Season 3

Episode Guide

The Drake & Josh Inn

S3 E1
Apr 01, 2005
Drake and Josh are left in charge while Audrey and Walter leave town for the weekend, but after the boys quickly exhaust their funds, they must turn the house into a bed and breakfast as a source of income. Before long, their moneymaking scheme goes comically awry and they must join forces to regain control of their home and close the Drake and Josh Inn once and for all.

Peruvian Puff Pepper

S3 E2
Apr 08, 2005
Drake and Josh compete in a contest where a new Plasma Screen TV is the grand prize but refuse to include Megan who turns out to be their toughest competition.

We're Married

S3 E3
Apr 15, 2005
Josh's long time e-pal Yooka decides to visit from Yudonia, but a Yudonian "Friendship Ceremony" turns out to be a Yudonian wedding!

Mindy's Back

S3 E4
Apr 29, 2005
It's Science Fair time and Josh is sure that this year, his is the project to beat. But when Mindy Crenshaw makes a surprise return, sparks fly in the most unexpected places.

The Affair

S3 E5
May 20, 2005
When Drake and Josh mistakenly assume that Walter's suspicious behavior means that he is having an affair, they decide to take matters into their own hands, but ultimately end up cheating only themselves.

Playing the Field

S3 E6
Jun 03, 2005
Fueled by a love of the opposite sex and fear of commitment, Drake breaks up with his girlfriend only to realize that he may have made the wrong decision. Torn between two lifestyles, Drake must decide to reconcile his lascivious ways and settle down, or continue to play the field.

Helen's Surgery

S3 E7
Jun 10, 2005
Helen enlists the aide of Drake and Josh after laser eye surgery leaves her temporarily blinded. When they lose Helen after taking advantage of her many at-home amenities, they are forced to ask themselves, who's the blind one in this situation?

Paging Dr. Drake

S3 E8
Sep 30, 2005
After a botched weightlifting routine, Josh injures his toe and is forced to the hospital. Drake wants nothing to do with this until a bodacious young nurse catches his eye. But when Drake poses as a Doctor, will he regret the overhead PA paging Dr. Drake?

Foam Finger

S3 E9
Oct 07, 2005
A six-year-old argument between Drake and Josh is suddenly rekindled when their conflicting accounts of a incident at a San Diego Padres game finds them each placing the blame on the other. In the end, they both discover that this was one finger that was pointed in the wrong direction.

Girl Power

S3 E10
Oct 14, 2005
Drake's new girlfriend might be tougher than him. Josh trying to impress Mindy's parents might be even tougher. Will the boys prevail, or will girl power rule the day?

Sheep Thrills

S3 E11
Oct 21, 2005
When Drake and Josh find out Megan have adopted a pet sheep, they want nothing to do with it. But when Megan agrees to no pranks for the next three months and forces it to stay with them, they find this new roommate to be a very "Baaaahd Boy".

Megan's New Teacher

S3 E12
Jan 27, 2006
Josh gets a student teaching job in Miranda's classroom, and Drake potentially discovers his new drummer. But before long, Miranda's class revolts against Josh's taskmaster ways, and Drake decides that if he wants to find the next Neil Peart, he'd better rush to help them in their upheaval.

Little Sibling

S3 E13
Feb 03, 2006
Drake gets in trouble at school and is assigned to mentor a young boy. But when Drake's new "little sibling" likes Josh more than Drake, we discover that brotherly love hurts.

Theater Thug

S3 E14
Feb 17, 2006
When a crime show decides to film reenactments at the Premiere, fantasy and reality collide as Josh uproariously finds himself cast as the lead. San Diego's most wanted Movie Bandit! He hopes to be love and adored by the masses, instead he becomes public enemy #1!

The Demonator

S3 E15
Feb 24, 2006
Drake is in the bedroom watching in awe as a reporter on TV describes the Demonator, the fastest and scariest rollercoaster opening tomorrow at Mystic Mountain. Drake decides that he and Josh will be the first to ride it.

Alien Invasion

S3 E16
Mar 17, 2006
When Drake and Josh decide to turn the tables and prank little Megan, she has the whole family believing that aliens are coming. The boys couldn't be happier with the success of the prank, but what they don't realize is that they're all in for a close encounter of the FUN kind.

Dr. Phyliss Show

S3 E17
Apr 07, 2006
In our season finale, Drake and Josh go on the Dr. Phyliss Show and relive some of their most outlandish moments. Some will jab at your funny bone, while others will tug on your heart strings.