Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Goodnight Central Forest/Steelzilla

S1 E1
Jan 26, 2021
When Sir Steel does not want to get out of bed, Professor Scratch plunges the whole city into darkness with a gigantic pair of sunglasses. Sir Steel holds a grand parade, but his giant steel blimp grows to Godzilla-size and trashes the city!

Save The Bees/Duck Dilemma

S1 E2
Jan 27, 2021
All the bees in the Central Forest are captured by Sir Steel for their honey, and Deer Squad must come to their rescue! Kai invents a Roboduck to babysit the ducklings, but it goes haywire and takes down all the technology in Platinum City.

Catfish Capers/Bubble Debacle

S1 E3
Jan 28, 2021
Lola tries her hand at being the park keeper for the day, but things do not go according to her plan. Sir Steel's attempts to clean up the Central Forest with a giant soap machine creates a huge bubble nightmare!

Kai Express/Ducknado

S1 E4
Jan 29, 2021
When Kai joins all the deer's carts together, the vehicles end up as a runaway train in the Central Forest! Sir Steel's super powerful hairdryer creates a giant tornado that sucks up Ian, his ducklings, and a heap of other things!

Donut Panic/I Scream

S1 E5
Jan 30, 2021
Rammy's tips on focus and meditation come in handy when Sir Steel's Replicator causes havoc in the Central Forest with giant donuts. When Kai overexerts his Water Power on an ice cream machine, the machine turns into a rampaging Ice-Bot!

Deep Blue Boo Boo/Stuck Together

S1 E6
Feb 1, 2021
When the Robotons dump a load of plastic in the Crystal Lake, a raging lake monster appears! When Lola and Sir Steel become stuck together, they have no choice but to work as a team!

Meteor Mayhem/Dance of Destruction

S1 E7
Feb 2, 2021
A meteor is heading for earth, and Sir Steel's heroic efforts only make the Deer Squad's job in saving the planet even harder! A dance competition in the Central Forest turns chaotic when Sir Steel uses his monkey suit.

Fan Club/Speeding Steel

S1 E8
Feb 3, 2021
After Kai saves some baby turtles, they form a fan club. Full of himself, Kai tries to save the Central Forest from over-heating without his teammates. Rammy wants to win the city marathon, but he cannot keep up with Sir Steel!

Switcheroo/Protect the Egg

S1 E9
Feb 4, 2021
Professor Scratch's switcheroo device causes chaos when Sir Steel uses it to get Deer Squad's powers. Rammy must learn to trust his friends when he chooses to take care of an abandoned egg.

Steel in Space/That's Magic

S1 E10
Feb 5, 2021
Sir Steel wants to go to the moon and gets Professor Scratch to convert Steel Towers into a space rocket! A magician steal the audience away from Rammy's martial arts performance, so Rammy meddles with his hat!

Double Trouble/Box Not So Clever

S1 E11
Feb 8, 2021
In order to win the Citizen of the Year, Sir Steel and Professor Scratch create holograms doubles of Deer Squad. It's Recycling Day, and Sir Steel puts the whole town in cardboard boxes with his Box-ooka device.

Sky Art/The Great Race

S1 E12
Feb 10, 2021
Sir Steel is upset with Lola's sky art because it affects the popularity of his hat stand, so he tries to disperse her artwork. The Deer Squad have a race to see whose cart is the fastest!

Doctor Steel Little/Astonished and Amazed

S1 E13
Feb 12, 2021
Sir Steel unwittingly takes over Bobbi's role to communicate with baby animals. In his quest to win the Platinum City Flower Show, Sir Steel creates super seeds that grow into gigantic mazes.

Attack Of The Drones/Slime Time

S1 E14
Feb 16, 2021
Steel's automated delivery drones create chaos in the city and forest. When Sir Steel's Slime Machine starts shooting slime everywhere, Bobbi has to pilot the Deer Squad Rescue Carrier to save the city.

Captain Steel/Wash Out

S1 E15
Feb 18, 2021
While some of the Deer Squad are down with the flu, Sir Steel tries to become a superhero with disastrous results. Sir Steel 'borrows' water from Crystal Lake for his water park in the city, but things soon go wrong!