Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Disappearance

S1 E1
Mar 03, 2021
Harold Heaven disappeared from his cabin in Minden, Ontario in October 1934. With help from town locals, the 1934 police reports, and his own family and neighbors, Harold’s great-great nephew Mike Mildon and Mike’s best friend Jackson Rowe are determined to solve this coldest of cold cases, despite the theories growing stranger the further they dig.

The Road Workers

S1 E2
Mar 03, 2021
Road workers who were building Highway 35 through Minden when Harold disappeared become prime suspects in Mike and Jackon’s investigation, so the amateur detectives attempt to recreate the possible sequence of events from the night he vanished.

The Neighbor

S1 E3
Mar 03, 2021
The trail leads Mike and Jackson to uncover another suspect - a neighbor who disputed with Harold Heaven over a parcel of land. Meanwhile, suspicions arise over an unusual landmark on the Heaven property known as “The Bump.”

The Town

S1 E4
Mar 03, 2021
Would-be detectives Mike and Jackson question how seriously the town of Minden took Harold’s disappearance decades ago and begin to interview descendants of his neighbors and peers.

The Man

S1 E5
Mar 03, 2021
Harold’s status as a bachelor and recluse is challenged as Mike and Jackson sift through old family photos and letters, speculating that an important relationship may have been overlooked.

The Lead

S1 E6
Mar 03, 2021
An interview sheds new light on a troubling comment made on a hunting trip years before and leads Mike and Jackson to investigate a lake on private property. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 global pandemic stalls their exploration of the lake.

The Lake

S1 E7
Mar 03, 2021
The search for the body begins as a contractor uses a remote operated vehicle to scan the lake bottom along with a scuba diver.

The Dig

S1 E8
Mar 03, 2021
In the season finale, the culmination of the investigation, family and local media gather around as excavation begins of the “The Bump.” What they find after digging six feet down surprises everyone.