Season 2

Episode Guide

The Bet

S2 E1
Mar 13, 2004
In an attempt to give up their respective vices, Drake bets that he can last longer without junk food than Josh can without video games. As they each progressively weaken and grow more desperate as a result of their sacrifices, they ultimately cave simultaneously, thus both losing the bet.

Movie Job

S2 E3
Mar 27, 2004
Josh gets a job at the Movie Theater and works diligently toward earning the coveted assistant manager position. When Drake decides to get a job at the same theater, he charms the boss and gets the promotion despite his lackadaisical work ethic. When a popcorn promotion goes awry and Josh's job is on the line as a result, Drake steps in to take the heat, allowing Josh to keep his beloved job.


S2 E4
Apr 03, 2004
Drake convinces Josh that in order to become cooler he must try out for the football team. Josh does, but to Drake's dismay, is named the equipment manager. When the majority of the football team falls ill as a result of Josh's homemade brownies, he is forced to suit up and come to the rescue of his shorthanded teammates.

Pool Shark

S2 E5
Apr 17, 2004
Drake takes advantage of Josh's preternatural billiards skills by hustling local kids and swindling them out of their money. Josh is appalled when he finds out and ultimately gets his payback when he takes Drake to a seedy pool hall where the stakes are much higher.

Smart Girl

S2 E6
Apr 24, 2004
In an attempt to woo a smart girl, Drake finds himself on the school Academic Team on the eve of a competition. In order to keep his cover in tact, he and Josh concoct a scheme whereby Drake receives the correct answers to all questions via walkie talkie. When the plan goes awry, Drake is forced to come clean.

Little Diva

S2 E7
May 01, 2004
When the Premiere Movie Theater plays host to an actual movie premiere, Josh must act as personal assistant to the film's high maintenance child star. After she is inadvertently knocked unconscious only moments before the premiere, Drake and Josh must fake their way down the red carpet with her limp body in tow, in order to get into the coveted after-party.

Mean Teacher

S2 E11
Sep 25, 2004
Drake is unable to break up with his inappropriately laughing girlfriend because she is the daughter of his teacher who has threatened him with summer school. Only when Josh's new lucky shirt comes into play do all of the problems resolve themselves.

Drew and Jerry

S2 E13
Oct 23, 2004
Josh befriends Drake's doppelganger, a classmate named Drew, and Drake becomes jealous, fearing that Josh is trying to replace him. Drake responds by making friends with a Josh replica named Jerry, and the two brothers then begin an escalating battle of one-upping, in order to make the other jealous.

Honor Council

S2 E14
Nov 27, 2004
When Drake is falsely accused of playing a practical joke on one of his teachers and threatened with suspension, he and Josh plead their case before the Honor Council, while pitted against a prosecutor who is the school's most notoriously over-achieving student.