Season 2

Episode Guide

The New Bugaboo/The Case of the Missing Pancake

S2 E1
Jun 13, 2016
Harvey thinks his family is big enough, so in a moment of panic, he gives his baby sister away! Harvey's grandparents are the suspects of a despicable crime: pancake-theft! Can Harvey solve this Crêpe-caper?

Kathy with a K/Harvey's Pet

S2 E2
Jun 15, 2016
Kathy is a shy girl who LOVES leaves. Harvey tries to find her some like-minded friends, but his efforts misfire. When Harvey wants to show he's responsible enough to have a pet, he adopts a plant and treats it like a puppy.

Steampunks Part 1

S2 E3
Jun 22, 2016
Harvey imagines himself and his friends in a magical steampunk world, but things come crashing down when Harvey is blamed for breaking a floating city.

Steampunks Part 2

S2 E4
Jun 23, 2016
Harvey and his friends continue their quest to fix the floating city, but danger looms around every steamy corner.

Fee's Pyramid/Life Debt

S2 E5
Jun 30, 2016
When Fee is made Michele's honorary big sister, she discovers it's a lot harder than being a sister to Foo. After Foo saves Rooter, Rooter devotes his life to Foo at the expense of never seeing his family again.

The Feelings/Bag of Naughty

S2 E6
Jul 07, 2016
Irving sets up a touchy-feely camping trip with the hopes of connecting to his stone-faced father. Harvey and the twins must destroy a bag of magical fireworks, but the temptation to set them off is strong!


S2 E7
Jul 14, 2016
When Technobear decides he's too cool for trick-or-treating, he's visited by three Halloween spirits that remind him of the true meaning of the holiday.

Repo Fee/Stalemates

S2 E8
Sep 29, 2016
Randl takes Fee under his wing and teaches her the family business. Fee and Foo enter an arm wrestling competition to prove they're the strongest in Littlebark.

Mr. Borks and Mrs. Borks

S2 E9
Oct 05, 2016
Harvey's parents are getting married, again! Harvey and Fee throw crazy bachelor and bachelorette parties before the big day.

It's Christmas, You Dorks!

S2 E10
Dec 08, 2016
Old Man Winter visits Littlebark Grove and transforms the town into a musical, whimsical, holiday wonderland!

Rockbark Rocks/Ocean Promotion

S2 E11
Feb 28, 2017
Harvey thinks he's ready to rock out at his first concert, but is he really ready? When the Lake Spirit gets a promotion, Harvey must convince him that Littlebark is too great of a town to leave!

Jeremy: Defender of the Forest/Princess Harvey

S2 E12
Mar 07, 2017
An unspeakable evil from Jeremy's heroic past resurfaces, causing him to become a warrior once more. When Princess becomes Harvey for the day she fights tooth and nail to keep his loving family all to herself.

Operation Peanut Butter/Little Littlebark

S2 E13
Mar 08, 2017
Harvey leads the squirrels on the ultimate heist to help them regain their confidence as outlaws! Harvey makes dolls of the folks of Littlebark and believes they have magical powers.

The Split/The Dade

S2 E14
Mar 14, 2017
When Dade and the twins have an epic fight Harvey is torn between the two warring sides. Dade gets a sandwich named after him and finally feels special.

Secret Gordon/The Unknown Comic

S2 E15
Mar 21, 2017
Piri Piri and Harvey find a magical garden, but Piri wants to keep the discovery their special secret. Littlebark falls in love with a comic book created by a mystery artist, who could it be?

The Blister/The Bad Seed

S2 E16
Mar 28, 2017
Fee is forced to spend the day at a nursing home and finds a friend in a grumpy old geezer. Michelle isn't allowed to watch a horror movie with Harvey, so she finds a horrifying way to retaliate!

The Ballad of Muesli and Jangles/Floo-id

S2 E17
Apr 04, 2017
Irving tells Harvey, Fee, and Foo the story of how he met Miriam...with a few creative improvements. Foo finds a strange way to become less clumsy.

Hug Life/On the Fence

S2 E18
Dec 17, 2017
Harvey's gotta prove he's tough in order to join Blister's greaser gang! Harvey finds an innocent project that could bring the community together, which of course does the exact opposite.

The Late Late Afternoon Show with Harvey Beaks/Grunicorn

S2 E19
Dec 18, 2017
Harvey hosts a talk show in his living room, but goes off-script when learning a terrible truth. The kids are on a race to find a rare magical creature and the winner is granted their hearts desire.

Photo Finished/Squashbuckling

S2 E20
Dec 19, 2017
Miriam gets into a social media war to prove Harvey and Michelle are the cutest kids in Littlebark. Randl wants an old boat for scrap, but much to his dismay it's infested with children pretending they're pirates.

Later Dingus/Hair To Help

S2 E21
Dec 20, 2017
When Fee's long time friend passes away she learns how to say goodbye. Tara has lost her creative inspiration for hairstyling so Piri Piri and Harvey help her to rediscover her passion!

Break The Lake/The Amazing Harvey

S2 E22
Dec 21, 2017
There's a new lake spirit in town who tries her best, but she still has a lot to learn. Harvey becomes a magician, but keeping the secrets behind the magic turns into a great burden.

Princess Wants a Mom/Rage Against the Michelle

S2 E23
Dec 25, 2017
Princess orders her dad to start dating again so she can have a new mom. Michelle wrecks Harvey's stuff, so Harvey must cope with an unfamiliar emotion, RAGE!

Grand Motel/Missing Harvey

S2 E24
Dec 26, 2017
When Harvey and his family check in to a motel he gains a new life's purpose, going down the pool's water slide! Harvey's away for one day and his friends can't cope with his absence.

Leaf it to Kathy/A Child's Guide to Surviving in the Wild

S2 E25
Dec 27, 2017
Kathy hosts an online advice show and helps Kratz find love. The boys get lost in the woods and learn how to survive, Rooter style.

The End and the Beginning

S2 E26
Dec 28, 2017
Fee and Foo are reunited with their parents; their lives and friendship with Harvey is changed forever.