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Season 1

Episode Guide


S1 E1
Jan 04, 2017
Meet a family of hairy, scary eight-legged beasts of all shapes and sizes. This bizarre creature showcase is as fascinating as it is frightening, featuring spiders that walk on water, cartwheel across deserts, shoot hairs at predators, and deliver venom about 15 times deadlier than a rattlesnake's. Join us as we comb the planet's jungles, deserts, treetops, and ponds to bring you the biggest, ugliest, deadliest spiders alive.


S1 E2
Jan 11, 2017
Enter nature's house of horrors and witness a weird and wonderful collection of bats. We've gathered winged beasts from around the globe, from acrobats to bloodsuckers to scorpion hunters and beyond, and detail how they thrive, not only in underground caves but also in arid deserts and tropical jungles. We reveal how 50 million years have equipped these flying mammals with some bizarre adaptations, including ultrasonic hearing, oddly long tongues, and more.


S1 E3
Jan 18, 2017
They live all around the world -- and underground. They are crazy monster diggers, strange burrowers of all shapes and sizes, who have been crawling, puncturing, and biting their way through the earth for millions of years. Join us as we travel the globe, from the dry savanna to the scrubby Australian outback to the swamps of Central America as we explore a collection of crazy diggers, including the most powerful digger on the face of the planet.


S1 E4
Jan 25, 2017
Step right up and witness a collection of real bigmouths, a gathering of strange creatures with a real appetite for destruction. Join us as we look to the skies, seas, and land to present weird and wonderful animals that prefer to swallow their food whole. From beasts that use their mouths as traps to botanical death pits to one giant with a mouth so large it can kill millions in one bite, you better keep your eye on this group of gulping creatures before they swallow you whole.


S1 E5
Feb 01, 2017
Witness the planet's most teeth-chattering fang-bearing creatures. See how millions of years of evolution have produced a variety of weird and wonderful canine contraptions used to do much more than simply chew. We'll span the globe and showcase beasts with choppers that can crush bone, dagger-like tusks that can fight off the competition, a beak that can snap off your finger, and the monster fangs that rule them all: two-inch-long hypodermic needles that carry a lethal dose of poison.


S1 E6
Feb 08, 2017
Bugs outnumber humans 200 million to one, making them the biggest family of animals on Earth. And we've gathered the most peculiar of them all, each with remarkable adaptations that help them survive and thrive in the wild. Take an up-close look at these strange beasts as we scour the planet's forests, deserts, and swamps to reveal a tiny sand monster that turns its victims into soup, a beetle that shoots molten hot liquid, a massive wasp that kills about 40 people a year, and more.

Sea Creatures

S1 E7
Feb 15, 2017
Deep beneath the sea, bizarre and remarkable creatures lurk, featuring a collection of extreme adaptations developed over 500 million years of evolution. Witness a strange showcase of fish, from crushing jaws to glowing eyelids to gaping maws, and get an up-close look at some of the weirdest, fastest, wildest, and mightiest creatures in the watery underworld. It's a glimpse of nature like you've never seen before, and we're giving you a front row seat.