Season 1

Episode Guide

Believe Me Brother

S1 E3
Jan 24, 2004
After meeting Susan, Drake's new girlfriend, Josh becomes convinced that her flirtation is more than friendly behavior. When he confronts Drake with his assumption, his denial causes Josh to set-up a sting operation with his video camera.

Two Idiots and a Baby

S1 E4
Feb 07, 2004
When Mr. Nichols' boss calls off their dinner plans because of a last minute babysitter cancellation, Josh volunteers his and Drake's services. Drake soon abandons his duties for a gig with his band and Josh is left looking for the baby who has inexplicably disappeared.

First Crush

S1 E5
Feb 14, 2004
After Drake agrees to help Josh with his girl troubles, Josh finds himself promising to play a birthday song at his crush's party. Not knowing how to play the guitar, Drake devises a plan to substitute Josh's guitar playing with his own.


S1 E6
Feb 21, 2004
When the parents leave town for the weekend, Drake and Josh's excitement is stunted when they learn that Grammy is coming to stay. Having been forbidden from attending a local rock concert, a one-on-one basketball game. Grammy allows Drake to go out with his friends who unexpectedly find themselves with tickets to the show.