayor involves an astrologist, a focus group member and a journalist.

Family Affair

S6 E14
Mar 25, 2015
After receiving their DNA test results, Victoria exploits her Native American heritage, Melanie is attracted to her cousin, and Joy and Elka are shocked that they're related.

All Dolled Up

S6 E15
Apr 01, 2015
Bob sends Joy a creepy doll replica of himself, Victoria's agent advises her to do local theater, and Melanie accidentally gives Dane estrogen patches.

Bad Girlfriends

S6 E16
Apr 08, 2015
Melanie wants to put a stop to Dane passionately kissing Victoria in a play, bet-losing Elka is forced to wear a Bengal costume, and Joy tests Bob's honesty.

Duct Soup

S6 E17
Apr 15, 2015
Owen's wedding includes Melanie getting an inappropriate cake, a surprise visit by Simon, the bride's father knowing Victoria's secret and a patient reverend.

Cleveland Calendar Girls

S6 E18
Apr 22, 2015
Elka and her friends pose nude for a calendar, Joy and Bob have difficulty taking their engagement portrait, and Victoria tries to replace her driver's license photo.

Kitchen Nightmare

S6 E19
Apr 29, 2015
On the women's restaurant's opening night, Melanie deals with an unstable chef, Victoria leads on a sommelier, Joy hopes to impress a baby mama, and Elka flirts with the pope.

All About Elka

S6 E20
May 06, 2015
Investing in her theater production, Victoria's son Tony asks to be in it, as Elka competes with Victoria's mother for a role, and Melanie and Joy have posterior insecurity.

Say Yes To The Mess

S6 E21
May 20, 2015
A month away from Joy's wedding, Melanie and Victoria conceal how much they'll miss her, while Joy's mother is infatuated with Bob, and Elka breaks up with Victoria's father.

Hot Damn!

S6 E22
May 27, 2015
The creators, cast and crew of Hot in Cleveland affectionately reflect on the show's six seasons, their on-set camaraderie and what the series has meant to fans.

Vegas Baby/I Hate Goodbyes

S6 E23
Jun 03, 2015
Joy and Bob make a detour to Las Vegas to adopt a baby on their way to get married in Paris, joined by Melanie, Victoria, Elka, Mamie Sue and Bob's recently single father.