Season 18

Episode Guide

Gotta Have Faith

S18 E1
Oct 15, 2018
The Geordies are back on home turf and ready to cause more mayhem than ever. This time, they'll be joined by some old faces, new faces, friends and family as they prepare to tear up the Toon once again.

Geordie Dinner Party

S18 E2
Oct 22, 2018
Chloe and Sam show off their new home when they invite the gang round for a housewarming party. Nathan's bouncing when he realises he has to work on Scott's first job. Faith soon discovers that it's not all one big party when she clashes with Chloe.

Girls Trip

S18 E3
Oct 29, 2018
Sophie decides the girls need a re-bounding holiday to Blackpool whilst relationships between the boys hits an all time low. Faith makes up with Chloe, although she might not remember much in the morning!

Sophie And Sam Fall Out

S18 E4
Nov 05, 2018
After their trip to Blackpool the gang couldn't be in a better place, but that changes when they get back to the Toon. Faith falls out with Nathan and tensions in Sam and Chloe's relationship spill over and sends them packing.

It's Snowing In Newcastle

S18 E5
Nov 12, 2018
Abbie and Adam are struggling with their friendship and Nathan feels let down by Chloe who puts her boyfriend, Sam, first. Faith finally feels like she's one of the gang and Scott takes the crew Tank driving!

Benidorm Bound

S18 E6
Nov 19, 2018
The Geordies try Burlesque dancing and invite their friends over for a games night. Anna sends them to Benidorm and the squad tear up the Strip but Sophie hits Sam after he calls her jealous again.

Nana Joins The Gang

S18 E7
Nov 26, 2018
Sophie apologises for hitting Sam and the Geordies have a hilarious day out at a water park. The crew go clubbing with Abbie's Nana and it's exactly what they need to bring the family back together.

A Double Return

S18 E8
Dec 03, 2018
Sophie is lost for words when Aussie Alex makes a surprise visit. The house is proper buzzing when Holly returns and takes them to Newcastle Pride for much needed fun, drinking and dancing!

Holly Gets A Shock

S18 E9
Dec 10, 2018
Chloe takes Sam on a secret date that leaves a chill up his spine. Alex has to do some serious grovelling with Sophie and Scotty T makes life awkward for Holly when he brings her ex-Kyle on a job.

Geordie Fest

S18 E10
Dec 17, 2018
The family celebrate Abbie's 21st birthday with the ultimate house party and of course Abbie's Nana is invited! The family share an emotional farewell as their time together comes to an end.