Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Great Pussini // Kitty Kat Kennels

S1 E1
Sep 17, 1984
The Great Pussini, opera star, comes into town and immediately takes to Sonja, winner her affection. Meanwhile, Heathcliff is furious and tries to show Sonja that Pussini is a fake. The voice of Pussini is really a little nerd cat. Sonja ends up leaving with him. Heathcliff is embarrassed and puzzled. The jealous Heathcliff exposes Pussini as a fraud and turns his concert into a fiasco. // Cleo's owners are going on vacation and plan to put her in a kennel, so Riff Raff and the Catillac Cats decide to rescue her. They break into the kennel and rescue Cleo, but not until they completely demolish the building in their attempt.

Chauncey's Great Escape // Carnival Capers

S1 E2
Sep 18, 1984
Heathcliff's friend Chauncey-the-dog is captured by the dog catcher and locked away in the pound. Disguised in a dog costume, Heathcliff skillfully manages to get incarcerated himself and rescue his pal. // Riff Raff takes Cleo on a date to the carnival, but their fun is thwarted by Bruno, Geldorf, and a carnie.

Mad Dog Catcher // Circus Berserkus

S1 E3
Sep 19, 1984
Heathcliff gets into mischief with the local dogcatcher. Sonja is concerned about the dogs that are being picked up so Heathcliff investigates. Once Heathcliff gets involved you know there is going to be some real excitement.

Rebel without a Claws // The Farming Life Ain't for Me

S1 E4
Sep 20, 1984
A kitten shows up in the neighborhood with an enormous case of hero worship for Heathcliff. However, he is so much like the object of his esteem that Heathcliff himself can hardly stand his new little shadow. Eventually, the kitten moves on and leaves Heathcliff alone. // When Cleo visits her cousin, LuluBelle, in the country and takes the Catillac Cats along, it's love at first sight for Mungo and LuluBelle. But the amorous boy-next-door, Orville, already has designs on LuluBelle and will stop at nothing to keep his new competition from edging in.

Heathcliff's Middle Name // Wishful Thinking

S1 E5
Sep 21, 1984
A move star named Rock comes to town to film a new movie, and Sonja is thoroughly smitten. Heathcliff is wildly jealous, but Sonja forbids any fighting. However, when Rock is exposed as a fake - from his toupee to his false teeth - Sonja's affections return to our hero. // Mungo becomes master of his very own genie when he rubs a magic milk bottle one day. But everyone wants a piece of the action - and his three wishes - as Mungo tries desperately to save his claim.

King of the Beasts // Cat Can Do

S1 E6
Sep 24, 1984
Heathcliff and Iggy go to visit the zoo so that Heathcliff can finally meet the king of the beasts: the lion. But to Heathcliff's dismay, the lion is a kindhearted and gentle creature and not at all to Heathcliff's liking. The apes in the zoo make fun of the lion because he is so take. Heathcliff gives the cowardly lion some pointers on being fierce and strong which helps the lion put those nasty apes in their place! // It's the cats vs. sneaky Admiral Catsk in a race up the slopes of Mount Whoji next. Bears and mountain goats add to the surprises and fun up the trial; but the biggest surprise of all is Cleo waiting at the top of the mountain to toast the losers with champagne.

Smoke Gets in my Eyes // Much Ado About Bedding

S1 E7
Sep 25, 1984
The Nutmegs tour the fire station and are very embarrassed by Heathcliff's behavior. That night, while sleepwalking, Grandpa Nutmeg sets the house on fire and Heathcliff saves everyone by getting the firemen there in time, thus redeeming himself for the way he'd acted earlier. // Cleo wants a new bed, so she sends Riff Raff on a mission to find one. Meanwhile, Leroy's cousin Mervin McMutt is in town and using the bedding that Riff Raff needs.

City Slicker Cat // House of the Future

S1 E8
Sep 26, 1984
J.B. is a rich, snobbish cat who comes to visit the Nutmegs. He expects Heathcliff to wait on him paw and paw, and even vies for Sonja's attention. However, Heathcliff discovers the dark secret of J.B.'s past and uses the information to his advantage. // Riff Raff, Cleo, and the Cats visit the world famous "Dizzyland" amusement park where they tour the House of the Future. The cats hide when the house closes for the day, and spend the evening enjoying all the comfort and gadgets the future holds.

Spike's Cousin // For the Birds

S1 E9
Sep 27, 1984
Spike's cousin, Bull, is a ferocious looking guard dog who sports a bone out of his mouth the way a tough guy might use a cigar. He convinces Spike that he no longer should take guff from Heathcliff and proceeds to teach him to defend himself but to no avail. After Bull has harassed everyone in the neighborhood, he challenges Heathcliff to a fight in the vacant lot on Elm Street and guess who wins? Who else, Heathcliff! // Riff Raff enlists the Catillac Cats to aid his attempt to break into a bird sanctuary. After trying everything from a hang-glider to a trampoline, Riff Raff managers to gain entry, only to be bludgeoned by a giant feathered bouncer.

Heathcliff's Pet // Swamp Thing

S1 E10
Sep 28, 1984
Heathcliff hears Iggy saying how wonderful it is to have a pet, and decides he should have a pet too. He tries out Spike and Mungo, but they do not make good pets at all. He frees a live lobster from the fish store which makes a great pet until the lobster begs to go home to the ocean and Heathcliff generously complies. // Wordsworth is convinced he has a rare cat disease which Riff Raff read about in the paper, so the gang takes him to a cat witchdoctor who tells them the only cure is an alligator hair. The cats risk their lives in a swamp before returning to tell the doc that alligators don't have hair. No matter, Wordsworth seems better.

Teed Off // Monstro & Wolfhound

S1 E11
Oct 01, 1984
Grandpa takes Iggy to the country club where Grandma challenges Grandpa to a game. Meanwhile, Heathcliff 's quarrel with the mice causes chaos in the dining room. // Riff Raff and the cats watch a horror movie, and that night Riff Raff dreams he is Dr. Frankencat and has created a monster. It's a regular nightmare, with even Leroy showing up as the Wolfman. Riff Raff wakes up screaming for help, and glad it was all a dream.

Say Cheese // Cats Angels

S1 E12
Oct 02, 1984
The Nutmegs decide to have a family portrait taken - including Heathcliff. Every time the photographer tells the group to "say cheese," mice appear and Heathcliff dashes to catch them, leaving the studio a shambles in his wake. // An old dirt bike arrives in the junkyard and the cats fix it up to stage a little competition. A gang of tough cats arrives to challenge the Catillac Cats, but our heroes emerge the victors.

Meow Meow Island // The Big Race

S1 E13
Oct 03, 1984
During an afternoon of deep-sea fishing, Heathcliff and the Nutmegs land their boat on a small island for a picnic and soon learn the island is inhabited by a tribe of wild cats called Meow Meows. These savages capture the Nutmegs, but Heathcliff cleverly rescues them from being sacrificed in a native ritual. // In this episode, the Catillac Cats team up against some snobs in an Iron Cat Tag competition that will determine the ownership of the local park. Naturally our heroes come out the victors, and not without some fun along the way!

Family Tree // Who's got the Chocolate?

S1 E14
Oct 04, 1984
Heathcliff become curious about his lineage and dreams about what his ancestors might have been like. We follow the escapades of historical Heathcliff in the Wild West, merry old England, and ancient Rome until Iggy calls to his cat and wakes him up // Bush is about to lose his night job as a night guard of the candy factory because somebody keeps stealing chocolate. Riff Raff offers to help catch the crooks, which he does with the help of his friends.

Be Prepared // Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

S1 E15
Oct 05, 1984
When Heathcliff tries to follow Iggy to a Boy Scout camp, the scout master forbids it, saying, "A common house cat could never survive in the wild." This infuriates Iggy's pet, who sneaks along anyway just to prove the scout master wrong. Even though Heathcliff gets into all kinds of mischief in the wilderness, he leads the group to safety when they get lose in the woods, so he becomes the first cat ever to be named "Scout of the Year!" // Riff Raff and Cleo head to the Queen Mildred for a love boat cruise, but their romantic plans are thwarted when they get off to a bad start with a couple of pretty poodle snobs. Cat and dog chases ensue, while Hector, Wordsworth and Mungo try desperately just to get on board.

Heathcliff Gets Canned // Whacked Out

S1 E16
Oct 08, 1984
After discovering several empty cat food cans in the Nutmeg pantry, Heathcliff decides to go to the cat food cannery to complain. There he defeats a vicious guard dog in battle, and manages to get himself appointed cannery guard by the foreman! The new station is short-lived, however, when what begins as a picnic with the Catillac Cats in the factory turns into a free-for-all, and the old guard dog returns to seek his revenge. // Riff Raff's sleep is disturbed by the sound of a squawking whacko bird. Try as he may, he can neither silence nor hide from the noisy bird. Eventually, he manages to trap the intruder and ship it to Africa - before he hears about the big reward the zoo has offered for the bird.

Brain Sprain // Cat Balloon

S1 E17
Oct 09, 1984
Heathcliff accidentally solves a Rubik's cube-type puzzle, so Iggy decides his cat must be a genius and submits him to a scientist for laboratory testing. Heathcliff doesn't blend well with the other animals, and in no time has managed to cause countless squabbles and sabotage all the lab tests. // Cleo is bored with Westminster and asks Riff to take them to the city. The cats build a giant balloon and fly it into the city. Once there another gang quickly steals their balloon leading to a chase across town.

May the Best Cat Win // The Comedy Cat

S1 E18
Oct 10, 1984
Much to his dismay, Iggy and Marcy enter Heathcliff in a show against pedigree cats. He uses his less-than-scrupulous best to win the show and impress Sonja. // Hector is being forced by a big dog to perform as a stand-up comic at a Big Dog Comedy Show. Riff Raff brings in the world's worst cat comic to empty the room so Hector can be rescued.

Revenge of the Kitty // Jungle Vacation

S1 E19
Oct 11, 1984
Heathcliff is trying to sleep in a vacant lot when he is disturbed by a noisy construction crew. To revenge his loss of sleep, Heathcliff single-handedly destroys the new structure and hides all of the workers' tools. // Cleo wants to take a trip, so Riff Raff packages her and the other cats up and sends them through the mail to what he believes to be a ski report. However, the gang end up in a wild animal park where they have endless adventures with the jungle beasts.

Hospital Heathcliff // Hectors Takeover

S1 E20
Oct 12, 1984
Iggy goes into a hospital to have his tonsils removed, and Heathcliff goes along - even though no pets were allowed. Heathcliff terrorizes the hospital in a very short time, and even gives a lecture posing as a visiting doctor. // Hector complains about Riff Raff's leadership of the Catillac Cats, so Riff Raff offers to let him take over. After a series of dumb decisions and blatant bungles, even Hector has to agree there is no leader for the gang except Riff Raff.

Going Shopping // Cat in the Fat

S1 E21
Oct 15, 1984
Iggy and Marcy take Heathcliff along shopping for an anniversary gift for Grandma and Grandpa Nutmeg. Heathcliff seizes every opportunity to cause mayhem in the department store, and even tries to swipe a rhinestone collar for Sonja to replace the one she's recently lost. On the way home, Heathcliff finds Sonja's lost collar in the grass, which makes him a hero. // Riff Raff's brother comes to visit and gets into trouble with the junkyard dog Leroy.

Wild Cat // Kitten Around

S1 E22
Oct 16, 1984
While on a camping trip with the Nutmegs, Heathcliff gets himself covered in feathers and sardine oil. A mountain lion and an eagle mistake Heathcliff for a bird, and fight over him. Eventually he escapes and returns safely home. // Riff and Cleo decide to go steady. When a new girl comes to town Riff decides to juggle both. Cleo finds out and decides to sabotage Riff's date.

Cat Burglar Heathcliff // Lucky

S1 E23
Oct 17, 1984
Heathcliff sneaks into the Van Corkingdale mansion to challenge Bruno, their ferocious guard dog, and determine who the real king of the neighborhood is. Inside, Heathcliff defeats Bruno, allowing burglars to raid the house! Later, when the some crooks attempt to burgle the Nutmeg home, Heathcliff traps them for the police, and returns all the previously stolen goods to the mansion. // Cousin Lucky comes to visit Riff Raff seeking help. It seems everywhere he goes, disaster follows, and his reputation as a jinx is so widespread, everyone runs when they see him coming. Riff Raff gives Lucky a good luck charm, and it really seems to work! However, Lucky becomes overconfident, discards the charm, and once again it rains only on him wherever he goes.

Blizzard // Harem Cat

S1 E24
Oct 18, 1984
The nutmegs are snowed in and Heathcliff has cabin fever. He accidentally locks himself out in the snow, and while outside, helps police apprehend the dangerous Ski-Mask Fugitive.

Kitten Smitten // Young Cat with a Horn

S1 E25
Oct 19, 1984
Heathcliff learns that playing Momma Cat is no easy task after he is adopted by a tiny kitten lost from her mother. Heathcliff teaches the little girl all about life as they roam the streets together in search of the missing mom, and they soon become fast friends. Heathcliff's big responsibility ends when at last the mother and kitten are reunited, but a touching moment at the end reveals that Heathcliff is really going to miss the little thing. // When the local fishing bureau announces a shortage of fish in the area, the Catillac Cats turns to Professor Flixx for help. With the aid of the professor's latest invention, a Flixx fish trumpet that will summon fish at a single note, the cats get their fill. But not before an overly-zealous Hector learns a valuable lesson about greed and friendship.

The Gang's all Here // The Meow-sic Goes Round & Round

S1 E26
Oct 22, 1984
When the local policeman warns Heathcliff that any more of his pranks will land him in jail for life, our little monster decides he'd better reform. And when a new cat gang moves into town to terrorize the neighborhood, Heathcliff is forced to stand passively by and let them take over his territory. But it isn't long before the policeman is back knocking on Heathcliff's door; only this time he's come to ask Heathcliff's help. Heathcliff can do anything he wants, just as long as he runs those nasty new cats out of Westfinster! Things return to normal in no time as Heathcliff shows the punks who's really the boss! // The Catillac Cats are practicing for a band competition at the Cat's Pajamas Club, when three hip cats steal their musical instruments. Riff Raff and Cleo help track down the crooked cats and retrieve the instruments. That night at the contest, the Catillac Cats win first place.

Snow Job // Condo Fever

S1 E27
Oct 23, 1984
Heathcliff accompanies the Nutmegs to the lake Plastered ski resort where he immediately has a tumble with Alpine, the resident St. Bernard. The ensuing fight takes us throughout the ski lodge and onto the slopes; from hot tub to snowmobile before Heathcliff proves himself the better beast.

Pumping Iron // Mungo's Dilemma

S1 E28
Oct 24, 1984
A big, muscle-bound cat named Pecs tries to take Sonja away from Heathcliff, so he starts working out in order to beat Pecs at his own weightlifting game. Unfortunately, the manager of the gym is in cahoots with Pecs, and throws Heathcliff every possible curve. Heathcliff catches on, and throws the curves right back. Sonja is his in the end. // Riff Raff sees a picture of a cat that looks like Mungo in the paper for which a reward is offered. The cats turn Mungo in and collect the reward, only to find they have left their friend in the clutches of a mad scientist. A rescue plan saves Mungo just in the nick of time.

Heathcliff's Double // Big Foot

S1 E29
Oct 25, 1984
A mind mannered cat named Henry wanders into the neighborhood who looks exactly like Heathcliff. When Spike thinks he has beaten up Heathcliff, Heathcliff catches on and joins forces with Henry to make Spike look like a fool. // Riff Raff and the Catillac Cats go camping in the woods and meet Big Foot who threatens their camp. They try to catch him for fame and fortune. In the end Big Foot gets away, but upon overhearing the boys tell their disappointment over their loss of fame, Big Foot comes out of the woods and auditions for them.

Terrible Tammy // Games of Love

S1 E30
Oct 26, 1984
Marcy gets a new cat, Tammy, who challenges Heathcliff's position as top cat in the neighborhood. It's a terrible blow to Heathcliff's ego to have a female cat take over, but neither he nor the alley cats can defeat this lady. Sonja knows how to handle Tammy, however, and puts Heathcliff back in charge. // Mungo's in love with a cute little cat named Dixie and everything is perfect. All except for one thing: Dixie's older brother, Jake. Jake has conditions to prove Mungo is worthy of his little sister which include an athletic competition in which Mungo pole vaults, shot puts, runs the high hurdles, and performs other amazing feats all for the sake of a date with Dixie. Mungo's buddies pitch in to help Mungo win, but in the end it is Dixie who has the final say, and she wants Mungo - win or lose!

Big Top Bungling // Space Cats

S1 E31
Oct 29, 1984
Heathcliff and Sonja go to the circus to see Heathcliff's cousin, Rollo the cat-clown. Rollo is troubled because the wild circus animals have become tame, the trapeze artists are afraid of heights, etc. Our hero discovers a plot by a rival circus, and with the help of the Catillac Cats, he fails the evil plan. // Riff Raff and the Catillac Cats sneak onto the Space Shuttle in order to carry a home-made Satellite into space and focus it toward Westfinster. They get it up and make it home by the skin of their teeth, but the satellite will only send back pictures of the junkyard!!

Lard Times // The Merry Pranksters

S1 E32
Oct 30, 1984
Sonja tells Heathcliff he needs to lose a little weight, so he goes on to crash diet with the help of the Alley Cats. Every time Heathcliff weakens and tries to eat something, Mungo or Hector snatch the food away. When Heathcliff is finally able to tell Sonja he has lost ten pounds, she admits he'll love him at any weight, so our hero instantly returns to his former gluttonous ways. // Leroy gets a new assistant dog in the junkyard and announces that tougher rules will now be enforced. The new dog is the world's worst practical joker and makes our heroes suffer unmercifully until Riff Raff discovers that the new dog can dish is out, but he can't take it.

Spike's Slave // Scaredy Cats

S1 E33
Oct 31, 1984
Heathcliff suffers a nasty bang on the head, which renders the "Devil Cat" side of his personality stunned and permits the "Angel Cat" side to take over. Suddenly Heathcliff is good as gold and begins performing numerous acts of kindness toward Spike. Spike in confused, but certainly willing to take advantage of the situation. He even puts on a show for the other animals to demonstrate his new ability to make Heathcliff do his bidding. However, when the "Devil Cat" recovers, Heathcliff puts Spike back in his place posthaste. // Riff Raff must survive one night in a haunted mansion to win a contest of bravery with arrival for Cleo's affections. The Catillac Cats accompany Riff Raff, and are terrorized by all manner of embodied spirit. In the end, however, Riff Raff manages to employ the spooks to frighten away the competition for his love.

Gopher Broke // A Camping We Will Go

S1 E34
Nov 01, 1984
Heathcliff declares war on a couple of gophers in the park. They taunt him and he clobbers them until he eventually has them cast in concrete, supporting his hammock.

Where There's an Ill There's a Way // Yes Sewer, That's My Baby

S1 E35
Nov 02, 1984
When Iggy is sick, he gets so much special attention from Grandma Nutmeg that Heathcliff pretends to be sick. At first, he loves the royal treatment, but the charade suddenly backfires when the Nutmegs take Heathcliff to the vet.

Soap Box Derby // A Better Mousetrap

S1 E36
Nov 05, 1984
Mugsy and Spike challenge Iggy and Heathcliff to a soap box racer competition. Iggy builds a great car out of odds and ends Heathcliff gathers from around the neighborhood. The alley cats join in with a junk-racer of their own, and after a fierce contest fraught with conflict and sabotage, Heathcliff stands alone in the winners circle.

Bamboo Island // Super Hero Mungo

S1 E37
Nov 06, 1984
Heathcliff stows away on a cruise ship in order to go with the Nutmegs on a trip to the South Seas. He causes chaos on the ship, but later, when the entire tour group is captured by savage island natives, Heathcliff masterminds a rescue and emerges the hero! // One day while listening to a radio show of a famous cat personality, Cosmic Cat, Mungo accidentally hits his head. When he wakes up, he "becomes" Cosmic Cat himself and sets out to "save the world from evil." His friends decide to cash in on his temporary state of insanity with a promotion gimmick that features a big superhero contest against Dynamic Dog.

Butter Up! // Mungo gets no Respect

S1 E38
Nov 07, 1984
The boys at school bet Iggy he cant come up with a better science project than they've got. However, with the help of Grandpa and Heathcliff, his automatic toast buttering machine is a success. Later, at the Science Fair, Heathcliff sabotages the competition and Iggy takes first prize. // Mungo quits the gang because the others are constantly berating him and calling him stupid. To get him to come back, Riff Raff, Hector and Wordsworth promise to let him share in the decision-making process. This leads to some serious problems, but eventually Mungo proves he can be a good leader.

Sonja's Nephew // Dr. Mousetus

S1 E39
Nov 08, 1984
In order to get a date with Sonja, Heathcliff promises to baby-sit her little nephew, Eggbert, for the day. The precocious kitten runs Heathcliff so ragged, he doesn't have the strength to go out with Sonja that night. // Hector and Mungo become the guinea pigs in a mad scientist's experiment that has them changing like Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Nyde. When Riff Raff finds them and discovers that without the aid of his secret cheese formula the scientist is actually only a tiny mouse, r saves his friends by destroying the magic formula and chasing the mouse out of town.

Cat Food for Thought // Going South

S1 E40
Nov 09, 1984
Heathcliff auditions and wins a chance to be in a cat food commercial. However, he hates the taste of the advertised brand, and prefers Brand X. Heathcliff is thrown off the set, but the folks at Brand X are so grateful that they fill Heathcliff's pantry with a year's supply of cat food! // The cats stow away, inadvertently, to the Antarctic with a scientific expedition scheduled to last 1 to 2 years. They make a daring escape from the ship on a makeshift hot air balloon. As our friend's balloons deflate, they find themselves on the sandy shores of paradise, their original destination.

Phantom of the Garbage // Junkyard Flood

S1 E41
Nov 12, 1984
When a local restaurant owner hires two guard dogs to keep Heathcliff out of the garbage, Heathcliff dresses in a cape to become "The Phantom." The dogs are no match for our hero, and in the end the restaurant owner hires Heathcliff to keep his establishment free of mice. // Pearls are discovered in the drainage ditch swimming hole in the junkyard. Flooding, rainmaking and boat sinking are all a part of "oyster fever". Hector has to lose all in order to learn that "pals" are more important than "pearls."

Trombone Terror // The Other Woman

S1 E42
Nov 13, 1984
Iggy is trying to master playing the trombone. Despite Iggy's best efforts, Heathcliff does everything he can to sabotage his musical talent and discourage him from continuing. The more Grandma and Grandpa Nutmeg enjoy Iggy's music, the more irritated Heathcliff becomes. // Cleo's cousin Lindsay arrives, and Riff Raff is "volunteered" to show her around town. Lindsay is an obnoxious loudmouth, and even though Riff Raff doesn't like her, Cleo gets the idea there's something going on between them. Riff Raff gets even by pretending he's Lindsay's hillbilly boyfriend and showing Cleo around town.

Pop's Parole // The Babysitters

S1 E43
Nov 14, 1984
Pop gets paroled from prison, but Heathcliff thinks he has escaped. So Heathcliff tires to hide Pop from the police in so many bizarre ways that Pop robs a bank to get back into prison where it is safe. // A lioness loses her baby when he accidentally falls from the circus caravan and lands in the junkyard. When the mother goes back to the junkyard to search for her son, she mistakes Mungo for her baby and takes him away with her. Back at the circus poor Mungo must undergo rigorous lion trick training from the confused mother, until at last the real baby lion shows up on the scene, much to Mungo's relief.

The Siamese Twins // The Mungo Mash

S1 E44
Nov 15, 1984
Two Siamese cats who are martial arts experts arrive in town and begin stealing and destroying everything in sight. Our stalwart Heathcliff takes charge of the local troops and teaches the intruders a lesson or two, thus restoring peace and order to the neighborhood. // The Catillac Cats enter a dance contest and Mungo makes the finals! Riff Raff and the gang work hard to train Mungo for the contest, but when the big moment arrives, Mungo generously loses to a couple of poor cats who need the prize of a year's supply of cat food for their family.

Copa Ca Heathcliff // Leroy's in Love

S1 E45
Nov 16, 1984
Heathcliff gets an idea from reading Playcat Magazine that the town needs a fancy nightclub for cats. He sets out to construct one out of dog houses he has stolen from around the neighborhood. On opening night the place is packed when all the dogs arrive, demanding entry on the grounds that the club is built out of their houses. Heathcliff agrees, but once inside, the dogs and cats brawl until the walls collapse. // Leroy wants to meet this rich poodle. Riff Raff and the Catillac Cats try to help him improve him image. Then they try and get Leroy to her balcony, but she has two big dogs. He finally meets her and is disappointed with her.

Used Pets // Search for a Star

S1 E46
Nov 19, 1984
Heathcliff notices Spike and the Alley Cats are missing from the neighborhood. He discovers them, along with many other stolen animals, in a "second hand pet shop" in a bad part of town. The crooks who operated the shop try in vain to catch Heathcliff, but he defeats them and sets all the other animals free.

An Officer and an Alley Cat // Hector Spector

S1 E47
Nov 20, 1984
After Wordsworth calculates a surprisingly accurate horoscope for Mungo, Hector tricks him into believing he has real occult powers. Furthermore, Wordsworth's powers can be increased if he follows the commands of a mysterious specter - who is, of course, Hector.

Service with a Smile // Junkfood

S1 E48
Nov 21, 1984
Mugsy insults Marcy at the tennis club, and Iggy challenges him to a match to defend Marcy's honor. Heathcliff assists Iggy with various antics. After making a chaotic mess of the tennis club, Iggy and Heathcliff emerge victorious. // Mungo cooks up a batch of his mother's secret recipe, and everyone really loves it. So much, in fact, that Riff Raff opens a cat restaurant in the junkyard selling only Mungo's food. A famous cat restaurant reviewer comes in ad is so impressed that he promises a five-star notice in his column - that is, until word gets out that Mungo's secret ingredient is dog food!

Boom Boom Pussini // Beach Blanket Mungo

S1 E49
Nov 22, 1984
Heathcliff and Mungo meet the great cat-wrestler, Boom Boom Pussini. In Heathcliff's usual antagonistic manner, he prompts Boom Boom into a fight to be held at the Catatorium in one week's time. Heathcliff is so sure that he can win that Mungo can't even get him to train. When the time comes to fight, Heathcliff doesn't play fair when he unties Boom Boom's shoes laces to get the upper hand on the professional wrestler. // At a beach party, Mungo falls for a pretty female feline who is just as taken with him. However, her big, mean, boyfriend poses something of a problem. The Catillac Cats join in to help Mungo, and after beating the big cat in a surfing contest, Mungo gets the girl and walks with her off into the sunset.

Sealand Mania // Riff Raff the Gourmet

S1 E50
Nov 23, 1984
Heathcliff sneaks along when the Nutmegs visit Marineland, hoping to capture some of the millions of fish he's heard live there. Many attempts to get fish are failures, but Heathcliff has great success riding a killer whale in the stunt show! // Riff Raff is wildly jealous of Pierre, a gourmet-chef-cat who is dating Cleo, so he promises to show Cleo what a real gourmet meal is in order to win her back. The Catillac Cats try to help, but bungle every attempt to secure the fine provisions necessary to make the meal. In the end, a stroke of luck supplies the feast that helps Riff Raff keep his girl.