Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Bringing Silverback / Of Botflies and Men

S1 E1
Sep 11, 2016
Ape has never been a great ape - especially compared to his show-off big brother Ted. / Olaf has been in George's for as long as he can remember. It's like any other deep, meaningful friendship...except for the tiny detail that Olaf is a botfly living in George's skin.

The Insider / Clockwork George

S1 E2
Sep 18, 2016
George loves and appreciates all the animals in the jungle...Except for Slippy, the tape-worm living inside his stomach. / George tests Ape's patience one time too many and George's mentor turns to some extreme methods to whip him into shape.

True Bromance / George x 4

S1 E3
Sep 25, 2016
When Ape and George get lost on the River of Time, they run into their younger selves. / As King of the Jungle, George is an important role model to all the jungle animals.

Strong As He Can Tree / George's Song

S1 E4
Oct 2, 2016
George swings into trees. Like, a lot of them. / George has a secret. No, it's not that! It's actually his beautiful singing voice.

Queen of the Desert / Kings and Little Ones

S1 E5
Oct 9, 2016
Negotiations between the Jungle and Desert Kingdoms have always been delicate. / When George accidentally ends up in the Jungle King Afterlife (read: dies), he meets the jungle kings of yesteryear.

Renaissance Ape / Cute As Cute Does

S1 E6
Oct 16, 2016
Ape loves mentoring George, but sometimes he just feels...intellectually unfulfilled. / Doctor Chicago figures he's cracked this jungle conquering thing - he's going to unleash the mesmerizing power of cute!

Bananium Deficiency / I Gotta Beave Me

S1 E7
Oct 23, 2016
George and Magnolia go bananas for bananas. / The discovery of beavers in the jungle somehow sends George on a soul-searching quest to find out what it means to be human.

Nature's Call / Guess What's Coming for Dinner?

S1 E8
Oct 30, 2016
George and Ursula are like ying and yang. George saves the jungle animals, Ursula terrifies them. / George and his friends can't stand Ape's Jungle Jellies.

Steve of the Jungle / Much Ado About Stuffing

S1 E9
Nov 6, 2016
When George is sidelined by a jungle illness, the Ape Council calls in Steve to pinch-hit. / George has always relied on muscle to get by.

Meet Meat / Body Politics

S1 E10
Nov 13, 2016
George makes a shocking discovery: meat is made from animals! / George has never been kind to his body. So when it gets wrecked one time too many it goes on strike, leaving George as just a head.

Sour Milk / Valley of the Magnolias

S1 E11
Nov 20, 2016
George and Ape discover the cure to all the jungle's problems in a jug of six month old milk! / Tired of being the bottom of the food chain, Magnolia has herself classified an endangered species.

For Science / My Georging Jacket

S1 E12
Nov 27, 2016
Magnolia sees Ursula as her ticket to academic fame and eagerly sells the feral jungle girl down the river. / It looks like George's reign as king is over when Tiger and Weevil paralyse him with a poisonous No-Licky Frog.

Shadow of a Dolt / Love-Cano

S1 E13
Dec 4, 2016
It's Migration Season and George isn't above taking any shortcut to get out of his painful migration-managing duties. / When Ursula becomes linked to the volcano, her slightest temper tantrums turn into mega-eruptions!

Strange Daze / Lying Cloth

S1 E14
Dec 11, 2016
Being king of the jungle is tough. George loves it, but sometimes he imagines what it would be like to walk a mile in his friend's shoes. / Sometimes it's hard for George to admit his mistakes - good thing his new magical talking loincloth says he doesn't have to!

Rip Van George / Mess of Kings

S1 E15
Dec 18, 2016
George has always wondered if he ever truly makes a difference... Well, what better way to find out than to be accidentally hurled into the future! / George is a sentimental kind of king.

Mama Chicago / Reversum Day

S1 E16
Dec 25, 2016
Doctor Chicago is the most dangerous threat the jungle has ever faced. That is, until his mother decides to pay her special little boy a visit. / Bonkers Reversum day is the one day of the year where everything turns upside-down.

Swirl / Junior Jungle Achievers

S1 E17
Jan 1, 2017
Ape has a secret. Actually it's more of a talking porcelain appliance. That's right, he has a hidden toilet and it's his sanctuary from the 'uncivilized' jungle. / When Cuspid finds out that George is starting his own jungle club for young animals, he sneaks out of Chicago's lair to join.

Wet Behind the Ears / Georgus Ex Machina

S1 E18
Jan 8, 2017
George discovers that there's a whole other world underwater. A world that needs a king to save it! / After helping George and Ape out of a sticky situation with some helpful voice-over work, George deputizes the Narrator.

Breaking Ape / Sidekick Chicago

S1 E19
Jan 15, 2017
Ape has always followed the rules – but when he and George get thrown into jungle jail for a trivial violation, Ape discovers that some rules were meant to be broken. / When Cuspid gets a magical tree branch punched through his head, it gives him incredible mystical powers.

The Ursula Solution / George Lays an Egg

S1 E20
Jan 22, 2017
Few things give Ursula as much joy as terrorizing the jungle - that is, until Tiger steals her feral-ness and turns the tables! / One day George lays an egg... and that egg hatches into a mystical Hoopa-Hoopa bird.

Excalibanana / The Flavour of Science

S1 E21
Jan 29, 2017
Ape has always played second fiddle to George - the jungle king always gets the spotlight and the applause! / Science is hard. At least Magnolia thinks it is... until she discovers Crunchbugs.

The George Who Would Be King / The Peel Of Fate

S1 E22
Feb 4, 2017
After George saves a tribe of jerko-lemmings from certain doom, he finds himself worshipped as a jungle deity. / Ever since he was a kid, Ape has dreamed of joining the Ape Council.

Were George? / The Master of Macho

S1 E23
Feb 12, 2017
After watching Ursula, George thinks that running the jungle would be a whole lot easier if the animals were terrified of him. / Tiger is after the coveted Master of Macho title, and there's only one trophy that's going to win it for him - capturing the legendary Chupacabra.

Trial By Jungle / Slothpocalypto

S1 E24
Feb 19, 2017
Magnolia has never felt like she 'fit in' in the jungle - a feeling only made worse when she's abandoned by her friends in the wild. Does nobody like her!? / The jungle is in danger - a massive invasion is underway and George's friends are hypnotized.

Beave Us Alone / Original Jungle Kings

S1 E25
Feb 26, 2017
George really doesn't trust beavers. So when trouble arises in the jungle, George is quick to point the finger at the tree-munching rodents. / George and Ape are surprised when they pull their predecessors out from inside a giant snake.

The Last Treehugger / Heart of Gold

S1 E26
Mar 5, 2017
It's George versus the jungle when he takes a stand for what he believes. / When George encounters an evil so strong even he can't defeat it, he makes the ultimate sacrifice.