Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

The Rescuers

S1 E1
Jun 30, 2021
From Italy to Africa to America, watch dogs come to the rescue using their strength, sense of smell, and loyalty.

The Lifesavers

S1 E2
Jul 07, 2021
Witness dogs in Africa, America, and Britain saving the lives of people and animals using their extraordinary abilities.

The Partners

S1 E3
Jul 14, 2021
Watch dogs use their sense of smell, their loyalty, and even their surfing skills to help us in times of need.

The Protectors

S1 E4
Jul 21, 2021
Follow dogs in America and abroad as they use their extraordinary natural abilities to protect both people and animals.

The Scent Detectives

S1 E5
Jul 28, 2021
Meet canine detectives that sniff out invasive creatures, save endangered animals, and find rare culinary delicacies.