Season 3

Episode Guide

Zapata, Villa and the Presidential Chair, La Güera Rodríguez and Fray Tormenta

S3 E1
Sep 12, 2017
Franco Escamilla tells the story of the curse of the presidential chair, Santiago Perez-Grovas talks about "La Guera Rodriguez" and Baxter recounts the legend of wrestler Fray Tormenta.

Carlota's Craziness, the Serdan Brothers and Mexico during WWII

S3 E2
Sep 19, 2017
Carlos Ballarta talks about the empress Carlota, Caro Campos tells the curious tale of the Serdan brothers and Xavier Velasco tries to explain Mexico's role in WWII.

Iturbide's Bad Luck, Nezahualcoyotl and the Invention of the Pen

S3 E3
Sep 26, 2017
Giovanna Romo tells the story of Iturbide, Monica Escobedo talks about life of Nezahualcoyotl and Martin Piroyanski discusses the invention of the pen.

Nino Cristero, The Jamaican and Liberator's Liberator

S3 E4
Oct 3, 2017
In each episode of Drunk History Mexico, a completely inebriated narrator struggles to maintain his composure and seriousness as he narrates an important event in Mexican history.

The Spanish Mayan and Obregon's Hand

S3 E5
Oct 10, 2017
Benshorts tells the funny story of Gonzalo, The Spanish Mayan and Jo Martinez talk about what really happened with Obregon's hand.

The Tiger of Santa Julia, Papa Doc and Gardel before Gardel

S3 E6
Oct 17, 2017
Yayo reveals the mystery of The Tiger of Santa Julia, Isaac Salame tells the story of the mysterious Papa Doc and Dalia Gutmann tries to talk about Gardel.

The Origin of "Mole" and Miss Black Widow

S3 E7
Oct 24, 2017
Rocio Verdejo recounts two versions of the origin of the "mole" and Alex Fernandez tells the story of Miss Black Widow

The Incredible Professor Zovek, "The Doors" in Mexico and Lombardo

S3 E8
Oct 31, 2017
Paco Huidobro tells the story of Professor Zovek, Marcelo Lara talks about the time "The Doors" came to Mexico and Myr Ramirez tries to recount the story Captain Lombardo.